Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear

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Why live Silently when you have Right to Hear

When you learn that your own child has hearing loss, the world starts shattering around you. As parents, we have a nerve-racking responsibility of thinking about our child’s future and better prospects. We worry about their abilities to lead a regular life or are in a state of a mere quandary on ‘why my child’? However, hearing impaired children can do wonders, with little support and the right decisions.

“Determination, with an optimistic attitude, is the key to success” – H.H. Dalai Lama

Strong will-power can make us move mountains and this is just hearing we are talking about. Shruti’s story of grit, determination, positivity and astounding achievements at such a young age, proves – everything is possible.

Shruti’s Story of ‘Yes, I can DO this

Shruti Gupta is a B.Tech student in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science at IIT Powai, Mumbai. This 20-years old young girl has many achievements to her name. This seems to be just the beginning of her bright journey. Shruti and her team have developed a free AAC Android application – ‘Jellow Communicator’ for speech-impaired people.

hearing implants
Shruti Gupta with Brett Lee, Cochlear’s Global Hearing Ambassador #HearingMatters

She was diagnosed with a bilateral hearing loss when she was under 2 years of age. Thanks to her parents’ promptness, Shruti was fitted with hearing aids in her early childhood. However, for a young child carrying a hearing aid, 24/7 is a challenging responsibility. Hearing aids helped her learn and comprehend language, yet, the noise was still an issue. She needed a better option that could also make her feel independent.

Her parent’s quick decision and analysis of the situation provided her with an opportunity to grow as a normal hearing person. Her mother, an Audiologist & Speech therapist, recognizes the need of hearing implants in younger kids and advocates quick response action.

Accept is Key to happiness

Acceptance is key, accept the abilities or limitations and provide best opportunities to children for growth.

Early intervention helped Shruti lead a normal life just like any other kid. Today, Shruti is living her dream at one of the best engineering colleges in India – IIT Powai, Mumbai. After going through the agony of hearing loss herself, Shruti decided that there were many more children across the globe who needed to get better. She, along with her team worked on an AAC Android application called – Jellow Communicator, for those with speech impairment. This application aims to help speech impaired people communicate with the help of image icons on their smartphones. A Cochlear implant recipient herself, Shruti believes in giving it back to society and working for the greater good.

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Some Facts about the Hearing Loss

As per World Health Organization, hearing loss is on the rise. There are around 466 million people worldwide who suffer from hearing loss, and by an estimate, it could rise to 900 million in 2050. These figures are staggering, and hearing loss could soon be one of the most common health issues in children. A person who finds it difficult to hear in noisy places or has difficulty in listening to normal conversations unless voices are raised could have a mild hearing loss. These are most common symptoms of hearing loss.

Who are at the RISK of Hearing Loss?

Anyone, from newborns to older people and children to adults anyone could be affected by hearing loss. Severity, however, may vary in different people.

How to avoid Hearing Loss in my Child?

As mothers, our concern is towards the child’s well-being and safety. There could be many reasons for hearing loss-

– Genetic history

– Infections in pregnant mothers

– Pre-term baby

– Oxygen deficiency during the birthing process

– Ailments post birth.

because hearing matters

One has to understand that if the child is born with hearing loss due to medical conditions or genetic reasons, early treatments are highly advisable. Medical screening via experts confirm hearing loss severity, treatment varies from age to expanse of loss. One has to understand the types of hearing implants available for the kind of hearing impairment. Early detection and prompt treatment help children lead a normal life, Shruti’s astonishing achievements and growth prove it well.

Treating hearing loss early allows infants to progress with language skills without any delay. Treatment for hearing loss in infants should start as early as age 6 months. Cochlear hearing implants procedure allows the child to learn the language without any difficulty or even realizing amiss.

To understand hearing loss in children, click here: http://www.cochlear.com/wps/wcm/connect/in/home/understand/my-child-has-hl

‘World is changing with Technology’

Technology has made life easy and efficient that almost anything is possible with a click of a button. So why not use technology in bridging this gap?

Hearing Implants, because Hearing Matters –

People use Hearing implants across the world for treating hearing loss & there are many success stories of technology and human interface. Shruti is one such success story of Grit & Determination; who turned from a recipient to a provider.

Her transformation from hearing aids to implant was liberating, ‘It was like fresh air’ she explains. Implants gave her independence and a far better clarity from noise. She is also looking forward to upgrading her Cochlear™ implant to the latest one which features auto-adjustment based on the surroundings. Cochlear™ is the name which aims at making people hear and heard.

Hear Now, Hear Always! A name which is a synonym for bringing smiles on many faces. They believe in providing A+ hearing solutions with a lifetime commitment. With over 450,000 happy & smiling hearing recipients in last 40 years.

With implants, you don’t just give your child the ability to hear, but also a future full of opportunities and confidence. Everyone deserves a second chance to prove their potential and face the world with best of their abilities. Nothing should hamper the natural process of progress. Hearing implants not just enable our kids to grow beyond their limitations, but also spread their wings of independence. Shruti taught us many things, and one that struck a chord with me deep down is – ‘Believe in your abilities’. As a mother, I get overwhelmed to learn there is someone taking care of these special needs.

A little about Cochlear –

A Cochlear™ implant is an established, effective and long-term hearing solution for people with moderate to profound hearing loss. For over 30 years Cochlear™ has been at the forefront of developing technologically advanced solutions that offer superior hearing performance. In its attempt to create cutting-edge hearing solutions. Cochlear has helped bring the gift of sound to more than quarter of a million people across the world. Know more about Cochlear implants: http://www.cochlear.com/wps/wcm/connect/in/home/discover/cochlear-implants


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  1. I know of a family where for first three years passed and they did not realise that the kid had any hearing problem. They took her to speech therapists etc and she would not talk.but later somehow they managed to find out and solved the issue of hearing loss. Now though she speaks it is still slurred but with a little patience we know what she communicates to us. You have so well detailed this issue. Also im glad to know Shruti has worked out and android app to help speech impaired.

    1. Yes Sudha, that’s what happens in majority of cases. We ignore and delay what has to be done on the spot/ Late detection and treatment impacts speech in children. Thank you for sharing the story Sudha.

    1. Yes Mayuri, Shruti is an inspiring girl and full of energy. Her way to look at life is quite positive.
      Thank You for reading.

  2. Such an inspiring post, Dipika! Thanks for writing about Shruti, her travails and her achievements that are in turn helping others too! Good going dear!!

  3. What a brave and enterprising soul Shruti is to not only bear her disability with pride but also work to find a solution for it to prevent others from suffering from it! Kudos!!

  4. She is truly inspiring, despite of all odds she has done commendable in her life and aspire to give back to society.

  5. Shruti is definitely very strong and brilliant. Such a heart touching article..Im going to share this article in my peer group too.

    1. Thank you Hitasha, that will be a great help. Every share might bring positivity in someone’s life.

      1. What a wonderful journey it was Aks, reading some wonderful stories and igniting friendships. Thank you so much for stopping by, and Congrats buddy for completing the challenge.

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