Best Hair Care Tips to Beat the Heat


The onset of summers gets me worried not only for temperature but also hair care. Scorching heat and angry Sun brings havoc to the skin as well hair. When we have loads of sun-screen creams to protect our delicate skin against harmful rays. Hair is left to tend just by a thin scarf most of the times, or a hat. But do you always remember to carry that quintessential scarf & hat before stepping out? Humidity, Heat-wave, Pollution, do a lot of harm to your lovely tresses. How to save the shine and health of hair in summers? Bringing some hair care tips to beat the heat this summers.

Causes for Hair Damage in Summers

Loss of Moisture – Due to heat and extremely humid conditions, the natural moisture is lost. Leaving hair prone to breakage and dryness.

Chemicals – Hair coloring and other chemical treatments, leave hair vulnerable to damage in summer heat if not taken care of. Over conditioning causes a lot of dryness on the scalp.

Chlorine water – swimming, most favorite summer sport leave hair damaged due to the presence of Chlorine in swimming water. Sunburn – yes excessive exposure to hair in Sun cause hair sunburn.

Air-Condition – Yes, even excess of air conditioning damages the natural shield of hair moisture.

Precipitation & Pollution – sweating and air pollution is most common reasons for hair damage during summers.

Irregular Oiling – We avoid oiling regularly in summers, thinking its messy. This is one of the reasons for hair fall and dryness.

Best Hair Care Tips in Summers

Before we begin with the hair care tips, most important of all is pick the type of Hair you have. Scalp condition and hair type should be our first note to understand the hair condition. Dry scalp, Oily scalp or Combination, any medical condition – like dandruff, etc.

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Balanced Diet –

healthy hair

Everything starts from within, so the first step should be how healthy you are internal. A balanced diet and adequate hydration are key to a healthy body and hair. Diet should be the right mix of Macro and Micronutrients. Proteins, Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals along with minimum 8 glasses (approx. 2 liters) of water a day.

Keep Chemicals Away –

Too much of chemicals are not going to do any good to your hair, especially in summers, it’s advisable to avoid. When you buy hair coloring or other products, check out the ingredients. Stay away from a concoction of harmful chemicals. Stick to organic or herbal products if possible.

DIY (Do it yourself) hair care tips

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There are many ingredients in our kitchen or refrigerator, which can naturally help out hair. To name few – Banana Mask, Egg wash, Olive Oil message, Coconut oil deep conditioning, Essential oil SPA at home. These are some of the most common hair remedies to bring shine and luster back in hair.

For banana hair mask – it’s very simple and easy, can be prepared in a jiffy to give hair its shine back. All you need is –

  • Banana – 1 or 2 fully ripe banana (depending on your hair length.)
  • 2 tablespoons of Oil – Olive or Coconut. I used Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Kama Ayurveda.
  • 2 tablespoons of Honey – I used pure organic honey from home-orchid.
  • Milk – to mix and bring to a runny consistency.
  • Lemon juice few drops. Do you know Lemon juice helps to fight dandruff? So don’t mind adding few drops.

Blend all the ingredients together and bring to running paste consistency. Now start from the roots and go till the end, the mission is to cover each and every strand of hair on your head. Let it be messy, the end result will be amazing – trust me. Once applied to leave it for 30 minutes, forget the dripping and mess it created. Once the clock gives a 30 minutes hoot, wash with clean regular water. Use a mild shampoo, I use organic MamaEarth happy Heads Shampoo, you can use any mild, chemical free shampoo. Dry your hair in the air, do not use a hair dryer – as our mission is to make hair strong, not weak. Once dried properly, you will love the feel of hair. Do send me some Love in comments for this 😉

Curtail use to Grooming Tools –

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Everyone wants to look good, and hair to be the best. But please remember too much usage of Hair grooming tools like – Hair Dryer or straightener will do irrevocable damage to hair. Let the hair dry naturally, excessive running with a towel or using dryer will harm the natural moisture of scalp. Love curls, do not depend on tools to bring the perfect curls. I have naturally wavy hair and love curls but do I use machines – NO.

D.I.Y get curly hair without touching tools & machines –

  • Wash your hair clean, pat dry ONLY. Make small partitions and start braiding. 1,2,3,4….10 depends on the volume of your hair. Sleep overnight in those braids, morning you will have perfect curly hair. (my daughter calls it Maggie hair 😉 )
  • Use the hair rollers available in the market, the procedure is same – wet hair, pat dry and roll in rollers taking small partitions. Might be uneasy in sleep, so you can use these in the day.
  • Soft hair curlers – Get the pack of soft hair curlers easily available online or market. Repeat the process and keep it overnight. Morning results will be curly tresses happy to flaunt.

Add Protein in your diet along with Vitamin D –

As mentioned above, internal health is crucial for our exteriors. As in, skin, hair, nails everything is related to how healthy you are from within. Include Proteins and Vitamin D in your diet, as proteins being a powerhouse of our body vitamin D helps in hair growth. If you have excessive hair-fall, losing excessive hair while brushing, combing, washing, or just like that – visit a trichologist immediately. Loosing around 100 strands a day is normal, but if you loosing more – you need a hair care treatment.

Ayurvedic Hair Care –

Ayurveda, the essence of natural ingredients from the earth. Include ayurvedic products in your daily hair care regime. The most important point here is – know your ingredients. Learn which are the best hair care Ayurveda ingredients and then make a purchase. Bhringraj, Shikakai, Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, Neem, Tulsi, Bhrami, Jatamanshi, Curry Leaves, etc are some of the most common ingredients found in herbal organic products. Use the best hair care products to make them healthy and happy.

Healthy hair reflect healthy you, make sure you take care of hair in the best way possible. Hope you find these hair care remedies useful, do share what is your secret tip.
Disclaimer – The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
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