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Learnings from the First time Mom

Learning from the First time Mom – baby brain food and much more. Recently during a tele conversation with sister-in-law, I learned about her pregnancy. Such a happy and ecstatic news this was. I immediately switched to ‘do’s and don’ts mode’, without even realizing how irritating it gets for mom-to-be. She gets a heavy dose […]

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mental health

Open-up and Talk; We Are Listening!

‘Depression‘ a term we talk off so casually, is a monster instead. A devil which lurks around us for an easy target, a vulnerable one. You are rich, significant, successful or a daily struggler, nothing matters. All it wants is ‘possession’ of your body and brain. I remember my granny once told me, [ctt template=”4″ […]

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baby brain development

Activities to Enhance Cognitive Development in children – An Early Beginning

Activities to Enhance Cognitive Development in children – An Early Beginning! Have you ever wondered why ‘peek-a-boo’ is all time favorite game of all generations? Or Guess what – riddle solving is best family playmate? Well, we shall surely talk about it later, but first things first. Why do we need to do activities to […]

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Gleeful Parenting – How to make food yummy again!

Gleeful Parenting – How to make food yummy again! Ask any mother, what is her first and biggest concern? The answer indisputably would be – Food and Child Nutrition. Meeting with friends or family invariably ends on discussing food habits of children. Messy eaters, picky eaters, are the most commonly used words while talking food […]

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Amway Nutrilite Indian Traditional Herbs – Best of Nature

Amway Nutrilite Indian Traditional Herbs New Range – more Purer, Safer and Potent. In childhood days, whenever cold or flu caught up with me; Granny would direct Mom to prepare ‘Kadha’. A strong bitter concoction of traditional herbs and spices. Simple household names like Tulsi, Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Pepper pods etc. I disliked the taste […]

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hearing implants

Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear

Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear When you learn that your own child has hearing loss, the world starts shattering around you. As parents, we have a nerve-racking responsibility of thinking about our child’s future and better prospects. We worry about their abilities to lead a regular life or are in a […]

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feed IQ

How to Stimulate Brain Development of Baby during Pregnancy

Stimulate brain development of baby during pregnancy by following nutrition rich brain food. Motherhood! A feeling out of this world, a blessing – which can’t be put in words. Being a mother brings out a new perspective to life, a better version of us. At the same time it also makes us responsible, for the […]

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Protinex – The Healthy Dose of Hydrolyzed Protein

“The Healthy Dose of Hydrolyzed Protein” Around a month back, during routine in-body check-up at gym the trainer raised an eyebrow seeing my health card. Shrugged his shoulders in dismay and called me to discuss the report – a monthly drill. Despite loosing quite a few kilograms, he doesn’t look happy with my progress. In […]

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Thyroweight – Know Your Thyroid Well!

Thyroid Disorder – Know it well ‘Thyroweight’ I recall that summer very well, scorching hot sun blazing over our heads and we were waiting frantically for some cooler. It was the same time when my class friend’s mother asked me why my neck looks swollen? Ignoring her inquisitive eyes, I went on with life and […]

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Micronutrients – Know Why They Are Essential!

One of the biggest challenges you face during parenthood, is feeding your newborn baby with the right foods and nutrients. For a sound physical and mental growth inner nourishment is very crucial. Until one becomes a parent, one will never know the grind involved in taking extensive baby care. Here we are going to help […]

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Food, Lost Recipes & Happy Hands – Home Chef Matters 2.0

Food tastes best when made with love & care, keeping it original & fresh. A platform specially crafted for home chef’s like you and me, to get the insights from the masters themselves. A seminar to understand food from the heart. #HomeChefMatters 2.0  – An all-day conference for Home Chefs. As a super foodie I am […]

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healthy snacks for kids

Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids My Love for good food is never hidden, I enjoy food be it at home or outside. Yes, I am guilty of being a Foodie! Grew up tasting some beautiful & humble dishes + generous portions. Yes, who doesn’t acknowledge the Punjabi hospitality? Well before I further dwell […]

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