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Children learning

Opportunities for Learning – Failure is not end of road

“Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” – Henry Ford Opportunities – favorable moments or chances. A chance to grab and show your mettle. We get numerous favorable opportunities in life to grab and grow. Sometimes we miss out on certain chances and at times we win, but our failures […]

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Never Say No

Never say NO – Gleeful Parenting has no space for No

“No, you are not supposed to touch that.” “Never say that again.” “Do not open that please.” “You should never do anything like this.” These are most frequent statements we use with children throughout our daily conversation. Many cannot find the reason for highlighted terms/ words. As per behavioral experts and child psychologists, parents who use NO […]

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Laugh out Loud – Life is Better with Laughter

  “A Day without Laughter is a Day wasted!” – Charlie Chaplin Do you remember when you had a real hearty laugh, with friends, family or colleagues? Pulled a prank on someone, without the guilt of wasting time or being scorned later. Or read a satirical piece of writing without getting offended or judgemental about […]

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Jumble Bumble – All the Trouble of Forced Ambition

Jumble Bumble – Forced Ambition Trouble Dance Bonanza – Dance Summer Class; Early bird discounts. DIY child craft – Special Craft classes for kids aged 3 and above. Skating/ Swimming/ Football/ Chess – First come first serve basis only. Music Summer Special – Choice of Instrument – Guitar/ Violin/ Keyboard/ Piano and many more. Vedic […]

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Ignite the Creativity – Let them go wild with Imagination

Ignite the Creativity in Children ‘Creativity is Intelligence having Fun – Albert Einstein’ Skill based education and skill development are quite viral now-a-days. Even our Central government is running skill-development institutes to enhance skills in youth. What is Skill based education and creative activities all about? We often pass our judgement without realizing the details on skills, intelligence […]

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parent child relationship

Guilt Free Parenting – Keep realistic parenting goals

Guilt-Free Parenting Araadhya worked till her very last day of pregnancy, she was wheeled inside labour room and by the time things could settle down someone screamed – baby’s crowning! It’s a sonny boy, joys and cheers everywhere; but Araadhya was troubled. Her maternity leave and office’s AGM preparation (annual general meeting) beginning same month. […]

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child behaviour

Father Child Relationship – Evolving Parenting Roles

Father Child Relationship and its ever changing dynamics! Anxiously he looked at the card, unable to understand what I really mean. My poker face did not give any clues to reveal the surprise. Few troubled moments later he asked swiftly, is it a Yes or No? I burst out laughing, as never saw him so […]

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child education

Education Beyond Books

Child – Education beyond books Sunita worked as house-help all her life; washing dishes, mopping floors, sweeping, laundry she accepts any of these chores with a smile. With fixed changes for each job, she is highly recommended house help of her area. Over chatty if you give her a chance by asking questions about her […]

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discipline children

Disciplining Children – Make it a Covert Operation

Discipline – A Covert Operation Have you ever wondered what life would have been without discipline? We know the reasons and need of discipline in life, don’t we? Discipline is one such crucial aspect of life which keep us sorted, design the blue print of life, bring utilization and make us social. But when it […]

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comparison among children

Comparison – Kill the Comparison not Competition

Kill the Comparison not Competitiveness Namita was 10 years old when she won inter-school swimming championship, and national level when she reached 12th standard. An all-rounder student, a picture-perfect daughter. By the time she finished her graduation, top most colleges of the country were more than happy to accommodate her. A lottery ticket for college […]

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Be an Active Listener Parent

Listening is an art; and we as parents must excel in that. An active listener parent exhibits balanced understanding of the problem and then reacts accordingly. Our kids need to learn this – but with examples and not narration. Are you a good listener parent? Oh yeah! I am. Let’s do a small quiz here […]

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Acceptance – First step towards Positive Parenting

Acceptance key to Positive Parenting Welcome to A to Z of ‘Gleeful Parenting’, my theme for #BlogchatterA2Z from Blogchatter. This is my first attempt for A-Z with an intention to write 26 posts comprising 26 happy parenting concepts. The alphabet for today, i.e., first day of this challenge is ‘A’. Beginning my alphabetical series of […]

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