5 Common Gynecological Problems and Conditions

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There are various common gynecological problems that almost every woman face once in her life, but goes unnoticed. These gynecological disorders can be treated with right guidance and procedures via experts. Today, almost every single gynecological problem has a solution. But, let us first discuss which are these common gynecological problems are!

1. Dysmenorrhea or Painful Periods

The most common of all other gynecological problems is the issue of dysmenorrheal. The majority of women undergo a lot of pain during their menstrual cycle whereas many women have to bear cramps and backaches as the side effects of menstruation. This unhealthy aches and pain are called dysmenorrheal.

The decrease in the oxygen supply to the uterus leads to his unwanted pain. Also, the contraction in the uterus cuts down the percentage of oxygen, which reaches the uterus leading to uncontrollable pain.

However, this pain tends to decrease with age and in some cases, even ceases after childbirth. The most common symptoms of this disorder are uncontrollable abdominal cramps, pain the lower back and the hips. Feelings of nausea and loose stools.

Ovarian Cysts

There are various types of cysts and in a few cases; women live their entire life with cysts even without being aware of it. The ovarian cysts are described as sac-like structures filled with fluid-like substances. These structures generally develop on and around the ovary in various shapes and sizes. In majority cases, the cysts are formed due to the growth of some follicles or due to the break down of tissue within the ovary. It is observed that in most cases these cysts get dissolved by themselves.

However, it is recommended to monitor the formation and breakdown of the cysts carefully so that fatal conditions can be avoided. The ovarian cysts can be found in different sizes and are not noticed by many women. These sac-like watery cysts which form around and on the ovary; some of them can be tumors. Cysts can be a result of the growth of a follicle or the breaking down of tissue within the ovaries. These cysts need to be monitored regularly; however, in most of the cases, they dissolve without needing extensive treatment.


It is the condition when the tissues of the uterus start growing outside the uterus walls. It generally happens in the area of the ovary and fallopian tubes but in some cases, it can even extend up to the bladder, cervix region, and even the rectum. Endometriosis is a common medical condition in women but usually goes unnoticed.

Doctors say that it is caused due to backflow of menstrual blood into the fallopian tubes. The most common symptoms are cramps, pain during intercourse, bleeding between periods, and even some digestive problems.

common gynecological problems and there solutions

Poly Cyst Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

This is a condition when both the ovaries of a female body produce follicles which transform into cysts instead of eggs. When egg cells are not produced, it leads to infertility in women. PCOD often leads top constant mood swings and depression. The most common symptoms are irregular periods, rapid hair loss, acne and in fatal cases can even lead to breathing problems while sleeping.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

The issue of UTI arises due to infections by bacteria. It can happen due to pregnancy, frequent intercourse, diabetes, and also due to the side-effects of medicines. The common symptoms of UTI are burning sensation while urination, cramps in abdomen, painful intercourse, and even a rise in urination.

To solve all these issues related to menstruation, it is recommended to the patients to reach out their nearest best gynecologist in Delhi and be treated so that future complications can be avoided.


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  2. Most women will suffer one of these in their lifetime. When they know what is the health issue they will be able to deal with it better. Your post should create a lot of awareness, Dipika. Hope a lot of women read it and are helped by doing so.

  3. Hope this content going to help many women. I have PCOD and I opted early pregnancy just because of that reason. My doc asked me to take baby as soon as possible.

  4. These are quite common issues suffered by women. Knowing the symptoms, if a woman can figure out the reason she can seek timely medical help.

  5. These are quite common health issues every second woman is going through it’s time to take care and be educated about the same

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