7 Classic Christmas Movies of All Time

classic Christmas movies on Netflix

As we enter the last month of 2020, the exhilaration of starting a new chapter begins with much frenzy. The partial restrains, social distancing, and adhering to safety protocols still keep most of the families indoors. But let this not spoil the Christmas cheer and fun, I am exploring some classic Christmas movies to watch with the family this year.

When I was growing up, the only movies we got to watch around Christmas were those aired on National television. Mostly repeated year after year or funny cartoon movies to be watched with kids. I remember watching Home Alone (which I still consider the best old Christmas movie of all time) during my secondary school years, and that was the only memory of the Christmas movie I watched with my family.

Today, you have a plethora of choices to pick from and our kids enjoy the wide range of amazing movies showing the real spirit of Christmas. Here are the 7 Best Christmas Movies list on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT platforms that can be watched with the entire family.

Best Classic Christmas Movies to watch with Family this Holiday season

1. The Christmas Chronicles –

Source – Netflix Official Trailer

My favorite new Christmas movie on this list! The biggest positive for me about this movie is Kurt Russell, if you are a 90s kid and have grown watching him in action-packed movies this is an awesome surprise. Catch The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix to explore the funny side of Christmas adventure. A complete entertainment package to be enjoyed with the family and friends.

Surplus fun, The Christmas Chronicles 2 is released too on Netflix. Don’t forget to watch them in the right order.

2. The Polar Express –

Source – Warner Bros YouTube Channel

The Polar Express is a classic tale of progression, from gullible child to understanding the real spirit of Christmas. The story revolves around a boy who boards a train and embarks on a journey of a lifetime. The whole film is shot on the running train and with spectacular animations makes you feel a part of this journey.

Tom Hanks voiceover is a high point along with the junior artists’ work. The movie shares many emotions like friendship, bonding, bravery, and gratitude.

3. Angela’s Christmas –

Source – Netflix Jr.

This is my all-time favorite movie, a story so sweet and relatable it feels just too real. I watched Angela’s Christmas on Netflix with daughter and instantly fell in love with the little Angela.

The story is about compassion, desires, and drastic differences between the rich and poor prevailing in the society. A small girl with a big heart intents to make the world a happy place with her compassion and humble determination. Highly recommended.

4. Mary Poppins Returns –

Source – Disney YouTube Channel

This is not a typical Christmas movie per-say but a fabulous one and must not be missed from the Christmas movie list to watch with family. Magical and most beautiful nanny, Mary Poppins returns to help Michael and his family in the testing times.

Emily Blunt makes the character of Mary Poppins real with her ace acting and charm. This musical movie will keep you glued till the end, an inspiring story that will make you believe in the power of magic.

5. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure –

What fun is Christmas without family traditions? Olaf goes on a mission to seek family traditions from each household of Queen Elsa’s kingdom Arendelle. Musical animated short film from Disney animation studios is a lovely treat to enjoy with the kids.

Frozen is every child’s favorite animated fiction movie, and Disney continuing the same magical charm in this short movie based on the Christmas theme.

6. Arthur Christmas – Classic Christmas Movies:

What it takes to fulfil every child’s heart desires for Santa? Well, this fantasy animated fiction movie is about monotonous life at the North Pole around Christmas hustle and bustle. Santa’s fool-proof plan to deliver gifts to every child goes kaput when a small technical glitch in the system by his youngest son, Arthur occurs.

Arthur tries to fix it all with the help of odd support group of great grand Santa, untrained reindeers, impromptu plan, and all things crazy. In the end, it ends all well for everyone. A funny movie full with hefty laughter doses for all age-groups.

7. Klaus –

At first, I found Santa Claus a little gloomy and poignant in this movie, until I watched it with some intent to know more. A brilliant movie and a must-watch during Christmas with the family. Another classic Netflix holiday movie to catch this year.

A simple story of love, friendship, traditions, ambition, and hard-work, animation too good to believe in narration. This movie again emphasizes the age-old belief of good karma creates ripple effects and brings positivity in every situation.

Our family loves this Christmas movie and would love to watch it again this time around.

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Hope you like our list of family Christmas movies, its time to bid adieu to 2020 on a hopeful note. And nothing brings happiness and hope than watching some inspirations movies.

Which one is your favorite from the list, share with us in the comments below.

classic Christmas movies

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list, now my Christmas week is really sorted. Many of these movies are already in my list.

  2. Thank Dipika for the recommendations. We were looking for some good movies. I think we will start with Angela’s Christmas. The trailer looks cute. Guessing my younger one will also like it.

  3. Lovely list dear and I had watched most of these. Angela’s Christmas is new to me. Will watch this with my girls for sure. Thanks for sharing amazing list.

  4. You just made my day 🙂 This is awesome list. I was looking for movies inspiration unfact, that I can watch with family.

  5. Such a beautiful Christmas movie list. The Polar Express being my favorite. Missed Klaus, will catch it this December for sure.

  6. thanks for the list they are amazing ..my favourite one as a kid was home alone.. I know new gen does not relate just sharing mine

  7. Such a comprehensive list of movies. It made mee nostalgic. My ultimate favs were “how the grinch stole christmas”, “a christmas carol”, “the nutcracker”
    Gona watch with the tods this year

    1. Wow I’m keeping your list of movies safe for watching. We are watching a Christmas movie or two every weekend. We are done with jingle Jangle, princess switch, Christmas chronicles, etc.

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing this comprehensive list Dipika..I was looking for one. I thought we have watched all but from your list I still haven’t watched two of them.

  9. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without a good dose of happy family movies. Have seen few of these and going to add others to my must-watch. Wonderful list!

  10. Great list Dipika… my kids n I love Polar express and watch it back to back frm start of dec…. it’s a fab movie

  11. Love the list we actually have started watching Christmas movies from this weekend I would love to watch Mary Poppins returns. The original was such a beautiful movie

  12. Ever since I was a child Christmas was about binge watching Chistmas movies with my family. We used to watch them on a loop on HBO. I am glad now we have many ways to watch these whenever we wish to. Will show this list to my daughters right away.

  13. I haven’t watched a single movie from this list yet. But this time I am gonna enjoy all these Christmas inspired movies.

  14. I love Christmas movies and am saving this post and update my bucket list. recently I watched a soppy Christmas movie named Holidate and really loved it.

  15. Will try to play these for my son.. we have20 days winter vacations…. btw u missed Home Alone.. i love that boy.

  16. Olaf and Mary popping are awesome movies. Thanks to you, several forgotten movies came to the periphery.

  17. Thanks for the info on all these entertaining movies

  18. Thank you for sharing best list …

  19. Oh wow the list seems interesting, I will try watching some soon

  20. I simply love all of these movies and binge watch em every year. 😍

  21. I love Christmas movies so much this is best time of year

  22. I could see a lot of my favourites dipika. Will watch the rest from your list. Thank you for sharing

  23. This is a wonderful list of Christmas movies. My girls live them all. Time to check them again.

  24. That’s very helpful list of movies to watch this Christmas

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