Let the Love Bloom – Final Part

Let there be love

Time has a way of showing us what really matters in Life – anonymous.

Time is your biggest friend and enemy, Nikkie realized this a little late in life. When she looked at her father fighting with an invisible enemy, time feels like slipping away from her hands.

Joseph is often seen with Savio these days, either taking him for long strolls in the garden or talking over random things. He is clearly shaken after Savio has taken sudden ill; it was losing his father all over again.

Nikkie had once alleged him to be hungry for wealth and not love, today if she could take those words back, she definitely will. Since his return from the hospital, Savio never mentioned ‘marriage’ to her, something she never expected. He never missed a single chance to remind Nikkie of her duties for the people working for them and the town. Marring Joseph would not only make them a power couple but also ensure the smooth functioning of all the businesses running under Givani’s name.

“Father, I was thinking of visiting my apartment for a short time, there are a few things which I want to complete before coming back here to live with you.” She said while looking at the water flowing down from the fountain base.

Savio couldn’t control his emotions, he was indeed very happy to hear her decision and waved her to carry on. “Don’t go alone, now that I am grounded, it is better you stay safe and well. Go with Joseph.”

Karma! The more she wants to ignore him, life brings them on parallel sides time and again. She called him on cell phone to tell her plan, but he didn’t answer. She kept calling but in vain.

Her sixth sense was alarmed, Joseph can be many things but never distant. Something is wrong, and remembering all those evil looking guys from the meeting that day. She was worried for him, and surprised!

Not knowing what to do, she asked her father casually about the Antonio and his men who were at home the other day. Savio, is sick but not a fool, he immediately understood she is up to something and played his part to know what is worrying her.

“Child, we have many mouths to feed and a lot of families to run, our people trust Givani’s family and blood. There are few things we do, not for our pride but for power. To control things around.” He said in a low but proud voice.

Nikkie had some idea about activities around the warehouse but she never bothered to probe further. But today, it is different and there is no sign of Joseph, this made her nervous and she started asking people about him. After a few frantic calls, she learned about his scheduled meeting with Antonio’s.

But Savio asked her to wait and not ruin anything. Let Joseph handle things as he has been doing for the past so many years. It was only after the phone call from Antonio that Savio Givani realized trouble is real and very close.

The news of his illness has done more damage to his reputation than the cancer cells inside his body. The partners and allies have started gaining edge over him in business as well as profit margins. When Joseph learned about this coup de maître, he went ahead to cut the allies and disown them from Givani’s. Ending up being a hostage to be traded off for a deal – Givani’s written promise to quit arms business forever and never come back.

This news jolted Nikkie from inside, all she suspected years ago was true. She was in a deadly fix; at one side it was Joseph’s life at stake and on another it is her dignity. She didn’t want this dirty money not to be associated with it in any way.

The only way to solve this mess is – cut down the limb with gangrene. She requested her father to help in rescuing Joseph, she is the only hope he is left with currently, after Joseph was compromised.

She took Savio into confidence and rendered Antonios’ everything they asked in return for Joseph’s life. Once signed, she took the deed to the hideout and got the entire issue resolved.

Eight months later –

Nikkie and Joseph married three months ago, a week before Savio Givani took his last breath. They have moved on from the clutches of their past hatred and love bloomed after all.

Le there be LOve

The post is written as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z. To read the previous post, please click hereMy theme this year is Short Love Stories.


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  1. Nice happy ending :)!! Oh I think I missed reading the arms business part earlier and was wondering why Nikke was against her dad!! OK so now I get it 🙂

  2. This is true, I was missing a few but your stories calls me again because it left a great impact. Love is like that only, destiny also tries hard to meet the true lovers. I am glad they have married.

  3. […] is written as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z. To read the previous post, please click here. My theme this year is Short Love […]

  4. I’m glad you decided to give this a happy ending. It would have broken my heart if they hadn’t got together.

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