4 Quick Hair Makeovers with Colorisma


When it comes to hair colors, I feel you should either go big or go home. And a conversation about going crazy and living it up with hair colours can’t happen without temporary hair colours coming into the picture. Aren’t Temporary hair colors god sent? Hair coloring got much easier, more convenient, and edgier with instant hair colors.

Colorisma, a range of Temporary 1 wash Hair color makeup launched by Anveya recently caught my attention and I’m hooked on its gorgeousness ever since. Do you mind looking like someone straight out of Bollywood or Hollywood (I’ll leave that entirely to your taste.)? It’s an understatement to say that Colorisma makes you feel like a celebrity and that too is an undeniably cool one! I got my hands on their set of four stunning temporary hair colors for women and men – Euphoria Blue, Summer Pink, Disco Platinum, and Champagne Gold.

I played a lot with these hair colors, mixed shades to create new ones, and did a hell lot of research on Pinterest for hair color inspirations to finally come up with these 4 hair color makeovers you can try easily with Colorisma. I swear on the fashion lords, these looks are certain to up your diva status instantly.

1. Summer Pink: Love all things Pink?

temporary hair colours
Image Source – Pinterest

If you’re one of those people who are blessed with sharp features and middle partition is your go-to, Pink money pieces will look badass on you. Yes, balayage and lowlights are great, but more pieces enjoy an incomparable fandom. You can amazingly pair the monepieces with a few under lights as well to finish the look as shown in the above picture. The only thing you gotta make sure of is that you steer clear of outfits that might overpower your hair color.

2. Euphoria Blue: Feeling blue never felt this good!

Instead of dressing up your entire mane and going for global hair color, you can pair your rich black luscious hair with Euphoria blue under lights. This is a hair color idea you’ll swoon over forever. Look at the above image to understand exactly what I’m talking about! The temporary hair color will only be seen when you secure all of your hair up in a bun. Make the bun a little messy here and there to look effortlessly cool.

3. Champagne Gold: Glitter all the way!

This hair colour style is without a doubt, one of my personal favorites to carry, whenever I head to an impromptu party! Glitz, glam, and grandeur – these are the words that came to my mind when I saw Champagne Gold for the first time. Since the color is glittery, creating subtle highlights on your natural hair color as you can see in the picture below will look brilliant.

hair colour
Image Source – Pinterest

I’m not even kidding, this colour does make you feel like the main character. I’ll stop gushing over the color and move on to the next best hair colour style I chose for you!

4. Disco Platinum: When is it not the time to disco?

Nothing can be compared to this split-dye look created with platinum. It’s in vogue and will continue to stun anybody and everybody for years to come! You can try the look with Euphoria Blue or Summer Pink too. But the impeccable class that platinum brings along can’t be competed with. You can add a pop of color to the look with your makeup for a few extra style points!

temporary 1 wash hair colour
Source: Pinterest

My experience with the Colorisma temporary 1-wash hair color makeup has been super fun. And the fact that I don’t have to bleach my hair (no more hair woes) each time I feel like wearing colour is such a relief! I remember days when I’d sit down in front of the mirror for hardly 10 minutes and step out looking like a whole new person. Then there are weekends when I go for full-blown transformational experiments, wash off and continue with my day like nothing happened. If you’re thinking of getting a new hair color, take this as a sign and go ahead!

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