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5 Ways to Detox Post Festival Binge Eating

binge eating

Well, we all know Indian Festivals are delicious, quite literally! Each festival has its own specialty, be it Diwali, Holi, Ganesha or any other festival. Eating starts as early in the morning and keeps on going until the day bids …

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Protinex – The Healthy Dose of Hydrolyzed Protein

“The Healthy Dose of Hydrolyzed Protein” Around a month back, during routine in-body check-up at gym the trainer raised an eyebrow seeing my health card. Shrugged his shoulders in dismay and called me to discuss the report – a monthly …

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Thyroweight – Know Your Thyroid Well!

Thyroid Disorder – Know it well ‘Thyroweight’ I recall that summer very well, scorching hot sun blazing over our heads and we were waiting frantically for some cooler. It was the same time when my class friend’s mother asked me …

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Micronutrients – Know Why They Are Essential!

One of the biggest challenges you face during parenthood, is feeding your newborn baby with the right foods and nutrients. For a sound physical and mental growth inner nourishment is very crucial. Until one becomes a parent, one will never …

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healthy snacks for kids

Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids My Love for good food is never hidden, I enjoy food be it at home or outside. Yes, I am guilty of being a Foodie! Grew up tasting some beautiful & humble …

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