Special Term Loan scheme for Chartered Accountants

term loan for chartered accountant

The term Loan scheme for Chartered Accountants is a big boost in the financial flexibility of working and consulting professionals.

Poonawalla Finance Private Limited is a name well-known in the financial industry. PoonawallaFinance Private Limited rolled out a special term loan scheme for Chartered Accountants.

This Flexi-finance option is a systemically important non-deposit taking NBFC, that has entered into an MOU. The scheme is to offer a collateral-free special term loan scheme with an aim to benefit over three lakh Chartered Accountants, who are the members of the ICAI.

Poonawalla Finance, a name that stands for trust, has received more than 4,000 loan applications within the first month of the launch of this scheme. It has also sanctioned loans worth Rs.150 crore to more than 1,500 Chartered Accountants.

This loan scheme will further shore up Chartered Accountant’s financial requirements towards their growing professional practice. It will also give freedom from the financial insecurities to meet their personal requisites at testing times like Covid-19 that has caused liquidity crunch across all economic sectors.

term loan for chartered accountants

Key points about the Term Loan scheme for Chartered Accountants –

The unique term loan is a tailor-made term loan scheme for Chartered Accountants professionals that offers attractive benefits.

Attractive benefits Such as –

  • Fetching interest rate,
  • zero prepayment charges,
  • 100% online digital processing,
  • gives the option to take over their existing loans with higher interest rates.

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Mr. Adar Poonawalla, Chairman, Poonawalla Finance says – “It is delightful to have the special loan scheme to support the credit needs of the Chartered Accountant professionals in these unprecedented times. We believe that offering credit support to the MSMEs and professionals like Chartered Accountants and Doctors for business development will further strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem and boost economic growth,”

Mr. Abhay Bhutada, MD and CEO, Poonawalla Finance mentioned that this load scheme is special because –

“This special loan scheme is a part of our mission to offer credit support to enterprises and individuals so that they can meet their credit requirements. In the prevailing market scenario when access to credit has emerged as a challenge, our affordable and digitally-enabled loan scheme will help chartered accountant professionals fulfill their aspirations. This will help us expand our reach nationwide and fuel enterprise-driven growth.”

About Poonawalla Finance Private Limited:

Poonawalla Finance Private Limited is a financial services company, registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Non-Deposit Accepting Systemically Important Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC).

Headquartered in Pune, Poonawalla Finance Pvt. Ltd, is a part of Cyrus Poonawalla Group having net-worth of USD 11.4 billion.

Poonawalla Finance is one of the most well-capitalized NBFCs in the country. Started in April 2019 and it has crossed INR 1,500 Crores in AUM. Offering the simplest and most customizable digital lending, built on leading technology.

They have adopted multiple online and offline ecosystems to fit into customers’ requirements and able to accommodate all financial demands. It aims to meet the dynamic financial needs of individuals/ professionals and MSMEs, thereby accelerating their growth with flexible funding options. Poonawalla Finance offers Business Loans, Personal Loans, and Loan to Professionals.

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The firm follows a customer-centric and relationship-based business model to remain on the growth path that helps to create more services for the customers in the small ticket lending space and is proud to claim that it offers the lowest rate of interest with zero prepayment charges in the NBFC sector.

To know more about the scheme, click here.


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    Please is this information only for Chartered Accountants ? i really want to know and how can one apply?

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