V.I.Personal note for you there…

To The Nature….with Love

An ode; a prose to Nature: These are miracles; a blooming flower, a beautiful butterfly, a singing parakeet, a galloping mammal, a mushroom under the …

A special reminder


Blame it on me – A Mother’s Heart

how to talk to kids about periods

How to Talk to Your Child About Periods – A Short Story

Talking to kids about the inevitable physical change in their bodies makes most parents and kids uncomfortable, but it is the most crucial task assigned …

RIP to most reckoning Indian Cinema Actor: Om Puri


Tell your Daughter not to Trouble my Son!!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is FAIRER of the All?

right parenting

Information Overload – Parental Guidance

‘It is not Information Overload; It’s filter failure’ – Clay Shirky Daughter came to me with a sheepish smile and asked timidly- “Mom where do …


I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio …. New Year brings excitement and zeal to achieve new heights with itself and …

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