7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Permanently

best ways to remove unwanted hair

Hair removal is one of the main concerns for women especially when they spend most of their time at work. Are struggling to keep up with those parlor appointments, and do not get enough time to remove the unwanted hair? Then you might want to upgrade to something more permanent.

Although there are various methods to remove the hair from your body, most of these methods are temporary. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of the tough hair. If you’re looking for more permanent hair removal methods, then here are 7 effective ways for your perusal.

Electrolysis – as a permanent hair removal method

Hair removal treatment for women

Electrolysis is a sure shot way to get rid of unwanted hair from your body, without worrying about parlor appointments. It is a simple procedure that focuses on each follicle of hair on your body to ensure that the hair is taken off and it does not grow back. Electrolysis is ideal for people who have less hair growth or have light color hair that grows on their body. If you have a lot of hair on your body, this procedure may not work as effectively as you would like it to.


shaving unwanted hair removal

If electrolysis is something that you want to keep out of your book, then shaving is something that you might want to consider. Although not permanent, it happens to be one of the fastest ways of unwanted hair removal. And it is something that you can do even on a daily basis. You can invest in a good quality razor that can be while taking a shower or whenever needed. While the laser is permanent, shaving your body on a daily basis is a sure shot way of keeping hair off your body.

Topical Prescriptions – Unwanted Hair Removal Method

No one probably told you this, but there are prescription drugs available in the market that can help reduce the hair growth on your body. If you have a lot of hair and you find it excruciatingly painful to go through a waxing session every now and then. Ask your Dermatologist for a prescription drug that can help reduce hair growth on your body. When at the Dermatologist, you need to make sure that you clearly state what you are looking for. Also, ask them about the concerns related to hair fall and hair growth on your head.

A lot of times, these drugs could go the other way and you could end up losing your hair on your head as well. Unless you want to go bald, you need to make the right choice with these prescription drugs.

Hair Removal Creams


Unwanted Hair Removal Methods

If shaving isn’t something that you like doing, investing in Hair Removal Creams might be the perfect choice for you. This is because it is less painful and a more effective way to get rid of hair for a longer time. There are different kinds of hair removal creams that you will find in the market. But if you want to make sure that the Hair Removal Cream you are investing it is reliable and trustworthy. Always do a patch test before you use it on your entire body. If you have sensitive skin you might want to consider checking out some of the best hair removal creams for sensitive skin.


Threading is another way to get rid of unwanted hair. The only problem with threading is that it takes a lot of time. While it is an ideal solution for facial hair, you might not want to consider this for larger spaces.


waxing hair removal solution

Although most women dread a waxing appointment, these days there are some amazing wax options available. They not only help to reduce the pain but also help to cut down on the amount of time that it takes for one session. Make sure to consult your salon and ask them what are the different kinds of wax that they own so that you can choose something that is perfect for your skin.

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hair removal by laser

Do you have thick hair growth and you want to cut down the number of times you need to visit the salon? Then laser treatment is probably the most effective hair removal solution that you will come across. Although you might have to sign yourself up for more than one sitting. Once you complete the process of Laser hair removal you will never need to worry about unwanted hair on your body again.

A laser is not as painful as most people claim it to be. In order for you to get the best out of the laser, you need to get in touch with the right professional. The pain depends on the kind of professional handling the laser machine. So when you get a professional who is trained exceptionally well, you will feel minimal pain. And you will be able to get rid of most of the hair on your body without any problems. You can refer to this in-depth guide that has everything covered https://www.radarmagazine.com/home-laser-hair-removal/


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32 thoughts on “7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Permanently

  1. I have been shaving for the last few years. Besides being convenient, it also reduces hair growth. Which is why I can vouch for that point in your informative post. I am sure the others work very well too.

  2. This is so irritating, that’s why i bough hair removing cream n some of epilator
    Nahi to parlour jao ya parlour wali ladki ka wait kar
    Thanks for useful post ??

    1. Each of these has their own benefits and effects. Depends on the usage areas and regularity. Thank you for stopping by Sajid.

    1. Hahaha, I agree! But till then we have ways to get rid of that annoyance (at least for me it is). Thank you for stopping by Sunita.

  3. I often wonder why hairfall is only on head and not body parts. Jusy kidding. I reply on epilator for this when I must do something for a dress else I an okay with them till they don’t irritate me. Helpful post we got so many options

  4. Laser is something I want to try but waxing works for.now.. I do not reccomend topic creams they affect the skin and even causing dark patches on sensitive skin

  5. i could not take waxing every month and hence got an epilator for myself, now i can remove hair at the comfort of my home without shelling money.

  6. I had tried shaving for the ease… But it hardened my hair… Waxing would better… Has even reduced growth a bit.

  7. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us I think you have almost shared all the necessary information regarding the laser hair removal treatment but is you want the. best permanent hair removal treatment then contact the skin centre

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