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I am a music buff, love listening to music all the time. While writing or handling chores, music is something which is never away from me. Me & My Headphones – ‘Rab ne Bana Di Jodi’!

This February, as I have mentioned in my previous post will be dedicated (mostly) on mindfulness. This time around, I will take you through my past experiences with changing technology. How I wished to have some gadgets, that appeared like elusion back then. But today it’s reality.

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Dear Me in the Past, as the second month of 2018 has just began, I thought of sharing some feelings with you. Being your future self, the one who shared and celebrated many memories with you. This is my onus to express – how life has changed today from when we were together.

I remember those lonely nights on foreign land, when you would sit in-front to TV with no common language. Sleepless weekend nights you spent glaring on that screen just to catch a glimpse of your favorite song.

Checking through those unfamiliar road maps, reading those funny menu cards were rocket science back then. And yes; how can I forget that famous Rock Show where all you could hear was noise and screams, but no music.

When I go little farther, the memories from school come up fresh too. Dad, gave you a ‘portable music player with headphones’ when scored well in studies. It was your favourite, but to understand Beyoncé & Ricky Martin, had to push ear-plugs too hard into ears.

However, when you travel to your future self; i.e. to me – everything will look bright and shiny. Today you do not need million things to organize life. Oh yeah! I want you to introduce to the super awesome headphones – Quite Comfort 35 II Headphones from BOSE with inbuilt Google Assistant.

Better Sound Through Research’ – BOSE (that’s BOSE for us)

Do you recall that time of Melbourne, when to answer to the e-mails and text messages you had to wait till the weekend? And, the queue at the internet café! Today all that feels like from another era. Now, I can connect my entire world with my Headphones – Yes, just a headphone.

The Best from Bose – Smart Headphones

Image Source – BOSE

QuietComfort wireless headphones II (QC35 II) with noise cancellation technology – which means it is capable of taking you to trance. Let the whole world be blaring with noise, all you would listen is – what you wish for. Plus, the Google Assistant aids you in managing life without any hindrance. Answer your phone calls, receive texts, manage appointments, without looking at the phone.

It’s like you are having your buddy 24/7 with you – all you have to do is just press and hold the Action button.

Your Assistant will be there for you anytime, anyplace. The QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II feature world-class noise cancelling technology, that blocks noise. It adjusts to your environment and cancels the noise accordingly. Now, you don’t have to adjust volume every time you step out or in from house/office.

It even works without google, so no worries if you have taken time-out from Google. Action button allows you to adjust noise cancellation in three easy settings.

Better with BOSE

Easy as a pie, and light as feather. With best in class manufacturing materials BOSE QC35 II, are built to provide you seamless experience without the worry of heaviness. You won’t even feel the headphones, its as light and ear cushions are made from soft synthetic protein leather.

20 hours of battery life, a recharge of just 15 minutes is enough to give you additional 2.5 hours of nonstop music. These wireless headphones, also have cable hence if you wish to get wired – choice is yours ? Headphones with EQ – volume optimized EQ provides you consistent quality of volume depending on your location. If you in heavy traffic or noisy outdoors, the volume pumps up to give you better sound. However, in quite lanes or indoors volume gets consistent and soothing.

I am sure, you are happy to know by now how technology has developed and made life comfortable. Our love with music is still going on – thanks to BOSE for giving us a magical gadget like QC35 II Wireless Headphones. To enjoy the music at it’s BEST.

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11 thoughts on “Future Ready – BOSE QC35 Wireless Headphones II

  1. The truth is that Bose really has been the leader for so long and the Pioneer in so many of these devices.

  2. Great review of this product. Though I feel that the products are generally priced higher than others, it seems worth. In this case as well it is priced quite high, but would still want to think of buying 🙂 How about u ? U getting hold of one 🙂

  3. So many good features in one headphones and that too wireless. Google assistance is the biggest advantage as the world revolves around google in today’s era.

  4. Bose isitruly a leader in this niche anda
    These headphones are a dream. My husband owns them and uses them evrye morning heading to work and back and has to charge it once every 2days

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