My Happiness Mantra – All Is Well

My Happiness Mantra for Blogchatter A2Z

Today we begin our new journey of A2Z Challenge 2019 in search of ‘happiness‘. I will be sharing My Happiness Mantra, this year as a reminder for all of us to enjoy the Life.

Enjoy, even if it is too tough to smile, enjoy even if you feel bombarded with loads of responsibilities. Enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

The Purpose of our Lives is to Be Happy.

H.H. Dalai Lama

There are times when we feel helpless and stress even on the smallest or most trivial things. Overexert our brain for things which are sometimes beyond our control. Or keep thinking on the same issue/problem with various permutations and combinations. In the end, we just sulk into the worry even deeper than one could think.

Some call it unnecessary stress, or anxiety. Stressing over trivial things which can be ignored or sorted easily. We often keep ourself engulfed with an army of such issues. Basically, there is this tiny bubble inside us which keeps haunting to change the natural human behavior. As human beings, our nature is to feel content in whatever we do. However, with the evolvution, as we grew into smarter species, our search to seek happiness outside grew even further. This is the root cause of all the worries.

My Happiness Mantra – All Is Well

My Happiness Mantra for Blogchatter A2Z
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Without going too heavy on the ‘preaching mode‘, here is what I intend to do from now on. Remind my heart to stay happy No matter what the situation is.

Happiness is a state of mind! You have to make an easy attempt to select it and keep reminding yourself – to be happy. I remember my solo time in Melbourne, during the corporate training back in 2006. It was a typical routine of 9 to 5 job, wake-up, go to the office, work, come back home and look into oblivion. Being an outsider, I wasn’t very warmly welcomed in the beginning. And slowly, that sulky feeling took over me. The problem started cropping when the work got affected. I had to make a choice to either pack my bags, say good-bye to an opportunity or face it and fight over it.

I hopped into a cyber cafe on a weekend and started surfing chat-rooms. That was when I found this solo-travelers who meet post office hours and explore the city. It was my very first International trip and was just two years into corporate-culture. I was skeptical and discussed this with a lady in office (an Iranian lady in her mid-fifties) who warned me off from venturing with lurkers. However, the sardarni inside me prodded to try it once. With a razor blade in my bag and Hanuman Chalisa on the lips, I took the road into the wilderness chanting all will be FINE.

Man, what an experience it was. I had my best time in and around Melbourne with those strangers. When I saw the Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots it reminded me of how I also fooled my heart into trying something unknown – All Izz Well.

If you think deep down, happiness is easily achievable by just peeping inside your heart. We search high and low, go on pilgrimage in search of life’s attainment (I am not against pilgrimage). But the truth is – Happiness is an emotion which lies within us. We just need to keep reminding our self to keep tapping on it and say ALL IS WELL under duress.

90% of human problems have a simple solution – A Smile.

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36 thoughts on “My Happiness Mantra – All Is Well

    1. You say it right that “I am not against pilgrimage”. Instead, we can also go to donate our time to orphan age children, it gives happiness and makes us strong and we can say all is well:)

      Nice post Deepika!

  1. So true, Dipika. Happiness is an inside job, and we go looking for it all over the place. Thanks for the timely reminder. Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Beautiful post. This brought a smile on my face. Often we forget how essential it is to stay happy. Your posts are those small days of hope that bring positive vibes in life.

  3. Our attitude determines how we lead our lives. Negative thoughts foster only negativity and reiterating positive thoughts can very well be the push we need in life. This is a lovely post, D. Great start to your theme!

  4. Really interesting and inspiring. You have a subtle and effective way of approaching the topic and the overseas experience would be relatable to a lot many people. Looking forward to more from you.

    1. Summed it so well Dipika.. I am sure this series of posts will make us realise we must enjoy every small bit of life and happiness is all around us..

  5. You are right. We have to find reasons to be happy in every situation. It is very easy to take the stress and sit quietly in the corner but Is this solve our problems? No, so don’t find the excuses and jump upon the find solutions.

  6. I enjoyed reading your post. Yes one should explore. Compared to places in India, Melbourne is much safer. People there understand no mean no, at least most of the times. Imagine the joy and satisfaction you got from your adventure.

  7. Such a happy post. It’s a beautiful reminder for us to be happy on small episodes of life rather than searching out those perfect moments to be happy

  8. I agree.. happiness is an emotion which lies within us. It’s all about keeping positive mind set. Good one Dipika. Waiting to read your next post.

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