Essential Skin Care Routine for Monsoon

monsoon skin care

Essential Monsoon Skin care Routine!

Who doesn’t love rain? We all do, our savior from scorching searing heat. Monsoon just not get respite from summers, it also brings us a new beginning. New life springs in nature during this time of year. Freshness and greenery in each sight, cleaner air, neat water and seasonal delights.

But as much as we love monsoons, it has some harsh realities too. For children, adults and elders alike. Today we will talk about some easy to adopt monsoon skincare routine.

Monsoon skin care routine – Know your skin

The most important thing is to know your skin type. Dry, oily, normal and combination are the skin types we usually find in the Indian subcontinent. Condition skin (the one with skin issues, like – acne, pimples) must be dealt very carefully and under expert’s supervision only.

Oily skin is prone to acne and breakouts during this time of year. Extra humidity and moisture in the air add the deposition of sebum (oil glands) in the skin.

Dry skin needs moisturization even in monsoons, but over conditioning of skin can also bring problems or make it look dull.

Normal skin is easy to maintain with right routine.

Cleansing – Keep your skin clean

Keep skin free of impurities, dirt, and grime always. Cleaning face with organic face-wash or even plain water is a must during hot humid days. Cleaner skin does not allow bacteria to seep in the skin through breakouts or impurities. Use any organic mild face-wash or as advised by the professional healthcare expert. I use Organic Harvest’s 3-in-1 face wash for a clean and clear skin.

Hydrate – Body and Skin

Water; drink plenty of liquids during summer and rainy season. Hydrate body with herbs or fruits infused water, green tea also helps in removing toxins from the body. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is termed as healthy. It helps in keeping skin and body free from radicals.

Also for face hydration, I use face masks with the goodness of nature and pure ingredients. Korean beauty face masks are the top favorite of everyone today. Have you tried any? Recently Beaute. One had sent me few samples of face masks. This was my first time with K beauty products, and it did not disappoint me at all. The face mask sheets are with the essence of healthy natural extracts from fruits and herbs. This one I used was with Grapefruit and caviar extracts and give an instant boost of hydration to face. Easy to use and not at all messy.

Moisturize your skin even on rainy days –

Moisturize skin even when you feel it is not needed. During monsoons, the rains and water give a feeling of adequate hydration. Hence skin’s need of hydration must be fulfilled in monsoons too. I prefer pure and organic water-based lotions when it comes to the skincare routine. Kama Ayurveda face cream suits my oily and condition skin, it hydrates and keeps skin moisturized for long hours.

For hair care tips read – Best Hair Care Tips to Beat Summer Heat.

Scrub and Exfoliate –

This is indeed necessary for regularizing the new cell generation and removing dead skin cells. There are many mild and skin type based exfoliates/ scrubs available in the market. Regular exfoliation on skin helps in removing dead skin and boost blood circulation for new and healthy cells. I have sensitive skin, hence use a mild face exfoliation gel water-based.

Night Cream and Lotion

I always wondered why do we need night creams and lotions? Doesn’t day creams help while we sleep? Well, they do but the ingredients in night skin care products keep up for 8 to 10 hours and do what they are made for – keep skin happy. I have been using Kama Ayurveda Night cream for some time now, and have noticed a nice effect on the skin. The Kama has helped me get rid of acne spots and crow-feet lines from the face.

These are few essential monsoon skin care routine tips which I have been practicing lately. The results may vary from skin to skin and from person to person.

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27 thoughts on “Essential Skin Care Routine for Monsoon

  1. Monsoon makes skin very sticky. It’s very important to follow nice skin care routine during monsoon. The tips you gave sound very effective.

  2. Exfoliating is an absolutely must do during monsoons or any other season. Like you said , sheet masks are tge best siurce if hydration for skin.

  3. Monsoon brings oily skin for both men and women, so they have to take care of their skin and face with natural/ayurvedic skincare products that can boost up their glow and remove the extra oiliness from their skin.

  4. Monsoons make the skin dull and dry. It’s important to take care with proper cleansing regimen. These products look good especially the mask.

  5. I totally think we need to change our skin care routine during the monsoons.. Love the tips have been doing most of it..

  6. Clearing tonning and moisturising is a part of my daily skin care routine and it really helps me maintain my skin. This is the bare minimum I can do with a toddler around me

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