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Top inspiring movies from Hollywood – FlickFlings

Movies and entertainment bring the most needed respite from daily monotony. And if the same entertainment pumps up some inspiration in us, voila! Nothing better than that. This year for #MyFriendAlexa I picked up the theme as – Movies that Inspire.

I have already written about my three most favorite flicks, in the series –

  1. Bad Teacher
  2. The Aviator
  3. In Pursuit of Happyness

here is the next movie along with a few more from the list.

The Shawshank Redemption

I am a die-hard Morgan Freeman fan, his acting, and voice put me under some spell. How can someone be so perfect in their game? He is the right example of ‘perfection personified‘. Coming back to the movie, this is a classic movie from my childhood days (okay movie watching days). All it takes to live a life is – HOPE! This movie is all about hope. The lead actor – Andy Dufresne (played by Tom Robbins) is convicted for a false case of double murder. Sentenced for dual life terms, he was tortured and abused as a convict inside the prison. His relationship with co-prisoner Red, Morgan Freeman brings a ray of hope and aids his survival.

This movie is definitely not for faint hearted, it shows how the Penitentiary system actually treats the prisoners. The struggles to sustain and cling of every last hope of living look so real. No wonder this flick is most talked about amazing movies of the entertainment world. A must watch Flick.


Amelie is a French rom-com flick, with a variation of emotions and acts in one screenplay. To be honest I did not get the movie clearly in one watch but was deeply touched by the fabulous acting of this actress – Audrey Justine Tautou. The whole story revolves around Amelie, the actress in the titular role. Her parents fear of Amelie suffering from some heart disease and hence keep her almost homebound. She is a quirky girl, who has wild imagination power. The movie shows how her imagination takes control of the life and she starts on a mission. She starts believing, following her imagination and instincts to bring happiness in everyone’s life.

Marvelous acting by the Amelie, she looked breathtakingly beautiful and innocent in the movie. And I watched the original version of this flick in French with English subtitles. It’s cute to watch this beauty talking French and some amazing expressions.

The reason why this movie is on my list of top inspiring movies is for it’s – Trust in yourself motto. Amelie was alone, lonely, and reasonless. But her belief in self and the instincts made her break barriers and found love in whatever she commenced on. And yes, in the end, she found her love too, so its a happily ever after story!

The Terminal

Are you bewitched by Steven Spielberg creations and Tom Hanks theatrics? A list of top inspiring movies and does not a mention of these two names – not possible! An actor as refined as Hanks and director with the vision and skill like Spielberg is a deadly combo.

The Terminal is a story spun around a person traveling from a war-torn country to the United States of America. The law of land and rulebook do not allow a stateless person to enter the USA. Tom Hanks played a the role of Viktor Navorski. A traveler from the nation of Krakozhia, who is no longer permitted to enter New York nor can return back to his home.

How Tom Hanks make JFK International airport his home and manages his life, build relationships and finally achieves what he wanted to do all along. Another marvelous movie which engraves a lesson so deep in the heart.

If there is a will; there is definitely a Way!

So, with this last movie, my top inspiring movies list for #MyFriendAlexa series comes to a halt for a while. Will keep writing about best to catch in entertainment posts. Hope you like the movies that move me 😉


top inspiring movies from Hollywood

This post is part of #FlickFling series that I am taking with my friend Ruchie, for My Friend Alexa. Her latest addition in the series is a biopic Love Sonia.

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  1. Hi Dipika,

    Awesome list of movies. I am a big fan myself of Morgan Freeman. He always looks in control. you don’t feel like he is trying too hard however, he over powers his fellow actors. Tom Hanks is another legend. He doesn’t seems to be acting. It looks all real when he performs.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

    1. Couldn’t agree more Sajid. These actors have done some of the best movies of all times, and they make acting and characters look so effortless. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Shawshank Redemption is an all time favorite. Each time I watch it, i learn something new from it. Terminal is yet another favorite. Glad our choices in films match, Dipika.

    1. Thank you Mayuri, for reading and glad our preferences in movies match.

  3. I loved Shawshank Redemption! It is my favorite movie of all times! I found it so hard to watch Aviater though. Need to watch the other 2.

    1. Glad you liked Shawshank Redemption, Haha agree Aviator is tough for many to catch in first time. They have shown the real state of mind as the lead – confused. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I can watch Shawshank Redemption any number of times. Yet to watch Amelie, though. Thanks for letting me know about this movie,DP!

  5. Sorry, no idea, per movie lovers k liye acchi list ho sakti hai ?

  6. Quite a list you have there Dips! I need to catch up on these ones, except for Shwashank havent watched others

    1. Thanks for reading Aks, when you get time to catch do let me know if you like these flicks 🙂

  7. Wow! Those three are indeed great movies. I loved ShawShank Redemption so much that I have already watched it 3 times. I too am a Morgan Freeman fan though the recent charges against him of misbehaving with women has taken the sheen off a bit. I loved the trailer of Amelie but the one movie I have made up my mind to watch after watching your trailers is The Terminal. I am also a Tom Hanks and Catherine-Zeta-Jones fan.

    1. Thank You for stopping by, please do watch it. I am sure you will like The Terminal.

  8. Brilliant list. Shawshank Redemption is my all time fav movie too.

  9. Oh, I loved The Shawshank Redemption!!! I can watch it a 100 times and still not get bored. And, I too love Morgan Freeman. He feels just like the God he portrayed in Bruce Almighty, isn’t it? The God of Acting!
    Terminal was fantastic too…Tom Hanks is such a gifted actor! Haven’t seen the French movie, though. But, will try to catch it someday!
    Thanks for these filmy memories!!! Will watch the Shawshank Redemption today…all over again! 🙂

  10. The Terminal is my all time favourite! Thanks for writing.

  11. I remember reading about Terminal a few years back, but never made it to watching the movie. I think now I am going to make a onsious effort to find it and watch it. thanks for this amazing list.

  12. I haven’t watched any of these. Thanks for giving me a good list of movies.

    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  13. Aviator and the terminal are my favourite too. I have to watch the others you mentioned. Great list of movies.

  14. You’ve put together a great list here, D. I’ve seen few of them, the rest am going to watch soon. The Terminal is one of my favourites too before Tom Hanks became Robert Langdon and made me love him more. 😉

  15. Great to read about this list, and I can say that i have watched every single movie you listed here, and I am a Hollywood buff for a long time 🙂 …..Shawshank Redemption is one movie which can be watched as many times you want, and it amazes every sing time. Recently I watched the movie Marshall, a gripping court room drama… can give it a try……

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