The Aviator – A Dream Catcher


I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the Sky.

I think about it every night and day, Spread my wings and fly away! – R. Kelly

These lines by R. Kelly – ‘I Believe I can fly’, are my most favorite motivating mantra. There is nothing in this world which is not achievable if you are determined to get it. Taking my #MyFriendAlexa forward, here is flick number two – The Aviator.

If you are a Leonardo DiCaprio‘s fan, you must have seen this movie. If you are not his fan, still might have seen it due to the various awards it bagged and for the captivating story. The movie is based on a non-fiction book – ‘Howard Hughes: The Secret Life’ by Charles Higham. The film depicts the life of Howard Hughes, an aviation pioneer. A young lad who has guts, vision, ambition, and a lot of baggage.

Plot: The Aviator – Story behind the man with a desire to make it large

Howard Hughes is a visionary or rather a dreamer, his passion for success and stardom starts from his visions of the future. But as they say, there is no end to ‘power’ and delusions. He wanted to achieve everything from crass to classes, but his desires turned into an unending obsession. A tycoon who began the journey of climbing high from Hollywood, fast cars, beauty, and finally wings. He created an empire on his dreams, involved with the most beautiful women in Hollywood, moved heavyweights of politics on his fingers. Eventually plumming everything over his cryptic thoughts and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

The Aviator
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“Don’t tell me I can’t do it, don’t tell me it can’t be done.” – The Aviator

December 2004 release, I watched this movie during my post graduation days. With so many ideas to make it large running into blood, this movie worked as a catalyst. Think. Decide. Evaluate. Attempt. Not everyone is born into a heritage family as Mr. Huges was.

Martin Scorsese, the director of this movie has done a wonderful job. A dream-doers story, which went typically wrong in the end. Probably one of the most successful portrays of OCD in mainstream cinema. We usually take this word as jive or to tease, but this can be a serious disorder. The movie has also shown another angle on the hindsight – a troubled childhood of Howard Hughes. A possible case of physical abuse by his mother, which lead him to the compulsive disorder later.

The movie takes it all from you in one go, I remember coming dumbstruck from the theatre. You see so much fandom, glitzy lights, money, power, and everything one can dream off. And just a few wrong moves and everything is gone – just like a bad dream.

My two takes from the Aviator movie –
  1. Vision is necessary, but to have a clear vision with a right strategy is crucial.
  2. Disorder or unstable behavior needs help and immediate medical care. Probably this movie is set in the early nineties and mental health was a bigger taboo then as compared to today.

Have you seen this movie, if not which is your favorite flick that inspired you?

This post is part of #FlickFling series that I am taking with my friend Ruchie, for My Friend Alexa. Hee latest addition in the series is an upcoming biopic on The Tiger of Maharastra – Thackeray

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