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Funwala Pathshala – Learning gets easier with Nihar Naturals

English – A Language of Opportunities! “I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda” Require a Salon Attendant – Female Only, Age 22+, 8 hours day shift, English Speaking (mandatory) House on Rent – Only married couples apply, with correct documents, English as language of correspondence. Want a Bride …

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fault stare

The Fault in Our Stares – A habit we must renounce

The Fault in Our Stares – BarAThon Anita looked straight into his eyes and told him – ‘there is a fault in your stares mister‘. He immediately looked away but the tension was palpable between them. When the Human Resource Head calmed them down to settle the dispute amicably, Anita thrashed her hand on the …

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Hey! Are You Even Listening To What I Said?

This one statement is a ‘MUST’ addition when I am talking to my Husband Are You Even Listening To What I Said? and his evergreen reply is – “ask me whatever you just said; I heard it word by word!“… Phew, when you go asking – he changes the track. Can you beat that!! It’s …

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5 Things I am Thankful to when I wake up in the Morning – #ThankfulThursdays

Morning is that peaceful time of the day when I can just be with myself listening, thinking or doing NOTHING at all… My day starts around 5:30 am (a good habit I picked up as my new year resolution) first 30 minutes is dedicated to the morning walks followed by another half or so with morning tea looking …

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5 Small Joys I am Thankful For…

” Joy is the simplest form of Gratitude“ – Karl Barth I truly believe in this statement, when you feel the “JOY” you know up there someone has played their cards well and be thankful (feel the gratitude) that you have been blessed by this feeling of happiness/joy. Running behind unseen goals and continuous urge to …

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stop judging
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Single Child Syndrome #StopJudging 

Don’t Judge Anyone! You Never Know What Battle They Are Fighting I was just coming back to terms of having my career back on track after a long sabbatical of some 3 + odd years, with clear horizon of opportunities as full time blogger (passion turning into life-tendering profession) along with some visiting lectures here & …

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#ColgateMagicalStories: Mission To Save the Space

When I first read about the Colgate Magical Stories weave a story challenge through BlogAdda it was like taking a route down memory lane, when my mother taught me about the whole universe & how it’s up there above our heads and we are part of this huge unknown vastness of Galaxy, Milky-ways, Planets, etc. My …

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