WhatsApp Banking for ICICI Bank Customers – An Easy on the go banking!

whatsapp banking ICICI bank

ICICI Bank Customers can now pay their utility bills and create a Fixed Deposit just by sending a simple message on WhatsApp. Yes, this is revolutionized digitalization in social-distancing times. ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking service is an extraordinary leap by any financial institution to provide an easy on-the-go banking experience to its customers.

Before we go any further with the details on ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking, let us just stop for a moment and revisit the old banking era. ICICI Bank is a generic name that transformed Indian banking scenes back in the 90s.

I remember opening my first salary account in ICICI Bank, in 2005. Holding a sleek brand-new account kit instantly filled me with a sense of financial freedom and growth. Over years this relation is grown with pride and convenience.

WhatsApp Banking with ICICI Bank:

ICICI bank WhatsApp Banking
Image Source – ICICI Bank website

With the Digital India movement, I was among the first movers to change my payment preferences from offline to online. There are various digital payment gateways available in the market to experience easy financial user-interface freedom. However, safety and security are always my main concerns. Nothing is more trusted than your own Bank.

ICICI Bank recently launched its WhatsApp Banking services for enhancing the ultimate customer experience. With the new addition of paying utility bills and creating a fixed deposit (FD) on the go just by sending a WhatsApp message to a dedicated number. This makes ICICI Bank the first financial institution in the industry to provide WhatsApp Banking to its customers.

Say Hi to ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking:

So, paying the utility bills like electricity, gas, or phone bills has never been so easy. All a customer has to do is just send ‘Hi’ to an ICICI Bank WhatsApp Banking dedicated number. Or if you are planning to invest money in an FD (fixed deposit) for a secured future, easy WhatsApp banking comes to the rescue. Who has thought investing in FD would be so easy?

ICICI Bank’s WhatsApp Banking facilities aren’t just limited to retail customers like you and me, there are a plethora of financial services available for Corporate clients and owners of MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises). Services like –

  1. Check trade finance related services like customer ID,
  2. Import Export (IE) code,
  3. Can limit the availability of all credit facilities availed from the bank.
  4. Also, check the status of pending inward remittances and history of inward remittances on-the-go.

These easy banking on-the-go services are available to a few selected corporates currently and will be rolled out for every corporate customer very soon. For retail customers, services like recharging the pre-paid mobile balance will be launched in the coming days.

How to Start using WhatsApp Banking?

To avail of these services on WhatsApp messenger, ICICI Bank customers need to follow the following steps –

  1. Save the number and send Hi – Dedicated WhatsApp banking number provided by ICICI Bank is 8640086400, add and save this number in the phone’s contact list now send a Hi from the mobile number registered with the Bank using WhatsApp messenger.
  2. Bank will instantly revert with the list of services available. To check the list of services available on WhatsApp banking, click here.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Banking by ICICI Bank:

  • Hassle-free, convenient, and easy to use for all customers, even those who are not very familiar with the overall banking procedures or processes.
  • Saves time – within just a few clicks customers can avail of various easy banking services.
  • Available 24/7 *356 days even on the holidays. So, now you can stop missing bill due-date deadlines and bank stress-free with ICICI Bank.
  • Secured way of banking, all the messages of ICICI Bank WhatsApp banking are end-to-end encrypted, that simply means no one can hack or misuse these messages. The banking details remain safe between the customer and the bank only.
  • Non-ICICI Bank customers can also use WhatsApp banking services to locate ICICI Bank’s ATM near them and to learn about the available offers with the bank.
  • ICICI Bank credit card holders can also avail of this service for checking their credit limit and Block/Unblock the card.
  • The WhatsApp Banking service is also available in Hindi.
whatsapp banking by ICICI bank

ICICI Bank has launched many services on WhatsApp messenger in the span of the last six months. With the addition of these new services, the bank offers a plethora of 25 easy banking services on the go. In lieu of social-distancing and Covid19 pandemic threat, the customers have easy access to banking services via the popular messenger app.


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  1. Very informative post. The proverb ‘Necessity is the Mother of all Invention’ has been a complete true to it’s sense. There has been lot of new stuffs came in amid the pandemic.
    Thanks for sharing the post.

  2. I was not aware of this WhatsApp banking. Now, this seems really handy with it is coming from such a trusted bank. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow this is so cool. I am sure it is going to be very useful to many. I was thinking of my parents and in laws. I will definitely forward this this information to them.

  4. I think one of my aunt’s has an account with icici and says they have lot of restrictions with technology. But looking your post, it seems like icici bank has come a long way during the pandemic.

  5. I think ICICI bank has taken a wonderful initiative of launching this whatsapp messenger specially during this difficult time when going to bank or ant other place outside is not safe. I know people using this app and they are highly satisfied and happy.

  6. ICICI Bank is on the forefront of making banking a super easy experience for all its customers. So good to know about the Whatsapp banking from your post too!

  7. This is really new to me. Though my husband use net banking for various transition but we had never heard whatsapp option. Thanks a lot dear for sharing all details with us. Will try it for sure in near future.

  8. I totally agree. This is indeed a wonderful help for all of us. We have our account in this bank too and we are really pleased with their WhatsApp banking services

  9. This is great news for ICICI Bank customers. Whatsapp banking sounds so convenient and hassle-free. My mom has her account in ICICI bank, will share this number with her. She will be so relaxed after hearing the benefits of using WhatsApp banking.

  10. Wow this is so cool. What’s app banking is new trend these days . I am sure it is going to be very useful to many people .

  11. At one time banking used to be a painful chore but now at the click of a button, we are in control of our finances. I didn’t know how to navigate the banking process and my bank gave me my own private banking assistant. I just got an ICICI credit card through Amazon.

  12. Mobile banking had made our lives much easier but still few sections of people don’t find it easy . And when WhatsApp Banking is safe I am sure many are going to see this option as boon. Technology is really helping people and ICICI is using technology in the right sense.

  13. Thats some new gen banking. Banking apps are complex and scary. The fact that WhatsApp can be used for our banking needs makes it so easy to use this digital form of banking. Beautifully elucidated.

  14. Banking through WhatsApp now that is a new concept I had no idea that ICICI bank has started such a new feature and it really sounds like it will be very convenient to manage our banking means on the go with this service

  15. I have been using icici banking app for a very long time n find it very user friendly and convenient.

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  17. I got to know about this Whatsapp Banking only through your post on Instagram and I am so glad I bumped into it. This has made my life so easy. This has made banking really convinient.

  18. I MUSt confess, I can’t operate banking on desktop. With little time in hand, smart women need smart banking apps. I am a diligent user of ICICI Mobile App. Thank you for sharing helpful insights.

  19. Wow! Why haven’t I heard about this before? This is the first time I’m coming across whatsapp banking. Needless to say it’s a great option. Thanks for sharing this piece of information.

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