Zee5 Churails Review: A Revolutionary Web-Series

churails web series

ZEE5 Churails Review – A Revolutionary story of grit, determination, and sisterhood! What happens when women take charge of their lives in a male dominating society? Or when feisty feminists control the game and take shots on their counterparts? Catch the fearless, bewitching, and unstoppable burqa-clad vigilantes in Churails revolutionary series streaming exclusively on ZEE5.

Women Empowerment, feminism is the fancy words used loosely these days. Most of us, don’t know the reason they were coined back in old times. The idea was to get equal rights, fair pay, empowerment, and respect for fairer sex’s participation in the new world. Today’s scenario is changed, we are much more liberated than ever before, and that’s the reason I got hooked to this web-series. Churails web-series on ZEE5 is a delightful treat on your senses.

Fiesty power-packed women brigade on a mission

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Plot – Fascinating storyline, captivating cinematography – ZEE5 Churails full review:

Director Asim Abbasi’s Churail web-series is a ten-episodes drama set out in Karachi, Pakistan. Four women set a secret detective band to help those who were in dire need of justice – harassed and troubled women.

Now, when I think of Pakistani television shows, it reminds me of conventional family-dramas we watched in childhood with grandparents and family. This fast-paced high-octane web-series Churials isn’t something I could connect Pakistan television earlier. But when Churails web-series trailer released sometime back, it was like wildfire on social media.

The protagonists come from different walks of life, working together for a common goal – justice. On their way to get justice for others they themselves enter the dangers unknown. This is modern day, feminine Justice League drama that will attract one and all. Critically acclaimed director Asim Abbasi, didn’t let us down ever and this is a masterpiece of performances.

I have seen many female-oriented web-series and dramas before, but this is fiery, fast-paced, and riveting which clearly sets with the mood of the young nation. The plot is weaved beautifully around these four-women fighting against the patriarchy and hard-hitting them right at their own game.

Strong Characters with Promising Acting in the most promising Web-series

ZEE5 Churails review
Source – ZEE5.com

Churails Cast – Sarwat Gilani, Nimra Bucha, Meher Bano, Yasra Rizvi.

Sara (Sarwat Gilani) plays the role of an uber-rich wife with a too-good-to-be-perfect life. She has it all, but one thing she craves for most; her own identity.

Jugnu (Yasra Rizvi) is rich, famous, and independent, yet isolated. Most desirable but still single, a high-profile event manager who is an island in herself.

Batul (Nirma Bucha) prisoner released after 20 years of her jail-sentence for a murder. She is ready to start her life again and searching for a purpose.

Zubaida (Meher Bano), youngest of all, she wants to soar high and away from her orthodox family. A quirky young girl who wishes to break all traditional barriers.

Together they are fierce force against the patriarchal set-up of orthodox male-dominance. The mission of these feisty desi Charlie-angels begins at their boutique-cum-office called Halal Designs. They listen, watch, plan, and execute for instant justice with a filmi tagline –‘Mard ko dard hoga.’

What Makes Churails the best web-series not to be missed?

Let me be honest, there is nothing as satisfying to watch onscreen as a female protagonist getting back to her abusers. The plot revolves around many domestic and intentional cases of abuse to women in the daily course of life. Over the years, society has normalized various types of women-abuse. But this web-series identifies that – a wrong is a wrong, and it will come to you when you are least expecting it. The adrenaline-pumping situations of highs and lows of the four action-searing women will make you shout for #MainChurailHoon

Churails bring stories of infidelity, physical abuse, political suppression, family honor, and much more. A ten-episodes web-series seems short and too little for those who are involved with the characters and the storyline.

As a viewer and an author, myself, I love the fact Asim Abbasi has not dragged the stories beyond their natural conclusion. The combustible combination of tight writing, crisp dialogues, and great performances by the actors makes it the most desirable web-series you cannot afford to miss in 2020. This web-series is a must-watch for various reasons, so if you haven’t caught it yet, what are you waiting for. Don’t forget to subscribe to ZEE5 for entertainment and to watch Churails web-series. It is also been reviewed under the most popular web-series movies and TV shows.

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  1. I should watch the show soon. Reading many good reviews.

  2. I truly admire which shows women in a strong roles. As you said, it a feeling of satisfaction. But I feel the true purpose behind making these shows is solved only when there is desirable shift in the mentality of people watching. If our society start to value women then I would say they have learned something meaningful.

  3. This series is a trend setter. It will change perspective and burst myths. I am going to binge watch it this weekend.

  4. Quite fascinating name of this web series. ZEE 5 have yet again come up with a wonderful show. Love to see this. More power to women.

  5. What thrilled me most about this web series is that it was directed by a man! He captured every little nuance of what women feel so perfectly. So enjoyed watching this fab and refreshing show!

  6. This looks interesting web series and I am adding this in my watch list to watch this weekend. The plot really looks interesting and must watch!!

  7. This web series of ZEE5 is gaining reviews and touching hearts as the storyline is quite moving. Your review has very well explained the essence of show very well

  8. I am hearing a lot about this series all across the web nowadays. Seems like a great series based on women empowerment. Loved your review dear. You had covered all points so well.

  9. I have been reading such good reviews about this series from Pakistan. It brings to the fore some important issues that need to be addressed the world over. Will check it out. Thanks for your recommendation, Dipika!

  10. Nowadays I heard a lot about this web series..name itself interesting and it goes with the story plot too. I am going to watch this very soon. I hope this will on my expectations.

  11. Loved your review! I agree with you, watching female protagonists hitting back at the perpetrators gives a great high! Personally, I have loved Churails and have recommended it to everyone that I know.

  12. This looks like a really loved show because many people are talking about it and the reviews are also quite good and details of the show are interesting.

  13. I am hearing a lot of good reviews about this series on Zee 5 and I personally like to see such good women empowerment stories would sorry love to watch out this one too

  14. I’ve watched Churails. This Zee5 women centric is hard hitting the stigmas prevailing in our society. With powerful performance and strong storyline its Indeed a binge watch.

  15. All the 4 characters are distinct in this web series and this series seems quite different from other women centric web series, I am going to watch it pretty soon.

  16. This is the one show which I am eagerly waiting to watch this weekend as I have specially kept my Sunday free just to binge-watch this series on ZEE5. Thanks for this wonderful review, can’t wait to watch.

  17. I so agree as I loved watching it as much as you did. This show is such a need of the hour. I wish more and more people watch it.

  18. Such shows are the need of the hour. After hearing amazing reviews can’t wait to watch this women-centric show. It’s already a trendsetter.

  19. Quite an eclectic mix of quirky and kick-ass women who aren’t scared to take charge. A gripping storyline too. I’ve been reading a lot about this series and am going to watch it soon!

  20. The storyline is so intriguing, which a brilliant team of women and I am sure this one gonna be a power pack show, cant wait to binge-watch this wekend

  21. Churail is one of the trending series on ZEE5 right now . The strong storyline it’s main attraction. I have already watched all the episodes..

  22. This series is a trend setter. We rarely get to see shows which portray women in strong, powerful light. This one indeed is a must watch as not just it breaks stereotypes but also shares a meaningful message

  23. I have been hearing really good things about this series. I like strong female characters. I want to watch this now. hanks for this review.

  24. I wish that this series is watched by every women and they get the courage to deal with issues that they face and stay quiet. Love such series on ZEE5.

  25. Really nice. The review and the series. You have presented the content so well. Thank you much for portraying each character so well.

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