State of Mind: Confused!

“Mom Uncle doesn’t love me anymore; he never picks me up or let me piggy back…” As a mother of a growing girl, I am usually on the receiving end of mindless questions and many funny accusations, but this statement set me back to analyse what could be the probable cause of this sudden outburst of […]

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Soaring high…. #ClickandBlogAStory

I was always there; behind you under the darkest shadows: calm, quite, listening, learning from you how to do it right! You turned around, pushed me in, pinned me down, cast me out, closed me in confides. From a small creak within came a shine, brought me hope and sunlight… now that I have seen some […]

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Are you listening???

​I was in the middle of telephonic conversation when my little girl interrupted me fervently, I gestured her to be quite….. But she did not budge; kept on pulling me & disturbing. Irritated by such confusing commotion, I discontinued my phone and asked her angrily…”What is wrong with you!! Can’t you see I was on phone???? […]

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V.I.Personal note for you there…

I am here; on my own blog, writing my heart out… because…. YOU believed in me!!!  You believed in my potential as a true bestie and pushed me to kick start my writing spree officially through a Blog. You gave me ideas, shared views, even gave me examples to get my head straight & start […]

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To The Nature….with Love

An ode; a prose to Nature: These are miracles; a blooming flower, a beautiful butterfly, a singing parakeet, a galloping mammal, a mushroom under the canopy, the happy chirping of birds and wallowing trees… We call it by different names – some are metamorphosis, some are just life, but I know deep inside my heart… […]

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A special reminder

“You always take me for granted, when I won’t be here you will realize my true worth”. I uttered out in my defense while having an altercation with my man early in the morning. His expressions said a thousand words but mouth remained tightly shut, with that he left for office… Guilty sucks!! But now […]

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It’s same as common cold, but just stays for 5 days!!

​ Shantini was in the middle of her phone conversation when she saw her 13 years old daughter Sumedha playfully fiddling with a tampons packet. The same packet store waala has just delivered very promptly by wrapping it first in a newspaper and then in a brown bag (as if its a weapon of mass destruction being […]

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RIP to most reckoning Indian Cinema Actor: Om Puri

Om Puri passes away at 66 after a massive heart stroke! This news is flashing across all Indian News channels and social media is buzzing with his commendable work and achievements. I grew up watching weekly Sunday movies on our humble patient ever consistent Doordarshan Channel….desh ka pehle entertainment channel without masala. If you are […]

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I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio …. New Year brings excitement and zeal to achieve new heights with itself and brings a brainstorming session of ‘Resolutions’ as well. Ummm.. let’s not talk about how many I have achieved so far yet in the write-up! So, this year yet again I […]

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