To Each. His Own

In pursuit of happiness, we reached the letter ‘E’ today. Our journey began with keeping all under control via happiness mantra of ‘all is well’, and believe in our abilities to develop a hobby. It reduces stress and keep us occupied. We chose to be courageous and pick happiness over falling down.

To Each, His Own –

Every person is different so are their life goals, but we still end up comparing our-self with others. Have you ever wondered why we do that? Is this expected out of human behavior? Well, theologically not, but theoretically Yes. Nature did not create us to be cloned, our ecosystem did. Our choices, decisions, reasons are mostly influenced by others. Why? Because we are conditioned to evaluate our worth from their (society) perspective. Even our social media profile gives an option – View as a visitor.

Our true happiness is in enjoying the smallest of joys and celebrating each moment.

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You are unique, stay as you are meant to be –

to each his own

Easier said than done, but comparing self with others simply means – we don’t understand our true worth. Comparison brings jealousy/envy one of the famous seven sins. Making healthy comparisons is progressive, but then who knows the right measurement? What’s the threshold?

We start making comparisons even before a child is born, from the time an egg springs to life, till the last breath. The path that leads to happiness needs no comparison, all it asks for is – be yourself. Enjoy the simple things in life, instead of making it complicated with unwanted comparisons.

Have faith in your own abilities and stay happy.


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  1. Ah, I used to do that – compare myself to others and sulk! But now I am slowly overcoming this bad habit.

  2. This is a sound philosophy to follow in life. Great post Dipika!

  3. Comparison can spoil our entire happiness

  4. I agree, we are all unique, nothing to compare!

    1. Thank you so much.

  5. Sometimes social media can be such a deterrent in stopping this comparing attitude. But to preserve my own sanity, I have realized that self acceptance is the way out. Comparison will never help me. Great post.

  6. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Loving each post in this series, and you are sharing important life lessons in such an easy and beautiful manner. indeed comparing our life with others create negativity and destroy our peace and happiness.

    1. I only compare me with myself. What can I do better to improve myself? Loving your series.

      1. That’s indeed a nice way of improvising.

  7. Once you start comparing, it’s only downhill from there. This is a good topic to highlight, Dipika.

    1. Thank you M. Glad you liked it.

  8. Hi Dipika,

    Thought provoking post. It is so important to have peace with oneself. We all are different in our ways and it is vital for us to accept that and be happy in our own skin.

    1. Thank you Sajid for stopping by, glad that you liked the post.

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  10. Well said. Comparing yourself to others will only guarantee you misery and pain. Comparisons make you focus on your weaknesses, rather than strengths.

  11. Although, comparison is a human behaviour but we should celebrate our uniqueness.

  12. Comparison with others is something which creates a lot of nuisance. We have been brought up that way but it needs a check, Each person has his/her own highs and lows which needs to be accepted.

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