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how to develop a hobby

We all have our interests and likings, say for example; I like reading and listening to music and my daughter loves to draw. This interest or if we can call it a hobby keeps us busy during the ideal time. The time that we in(tend) to waste doing nothing or worrying on not so worthy things.

Last time when I was speaking to one of my friend (who is recently blessed with a child) was worried about this BIG change in her life. She had various issues beginning from ‘what will I do sitting ideal at home‘, to ‘how do manage all this alone‘. Like I said unnecessary worry, I have gone through this phase hence can relate to it so well. So, I advised her to get a hobby for yourself. She replied – ‘Are you crazy? I am an adult, How to find a Hobby for an Adult?‘ Well, who said adults cannot find a hobby to keep themselves occupied and happy?

How to develop a Hobby?

As you already know, a hobby is something that gives you pleasure. A creative and fun side of the personality, we all have that innate. It’s the best stress-buster exercise which keeps your mind refreshed and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. However, at times it just gets suppressed due to various reasons.

Hobby makes you happy and keep your mind away from stress. It's the best stressbuster exercise to do without paying a penny.

Developing a hobby or rather connecting back to the same old hobby is quite easy. All you have to do is, unwind yourself. Here are some easy steps to developing a hobby for yourself –

  • Reconnect to an old hobby – As a kid, we had hobbies, some extra special some typically weird. Like, I once had this huge collection of shopping bags. Yes, shopping bags (the bags we get from stores post-shopping) from different brands and logos. No wonder I picked marketing as specialization later in life 😉 So, I had numerous bags of brands and stores stacked neatly under my home or hostel mattress. Weekly task of listing the brands and cleaning them plain slate kept me busy for hours. I still love them but don’t hoard anymore.
  • If you didn’t have a hobby, there is nothing to worry about. Do something that you like, hunt for a hobby. My mother loves gardening, it keeps her busy for hours together. She knows about each and every plant, shrub, petal in her garden (even the scavenger weeds too). The idea is to give yourself something to do, which is not expected or asked from you to do. Do it for the love and sheer pleasure from it.
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  • Take baby steps towards developing a hobby – I was always inclined towards baking and loved watching all those baking cookery shows. Filled up with so much ado, asked dear husband to get me convection over. We selected a giant 30 lts microwave oven for my newly acquired mega haunch of baking. Just not the machine, we also got utensils, cutlery, accessories, trays and what not. Coming to the action, it was a disaster. Have you ever met a person who cannot bake a simple mug-cake? Meet yours truly 🙂 At times, giving up is the best possible solution. So, it was all waste of energy, money, and life-long taunts from the Mister.
  • Do what makes you happy. It could be anything that gives you a time-out from other responsibilities or simply make you happy. Remember you are doing this for yourself, and not to prove a point to anyone else.

In the end it’s all about being happy

Happiness depends on you, what you want from life. One can never find it outside until you start searching from within.


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  1. You are so right. We must have a hobby. We must practice it from time to time, if not regularly.

  2. Developing a hobby is a must for mental well-being. I enjoy reading and writing, hence the blog!

  3. Hobbies are the survival kits for people. Can’t imagine life without them. Loved the post!

    1. Truly said!! Developing a hobby is a key to happiness. By this way, you can explore your innermost thoughts?

  4. Such an important topic yet rarely spoken about. All of us need a hobby to unwinf and do something beyond the daily routine..a very informative post.

  5. I completely agree and also encourage moms to take up a hobby. I believe it’s very important to nurture a hobby or passion as it is something which can make you truly happy. Good one Dips.

  6. Totally agree with you! Hobby is just like to live moments of our own choices. Hobby is the world of happiness. Everybody should discover their hobbies and work on it regularly.

  7. So glad you wrote this, Dipika. A hobby is a must, moreso as one grows older. Just like your Mom keeps herself busy with her gardening, a hobby helps one keep busy. Else develop bad habits like interfereing in others lives and make people miserable.

  8. Totally agree with the post! loved it

  9. A good hobby is a real stress buster and can also be a good teacher. You have described some excellent methods of developing useful hobbies.

  10. Completely agree! A hobby is a must and it’s a fantastic stress buster

  11. I agree too 😉 I’m a quilter and I really think this make me happy

    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

  12. Developing a hobby gives you a mental freshness. It can be really very motivating.

  13. I can’t agree more my dear, engaging in a happy gives supreme joy and helps us unnerve like nothing else. Loved your post

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  15. Bitiya ki shaadi k baad akele rehne per samjh hi nahi aata ki kya karu, aaj hi soch rahi thi ki kuch to karna hai jis se mera time bhi spend ho aur main khush n satisfied rahu

  16. Yes, a hobby is a must! Very very recently I took up sketching as a means to keep my mind occupied and keep away stress. Its been great fun .. infact I am posting some of those on my AtoZ posts!

  17. I do agree that if you go ahead with your hobby it will surely going to bring a lot of happiness in your life!!

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