Friends make Us Happier – #AtoZChallenge

friends are forever

Friends make us happier, Friends = Happiness. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have any friend. We all love to be around like-minded people, those who make us feel good and happy. Friendship is a relation that we choose, make out of our free choice. If you ask me, friends make our life a little crazy, funny and happier. It works like a relaxing therapy. Don’t you agree?

Friends bring happiness

Friends are for Keepers –

Friendship is the most beautiful relation, an extended family away from home. Distance, age, gender or any other demographics, nothing matters when it comes to friendship. The only investment a true friendship asks is – your time. Once committed it goes till your last breath.

I am a very social person, and friends are like family to me. A pure loyalist, I do not change my friends like seasons. Keep them intact in heart and in close contacts. My bestie from grade 1, we are still thick and often talk for hours over the phone. Friends bring happiness, joy, laughter, and are true stress-busters. If bad luck strikes, they will be the first one to come for rescue. I call them lucky charms, you can discuss any problem with them, without the worry of being judged.

Friends make us Happy –

Daily chit- chats or occasional get-togethers bring a change in the monotony of life. Friends make life happy with their sheer presence. As they have high influence in life, one has to be very careful in making the right choice. A toxic mind can prove dangerous and destroy you beyond repair.

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Life is happy even if you have one crazy friendship in it, someone with whom you don’t have to ‘behave’. Someone who understands you, and can peep inside your soul. I am fortunate to have a few such crazy friends in life.


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26 thoughts on “Friends make Us Happier – #AtoZChallenge

    1. Please also write about those who are introvert and do not have friends. How can they be happy and apart from books, best friend options for those. I will wait for your opinion on this because I like your stuff and thoughts:)

  1. Beautiful write up on this beautiful word. Yes, i fully agree with you, friends are the best doctors who give the best dose.

  2. I have three closest friends. Two of them are friends for two decades now and the other one is a little more than a decade. they live in different corners of the world but I know they are always there for me. Lovely post that made me take a trip down memory lane.

  3. I agree Dipika! Friendhip is the most beautiful relation and once you get good friends, they are for keeps. But as you said, we have to make sure that toxic ones remain out of our life.

  4. I always wonder, what would life be without friends. Friends make life beautiful and bearable 😀
    I know it sounds cliched, but friends are like stars,they’ll not always be there but you know that they are there!!

  5. There was a time in life when I has loads of friends around me and I was always in a frenzy to meet my other set of friends. But with time, I have now settled with having a handful of people who I call my closest friends. Rest are all still friends but have grown a little distant.

  6. Hi Dipika,

    Friends are one of the most important people in our life. They make our life very light. We can share lot of things with them and feel relaxed.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

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