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Letting go for happy living

These two words teach us the hardest lesson of life – let it go! Let go of the things which hamper your personal growth, disturb the peace and make you unhappy. Letting go of anger, loss, desperation, betrayal, guilt or even love. But is it easy to practice, honestly not? As we have the tendency of holding on things and past close to heart until it starts bleeding.

Let go of past, anger, guilt and everything that holds you back

Let it GO and move on in Life –

Only if this was easy! While my rational brain is busy writing this post the other emotional side is marking a checklist on when did I practice let Go. It is one of the toughest things to do, let go of something which was once close to us or something that we desired. A past relation, a wrong decision, feelings or just memories.

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However, holding on is not helpful either. It keeps pulling you back in the past, to the things you wish to forget or never happened. Everyone has a past, but we don’t live in it, we learn and move on. That’s what life is, moving on. Holding on to the past will never help anyone.

Attachment with the feelings or memories –

We often get attached to things and our feelings while growing up. When this attachment doesn’t meet the desired results unhappiness follows. I fell in love with Tobbie when Dad brought him home, a cute German Shepherd dog on my seventh birthday. My partner in crime and best buddy, I never required anything or anyone else when he was around. The only one who understood me clearly during the turbulent teen years, caressed my troubles with his furry warm hug.

We lost him due to an extremely aggressive infection in the chest, and my life shooked in dismissal. My day would start crying over his empty couch, missing his growls and quizzical stares. I had lost zeal of going back to normalcy. But as they say ‘Time is the biggest healer‘ slowly Tobbie’s memories also faded with life’s crazy targets.

Did I move on? Heck No. I cringed over any discussion on pets. When my friends talk about their furry friends, I simply turn away. As, if my heart had blocked the emotion forever holding on to the void left by Tobbie.

Practise Letting Go –

Letting go isn’t a tic-tac switch, it’s a continuous process of repeated reminders. We have to make conscious decisions to change the course of life. Introspect and re-evaluate way of living, as somethings and loses are too deep to be forgotten. Tobbie, never came back (obviously) but Brut came and took over his couch, and our hearts too. This lesson taught me life’s biggest lesson, the human mind has the capacity of overcoming anything, any feeling. I still desist of having pets at home but don’t mind loving any from the neighborhood.

Accept the reality and live in today. Holding on to the past and keep repeating the same emotions back and forth will get us nowhere. The power of accepting the truth holds the key to happy living. Stop dwelling into the things which do not hold any value in your life. Past performances teach us lessons for the future, introspect what’s required for our personal development and let go of other things.

If you can’t do anything about it Then Let It Go. Don’t be the prisoner of things that you can’t change.

Tony Gaskins.


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21 thoughts on “Letting Go – #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Letting Go is not easy, but very liberating when you learn to do it. Pet deaths are the worst. I have seen friends slip into depression because of it. Glad Brut came ito your life and changed your mood and view.

  2. Letting go – the most magical words to retain sanity and the most difficult ones to follow. I’ve had heart breaks, betrayals and ice seethed in anger, cried in pain. With time I have only realized that there’s no point in holding on. As I learned to let go, I became more at peace

  3. This is the thing which I have started practising and I am very thankful to myself that I choose to do so otherwise earlier my mind filled often with sorrows, griefs and negativities. Now I focus on myself only, what others are doing they are their choices and I don’t have the right to change their choices.

  4. I know it’s not easy but I agree with you, it is very liberating when we start taking a hold of our emotions and let go things which brings only negativity in our lives. Great post!

  5. This is a nice post. Letting go can have several layers. One thing that I understand is after a certain age, seniors should make room for juniors. Seniors may think they still have a lot to contribute. But by following natural order, they should make room for new ideas. In ancient times, people after a certain age would go to Banaprastha Ashrama. They would give up worldly life and its pleasures, meditate and live like a hermit. In my mind that is one way of letting go.

  6. Lovely Post! And quite meaningful too. The attitude of “Letting Go” can single handedly lead one to a happier and more fuilfilling life. Cant agree more with your thoughts.

  7. It is only the matter of your acceptance. It is a long process if you are unable to accept situations. But it does not take long time when you accept your pain.

  8. I agree it is an important gesture and we all should try to practice during everyday life too. this year I am working on same thing and I could say happily that it works and brings peace and positivity in your life. loving each post and msgs you shared with this series.

  9. Agree with you completely! Letting go isnt easy but is a must for our peace of mind and sanity. Holding on to negative thoughts, emotions pulls you down and it does not do any good. Meditation and Reiki helps me to let go of unwanted emotions.

  10. I wish I could let go my best Friend’s absence and have a replacement like Brut for Tobbie. It’s been an year that my friend got shifted to a new country and since then it’s a LET GO day for every little moment/memory that we had together. This buddy was a lifeline and now when I sleep it’s day there and when I awake it’s night there. So it’s weekends or chats that we rely on (in our time zones) that gets us connected.
    It wouldn’t have been easy without letting it Go and moving on if we held upon our past and cribbing about the present. Acceptance is the key to the future and all that remains is the memories of the best times spent together. .
    Life is too short to carry baggages. So Let Go the worries and Live life at it’s best.. ??

  11. I agree, letting go is very important in life as sometimes it gets very difficult staying attached to some things. It can make you happy and relieved too.

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