It Happened in Calcutta Review: A Periodic Romantic Series on ZEE5

it happened in Calcutta webseries

It Happened in Calcutta is a periodic drama to keep viewers engaged with an epic love story set against the background of war and pandemic outrage in India. A ZEE5 original, features Karan Kundrra in the lead a handsome Casanova (he looks ravishingly hot in bellbottoms and big rimmed glasses), Kusum an aspiring MBBS student who falls in love with Kundra despite his flamboyance and carefree attitude. A story that has various shades of human emotions. An awe-inspiring tale of passion with the backdrop of an unstable environment.

The Story Plot – It Happened in Calcutta

The city of Joy, Calcutta in the 1960s and ‘70s was much like today aesthetically, hustling bustling with the aspirations, passion, and flamboyance. The series starts in 1962’s backdrop with Ronobir Chatterjee (Karan Kundra), Kusum Ganguly (Naghma Rizwan), and Ratan Bagchi (Harman Singha) in Medical College of Calcutta. The story is a roller coaster ride with emotions like romance, betrayal, friendship, patriotism, and desperation weaved beautifully together.

Karan Kundra in ZEE5 It happened in Calcatta web series
Image Courtesy ZEE5

Ronobir is a college heartthrob, and girls flock around him for his attention. He is carefree and flamboyant, who only believes in living life to the fullest without any fallback or commitment. Kusum, on the other hand, is grown-up in a humble background and aspires to become an Indian Army Doctor. The plot is set in the 60s hence, she is the ONLY female student studying MBBS in the medical college. Ratan loves Kusum who friend-zone him and she falls in love with Ronobir. It is really interesting to see how the events turn gradually along with the story and characters evolve from college students to serious individuals.

Characters Performance Review It Happened in Calcutta –

Karan is stupendously handsome and plays the role of a Casanova effortlessly. His character grows from a colorful womanizer to a subtle and serious man who rethinks over his past actions. Karan’s character has a deep intensity, which makes his role believable. He knows his act well and won’t disappoint the audience. Naghma Rizwan brings a breeze of freshness with her role and acting. Her character is that of a headstrong girl, who believes in her dreams and aspirations. A digital debutant Naghma has done a great job playing the protagonist against an already established actor Karan Kundrra. The camaraderie between Karan and Naghma is quite natural, they have given viewers an epic love story.

What to expect from It Happened in Calcutta web-series?

it happened in Calcutta
Image Courtesy ZEE5

A complete entertainment package, creating a periodic drama with romance and medical transcend is often a risky challenge. It Happened in Calcutta has achieved this beautifully. Ekta Kapoor has again proved her finesse by picking up actors smartly. This ZEE5 web-series keep viewers glued to their seats, as the plot progresses from medical college to professional doctors’ desperation act of survival during cholera pandemic.

Detailing of Calcutta in the 60s is worth appreciating, loud retro fashion with bellbottoms and high hairdos are nice to watch on television screens. The backdrop of the Indo-Pakistan war has its own greatness. There are many short storylines attached to the main love story between Ronobir and Kusum.

One is that when the protagonist was captured by Naxalites and viewers will find Ratan more convincing than the lead actors.

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  6. I enjoy watching Periodic romances, this plot of this show is interesting too. Will definitely try to squeeze in some time to catch it on Zee5

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  11. Ekta Kapoor has done a fabulous work in this web series bringing out the true emotions. ZEE5 has actually come up with some interesting series and movies…

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