Most Common Monsoon Diseases and their Prevention

infectious diseases during monsoon

Monsoon Health Guide & Tips – For most common monsoon diseases and infections and their prevention guide. Monsoon season is a respite for everyone, first drops of rain give wings to new life, and that smell of petrichor. We all know the affection rain has on human sentiment. However, it not only brings in relief from sultry days and heat but also comes with numerous deadly yet common monsoon diseases and infections.

So, while a sense of relief from hot summer prevails, there is a need to be cautious against common monsoon diseases and infections which may result in various other health conditions or even be fatal.

Food and water-borne diseases and infections affect a large number of people. Hence, we need to take preventive measures against these diseases which have the potential to take away the joy of Monsoon by making you sick.

During Monsoon seasons, we are prone to food and water-borne diseases. Moreover, gastrointestinal infections are also common.

common monsoon diseases and infections

The most common Monsoon Diseases and Infections –

These are the most common rainy season diseases –

  • Typhoid, Diarrhea, and Jaundice
  • Malaria and Dengue (Accumulated water in houses, streets, and roads promote the growth of mosquitoes)
  • Eye flu and foot infections
  • Spasmodic pain and gastrointestinal diseases
  • Common viral infectionsCold & Cough.

To overcome these common rainy season diseases, prevention is the key. People need to cautious and take some preventive measures to keep all diseases and infections at bay: If you suffer or affected with any of these diseases, do not go for self-medication, consult a doctor for timely medical intervention. 

Prevention Measures against Monsoon Diseases and Infections

  • Deep-fried and spicy foods should be avoided, eat light healthy foods preferably home-cooked or else, cooked in hygienic conditions only.
  • Clean water saves us from many diseases. Filtered boiled and warm drinking water should be preferred. Drink warm water with meals for easy digestion.
  • Avoid consuming food exposed to the hot and humid climate long time since food preparation. Never accept food which was kept open for a long time.
  • Prevent food exposed to flies, use a net to prevent sitting of flies on food.
  • Make sure to wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly with clean water, dry, and store in proper hygienic conditions only.
  • It is very important to cook food and vegetables with care and steam to make them harmful germ-free.
  • Monsoon diseases or infections can be fatal for Diabetic patients. Hence they need to be more cautious. Along with a healthy diet chart, they should take extra care of their feet and should not walk barefoot.
  • Asthma patients also need to pay more attention to their condition. They should ensure no accumulation and seepage of water from the living space. Also, must prevent fungus growth in wooden furniture and other articles like shoes and leather bags.
  • At the community level, do not let water accumulate in your locality. Make neighbors aware of cleanliness. At the individual level, put a few drops of Kerosene/ OIL or phenyl in stagnant water to check the undesired mosquito breeding.
  • Mosquito nets should be used wherever possible.
  • Waterlogging conceals a lot of rubbish spilling over from dustbins, drains, and manholes. An open manhole lurking somewhere to gobble up an unwary person – adult or child.

Monsoon Menace: Preventive Measures You need to take against infectious diseases – by Dr. Kunal Das, HOD Gastroenterology, Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka Delhi. Dr. Kunal Das points out –

So, it is high time to be alert and a few preventive measures would allow you to enjoy the season to the fullest. From a medical point of view, we strongly recommend people take preventive measures, and if affected should consult your doctor immediately.

Enjoy Monsoon, responsibly. Stay safe, and keep others safe too. Prevention is better than cure!


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  1. So glad you listed eye flu as well! It’s something that gets easily ignored in this weather as everyone is focusing on cold, cough or dengue. However, eye infections can run really long for both kids and adults in monsoon. Very helpful article! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, glad you find the article informative. Dr. Kunal has explained all these pointers very well.

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    3. So true! Monsoon accompanies a lot of flies which are carriers of many diseases

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  2. Monsoons come with many type of disease like cold, cough, flu, diarrhoea, loose motion, eye problems and what not…glad that Dr Kunal explained this very well..

    1. Thank You, Sulbha. Glad you find it informative.

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  19. There are Monsoon Diseases and Infections? I am almost 35 years old and I am just now finding this out! My mind is blown and a lot of things just clicked.

    1. The Earth’s geography is so diverse, I am glad this information helped you to know about these common illnesses around Monsoon seasons.

  20. Before, I’m prone to having cough and colds during the monsoon season, it’s nothing serious but mostly it’s just annoying and uncomfortable. But when I started taking vitamins, I don’t suffer anymore. And I always make sure I have medications on stand by. And lots of fruits! Thank you for these information!

    1. These are some handy tips, thank you for sharing.

  21. Marta Skeledžija

    I never even knew that there is a monsoon sickness. Very informative post.

  22. During Every Monsoon i get caught by Cold and Flu due to lo immunity but when i started yoga and start taking precautions i made my self a good immunity person . Prevention should be taken who comes under the weather during monsoon season .

    1. That is the best way to deal with unwanted illnesses during this time of the year. Thank You.

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