Just You and Me, Together! Part 4

Just you and me togetehr

Previously we read Nikkie’s escape from the chaos to her flat in Krakow, she was surprised when Joseph turns up there with a bad news. Dealing with the news, she realized a different side of Joseph the one she forgot long ago. Lets see what happens next.

Part IV

Nikkie was 5 when her mother died during childbirth, her father went into loneliness for a long time. She was left alone with nannies and her old crony grandmother. When he revived back to normalcy, granny forced him to remarry for Nikkei’s sake. He married a woman from a nearby town, short but very humble. Love was missing from that marriage; she remembers him screaming her dead mother’s name one night after drinking a little too much. Her stepmother couldn’t stay for long, doctors took her away due to some illness. Later, she was told it was Alzheimer’s.

Her second stepmother ‘Biretta’ was a beautiful lady, very stylish and curvy. Father loved her beauty, he often called her by the name ‘Roseline’, that was her mother’s name. She remembers loud furious noises from their room, Biretta never liked the fact that Savio was still in love with his dead wife. She didn’t like Nikkie too and often challenged to find a boarding school for her. Nikkie was 12 years of age when Biretta eloped with a man from Belarus. Savio threw all her belongings to burn them away. He vowed to never marry again.

Nikkie was sitting on the visitor’s sofa when the doctor arrived in the room, breaking the chain of thoughts. He ensured her about his father’s health, but she could see something amiss. Doctor asked Joseph to meet him in his office, her sixth sense was alarmed; she could feel something is not right.

It was a long day, and ambiguity over Savio’s health was dragging it further. She was getting impatient with every passing second; they were talking inside the doctor’s chamber and God knows what. Her feet started aching with the nonstop jogging in the corridor, trying hard to keep her mind diverted. At last, the door opened, Joseph didn’t show any hint of emotion on his face.

“What did he say?” she asked edgily.

“Nothing important.”

“Don’t toy with me, tell me what did the Doctor say about MY FATHER.” She howled in anger.

The words definitely made an impact, Joseph turned around and looked straight into her eyes, “Your father has phase three of Leukemia. OKAY! You heard it! Go now, run away and hide in that burrow of yours,” he said and left her dumbstruck in the corridor.

She took a moment to understand what has just happened, every inch of her adamant body wanted to strike Joseph on his face. But she kept her cool and walked inside the doctor’s room, “How much time he has?”

The doctor looked at her with concern, “I am sorry Ms. Givani, we can’t do much about it. Radiation and Chemotherapy will make him very weak which might not be good for his ailing heart at this age.”

Her foot left the gripping and she tumbled forward, saving herself just in time from crashing on the table with forearms, she took the nearby seat. The doctor leaned forward to offer her water, he advised her to keep up the brave face in front of her father.

This news clearly troubled her, who thought a person as healthy and powerful as her father would get a deadly C like that. She suddenly felt very small, and overwhelmed with the current situation; it was just a week ago that she was very upset with her father and didn’t want to see him again. But today, he is the one who needs her the most.

Still deep in thoughts, her feet made it to Savio’s room, before she could enter the room, she heard a whisper coming from the room. She peeked inside and found, Joseph sitting next to her father, holding his hand and sobbing. It was a day of some rude revelations.

On her 21st birthday, Savio had arranged a huge party, the whole town was invited. She still remembers, it made her feel like a princess, though there was no doubt that she is one, then that day was special. Father was very happy as she is officially an adult now, her big fat gift was an apartment in Poland. However, the real surprise was planned by Joseph. She was ecstatic to even wait for the party to get over.

Joseph was not present in the party, he mentioned the arrival of some crucial consignment at the last minute, which left Nikkie disappointed. That left her bitter but somehow, she braved the unwanted attention, all she was expecting that evening was her dance with Joseph.

She excused herself towards the end of the party and dashed to her room broken-hearted. Once inside the room, she found her special surprise.

Joseph was standing in the middle of her room, holding a sleek gift box. He looked most handsome in the dim light blinking from the walk-in closet. She rushed to his arms and he picked her up with excitement. He was still holding her gift-box, when she asked about it, he told her to open the box only after he left. She happily agreed as for her his presence was worth many precious gifts.

“You are the most beautiful thing, Niks, I can’t wait to make you mine,” his low tone made her crazy with desire. These words were a promise of the most memorable night of her life. He was greedily looking at her lips, slowly, he held her lovely face in his hands and traced a finger to her jawline. She couldn’t wait for any further and leaped forward hungrily.

“Not so fast, tigress!” enjoy these moments, his arms were wrapped around her to gently stroke her back to the nape. He tilted her head a little and placed his lips on hers, it was an explosion of emotions and desires. She has waited for this day forever!!

She slid away from her blanket, seeing Joseph was sleeping beside her after their exhausting encounter. Swiftly she made it to the table to get her present when he stopped her! “You promised! Only after I leave you can open your gift.”

It was midnight when Joseph left her room, without making any noise or even the murmur of his footsteps. She opened her present later, it was a pair of Cartier earrings with a small note – “I LOVE YOU, Nikkie! Would you be my Wife? Please wear these earrings if your answer is YES.”

She didn’t come out from her room for an entire day, her father was worried and came to enquire when she lied and said – “It’s migraine father, I want to sleep the whole day. Please tell everyone not to disturb me today.”

The next day she packed up to leave for her new pad in Poland, Savio asked Joseph to drop her to Krakow. He went up to her room for the luggage when he noticed her ears were bare!! She picked up her bags and handed back the present box to Joseph!!

Just you and me together

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