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seelmed telemedicine

Learn how a robust telemedicine platform changing the face of Indian healthcare, with SeekMed Second Opinion. The year 2020 has been a game-changer in many ways, we have seen unprecedented things happening around life, from home-schooling in education to the banking services getting democratized. The Covid19 crisis has challenged the healthcare systems across the globe. These last 9 – 10 months have made us conscious of better healthcare, and the demands for technologically superior services, like those in developed nations are gaining momentum with every passing day.

We have seen healthcare services being pushed to the brink during the pandemic, more so the threat of catching infection by visiting a healthcare institution is looming dangerously over the common public. This impacts one and all, hence the need for a robust and superior quality healthcare system should be the top priority of developing and fast-growing nations like India. The government’s push for Digital India and digitally-enabled services provided space for new startups, thinktanks, and medical entrepreneurs to bring new solutions to the table. Health-tech is a reality today, smart wearables, digitally advanced gadgets, better healthcare solutions are easily available that we use in our day-to-day life today. So, why not a doctor’s consultation?

Telemedicine – Hope or Reality?

Telemedicine is not a new concept in India, we have seen and used it at some point in life, however on a very basic level or only on personal contact basis. The Government’s National Telemedicine Taskforce was established in 2005, for aiding those who couldn’t avail the healthcare services physically or from lower-income backgrounds. However, Coronavirus paved way for wider reach and acceptance of telemedicine throughout the country.

We have seen our grand-parents or parents seeking a second opinion on the medical treatments/conditions. I hail from a small city in western Uttar Pradesh, while growing up we did not have any specialized medical services in the city. For any specific medical requirement, local doctors would recommend visiting New Delhi super-specialty hospitals. This process was financially and physically draining as one had to consider various logistical factors before planning to travel to an urban town. With the lack of credible sources or information, we were left to resort to peer feedback and word of mouth or simple clinical recommendations for the selection of the doctor in a metro city. Whereas, recently, when I was talking to my mother over the phone, she informed me about the video-conference with her orthopedic in a renowned hospital at Noida. This is the sheer advantage and joy of telemedicine!

SeekMed telemedicine platform

SeekMed – A Robust Telemedicine Platform

SeekMed is a global telemedicine platform that is available on a desktop and mobile app. The platform that works as an enabler to connect patients with India’s top, award-winning doctors via audio-video consultation. Who would believe, a person sitting in another part of the world could connect with India’s top Padma Sri or Padma Bhushan awardee healthcare expert over a simple video-call to discuss medical treatment or for a second opinion?

Indian healthcare specialists are considered the best across the globe due to their medical prowess and ethical medical practices. This makes India a preferred destination for medical tourism. Coronavirus pandemic has impacted patients’ travel to India for medical treatments but at the same time gave birth to new avenues. SeekMed telemedicine app works as a virtual medical tourism platform connecting international patients with India’s top doctors.

How does SeekMed Second Opinion help the patients avail medical treatments?

Before I explain how SeekMed helps patients from across the world to get better healthcare consultation, let me share a small personal incident here. Early this year, my father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease. We began his treatment in one of the best medical institutes in his city. Within a few days, the COVID-19 crisis occurred and the whole country was bound under lockdown. His month-on-month progress was negligible despite following the right treatment and medication. We ran from pillar to post to get a second opinion on his current treatment and medical history but all in vain. Eventually, things started showing positive signs and the threat to his life was ended. However, that period taught us a lesson for the future. Second opinion and teleconsultation is a boon for scores of people like us, who are living away from their older parents.

SeekMed telemedicine platform offers teleconsultations with India’s most respected and award-winning doctors. Most of their empaneled doctors are Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, and Dr. BC Roy awardees, some of the highest civilian and medical awards in the country. Just by registering on the mobile/desktop application, one can seek their consultation for a Second Opinion on the current medical treatment, upcoming surgery, or any complex medical condition without visiting the hospitals/clinics.

Benefits of telemedicine services offered by SeekMed

Availability – Accessing expert medical consultation, primary or second opinion is easy with the launch of telemedicine platforms like SeekMed. By downloading the app, and registering as a patient opens up a plethora of options. With top-notch doctors empaneled with this service, provides more chances for the general public to get their expert opinion from the comforts of their homes.

Affordability – The general norm is that specific healthcare treatment is expensive, which may not be true. It depends on the kind of treatment/procedure one is following. SeekMed offers consultation in the super-specialty services like Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, and Gastroenterology.

Quality – The consulting doctors on SeekMed mobile application are known names in the healthcare industry. Over 60% of doctors are in honorary positions of power within the industry bodies. The super specialist doctors are recipients of Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, Dr. BC Roy, Dr. SS Bhatnagar, and many other prestigious awards from within or outside the country.

Image Source – SeekMed Facebook

With growing health-awareness and patients better educated today, second opinions are an imperative new norm. Everyone would like to take a second opinion before going for critical medical treatments. Telemedicine services have revolutionized the healthcare system and made it accessible for all. Gone are those days, when such specialized treatments were treated as luxury. Today, with value creating and interactive platforms like SeekMed right information is just a click away.

To access expert opinion from the best doctors in the country, download the SeekMed app from Google Play Store or access SeekMed webpage, register as a patient, and send an appointment request to the doctor you wish to talk with. Isn’t this what you are looking for?


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  1. This sounds like such a helpful app specially during current times. I will check this out right away. Now it is so difficult to visit a doctor!

  2. I had the same thoughts that even though corona has impacted our life but it opened new options for people. One such examples SeeKMed. I am just thinking about of parents and in-laws that this app will be helpful to them. It is very scary to go to the doctor in current situation.

  3. Telemedicine is the way ahead and it’s important that more people realise how to utilise it to their advantage. The health library is a brilliant concept and will surely help people get the right information from trusted sources.

  4. Awesome. I like how people are trying to make things easier for people instead of just making it a money making racket. SeekMed seems quite helpful for those in need.

  5. I have been reading about telemedicine, but wasnt aware about SeekMed. That it is available as an app is cool and that they have a huge resource library is a great value addition too. Thanks for this informative post, Dipika!

  6. Thanks for sharing this with me as it’s really nice and helpful application during this time. Would surely recommend to others.

  7. Telemedicine is going to stay and grow from here on. It will evolve, clearing doubts around it.
    Seekmed looks like a trustworthy app. Will suggest it to more people in my network.

  8. Yes dear I agree that during this pandemic a lot has changed and we all are looking for more technology based virtual options for taking care of our important needs. Seekmed sounds like a perfect app for fulfilling our medical requirements. Specialty for elder one this facility is so helpful.

  9. This sounds like a really helpful app as its going to be easy foe patients to find all the right information regarding their health from one credible source.

  10. This app is definitely a game changer. I am downloading this right away. This would be helpful during this and the coming times. I like the fact that it’s convenient and trustworthy. Thanks for sharing about it.

  11. Very helpful! Corona times have changed the way lives function! Everything needs to be done in the comforts of our to avoid getting caught by this deadly disease.
    This app definitely looks like a game changer.
    Will download it. Gonna be very helpful for my close ones!

    1. Thank you so much, you may also access the webpage via web browser

  12. This app is a blessing in times when its difficult for elders and kids to step out in pandemic. With every guidance and consultation available on your device, this app is what we need to not waste time travelling to seek the best doctors advice and consultation.

  13. I am happy to know about this portal..the others I tried were not good enough… saving this post for when I need it

  14. Superb post. Your blog itself is an inspiration to create my own blog. It’s full of information and useful tips.
    Thank you and regards

    1. Thank you, glad you like it.

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