5 Signs of Flu That You Need To Know Today

I Promise to Stop Flu

Flu is predominantly caused by the onslaught of Influenza Virus. This virus causes intrusion in the respiratory system. Irrespective of age any human being can be affected by this virus. With the onset of seasonal change, i.e., from early November to end March we often find patients of flu in our family and surroundings. Here we will discuss 5 top most Flu symptoms to combat it early on. Definitely, clinical diagnostic confirmation should be there before starting treatment. But here we will dissect some common symptoms with which we can presume it is the FLU.

Is Flu a Curable disease?

Five Signs You May Have Flu

This is the most important question which first bangs on us when we talk about any disease. Flu is definitely preventable with vaccination. It is similar to cold but can be very dangerous. But in some extreme cases, it may lead to death also. So early detection, vaccination and medication are highly required.

And how long does FLU last & where it attacks

It lasts for about 2-3 week on the higher bracket and 2-3 days on lower bracket. The time span varies on your body’s immunity to fight with the virus. It primarily attacks the nose, throat and lungs. Any age group or gender with a weak immune system can be a victim of flu.  So keep your immune system strong to fight with any disease. Having a healthy diet, performing regular exercise or yoga, keeping away from alcohol or any other addictions can support your system to fight with diseases.

5 major Flu symptoms you need to identify 

Flu treatment in India

It starts with a symptom like that of normal cold, eg, running nose, sore throat and sneezing. But gradually it develops and becomes worst. Common flu symptoms are:-

  • Fever – The general range of temperature in case of flu is 100.4 F. In children less than 12 weeks, any fever is a red flag.
  • Pains – It results in severe muscle pain; children refuse to walk due to pain in limbs. Fatigue and weakness may also persist.
  • Swings in Temperature – Sometime you will feel chill and sometimes sweat.
  • Dehydration – No urination, dry mouth and lips, irritation while passing urine.
  • Congestion – Thorough nasal and throat congestion persists. A persistent dry cough bothers the throat condition. It makes sore throat.

Causes of Flu

This virus is highly contagious. It gets transmitted from one person to another by using the same device or coming in touch. Using the same phone or computer or any other device may spread the virus. If the infected person sneezes, or talks or coughs then the virus gets in to air as a droplet. And by coming in contact with a new victim it easily gets transferred.

Cure & Precautions in case of Flu

In the initial stage, any over the counter drug can help adults (expert’s opinion is required before administering any drug to children). But gradually you need to take the advice of medical practitioner and get the right medicine.

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Yearly vaccination is a great help to combat flu because vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body, which provide protection against the virus. But flu vaccine varies from season to season as the virus is changing its strains regularly. Hence it is advisable to take the flu vaccine every year. Know that flu us dangerous and can even be fatal. To protect yourself, stay vaccinated. #IPromiseToStopFlu

Reference: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/disease/spread.htm


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  1. Accha hai ki in sabke liye vaccination aa gaye hain, jis se baccho ko ye taklif nahi jhelni padegi
    Thanks for useful post ??

  2. This is so well explained and it’s important to get kids vaccinated along with know the symptoms of flu!!

  3. I got to know the difference between flu and cold. And yes, prevention is better than cure. Interesting way you have explained it all. Thanks Dipika.

  4. Flu can be very dangerous to control once it hits us and a good immune system can help us fight it. Vaccination is the best way to keep it away.

  5. No doubt prevention is better than cure. And thank for clearing many doubts about flu vaccine, indeed this has become need of the time now.

    1. Glad you liked it. Thank you.

  6. You described in detail about flu symptoms. It is also important to know about the difference between the common cold and flu. Vaccination is the best medium to avoid further complications.

  7. Vaccination is the best way to keep the flu at bay. No parent would like to see their child suffering.

  8. Flu is truly dangerous and bigger problem is most of the times we confuse it with regular cold and cough and take it lightly. This post is very informative.

  9. That’s quite an informative post as we usually get confused with flu and normal cold. Vaccination is important against flu.

  10. Fu can be really dangerous and often we just confuse it to be a common cold. Precautionary methods are always better. Vaccination is the single best precaution.

  11. I came to know so many things related to glue.. Thanks for sharing all these info ..

  12. ,we always took flu as a very common but actually it is not, flu shot are really important as it can also be fatal if not treated on time

  13. Thankfully we took the right call for our Twins and timely gave them the flu shots. Better safe than sorry.

    1. Absolutely. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I think we often fail to detect flu. It is important to identify it and go for the right form of treatment.

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  18. Flu is so common these days and its important we understand the symptoms to act fast. And yes a vaccination is always recommended

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  21. People oft confuse flu with cold. And there’s little awareness about the vaccines that are available to fight seasonal flu, which can manifest into dangerous complications.

    A really exhaustive & well-written post, Dipika.

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