7 Facts about your Bra can’t be ignored

When it comes to talking about the most quintessential part of the dressing, we either shy away or seek corners to whisper. Do you know these facts about your Bra? I didn’t, hence thought of educating myself and others.

Well, there is no surprise in the fact that more than 80 percent of women wear a wrong sized bra. I wore the wrong size for ages, and probably you did the same. Many times, we assume that a lump of fat near hooks is just the new adjustment or slightly tight bra. No, it clearly indicates you have got a wrong fitting garment, my dear!

Do you know the lingerie market is one of the fastest-growing space in the fashion industry? Brands are coming with the latest trends and styles for customers. Click here to find more robust designs and premium quality lingerie offered in new arrivals. So, when you go shopping next time, you must check a few things about the bra before investing in it.

things to know about bra

Does your Bra fit you correctly?

We all have read and heard about this many times, but how do we actually know if the bra size is wrong? One of the most crucial facts about your Bra!

Do you feel getting rid of your bra as a priority after coming back from work? Or does the lump of fat on the back around hooks make you feel uncomfortable?

Do you face wardrobe malfunctioning, in terms of bra straps sliding off the shoulders? Straps digging into the skin, bulges around the sides?

Well trust me when I say this – You are probably wearing a wrong sized bra.
Different brands offer dissimilar sizes and one has to be very careful with the shape and look, before making the purchase. The best route is asking an expert, every store has a lingerie expert you can ask if a particular garment fits your body well. You can also measure it yourself by the rib cage and bust area with a measuring tape. However, asking an expert is advisable.

Understanding the shape of your Breast

Yes, it’s just not our face or body even the breasts have different shapes. Make sure you identify yours before choosing a bra.

  • Bell Shaped
  • Slender
  • Round
  • East-West
  • Asymmetric
  • Teardrop
  • Side Set

These seven types of breast shapes make it easy to categorize and get the right bra accordingly. Depending upon the shape and size one can select the correct match. For example; if you have bell-shaped breasts, a full coverage style bra will give you the right fit and extra support.

For those who have east-west shape and breasts gravitate towards the sides, a T-shirt bra will provide the right coverage and fullness in the center.

know your bra

What is the right Cup Size of my Bra?

Well, honestly you should if want a correct fit and feel sexy in every outfit.
A right bra will make you feel happy and confident to carry off any outfit with style. Hence, the correct fit and style are the way to go my lady. Cup size also gives the desired look to the garment. How many times does it happens to you, when you wish to wear an outfit but just because of a badly fitting bra the whole look gets affected?

So next time you go for lingerie shopping make sure to get you’re A, B, C, Ds correct.

Is it really necessary to buy a good and expensive Bra?

There is no second thought on good bra being expensive. But you have to make this choice logically. Buy some cheap lingerie and spoil your posture and shape forever or invest in some good stuff that goes well with most of the outfits.

The perfect fit bra provides the right body posture and is comfortable. There are plenty of reasons why you must avoid ill-fitting bra, such as breathing problems, back muscle pain, fat accumulations, etc.
P.S. A perfect fit bra lives longer than its expected life.

Which are the different styles of Bras?

Quick guide to know if you wearing a right type of Bra. Bra types, breast types, wash care and much more.

Of course, Yes! One kind of lingerie isn’t an answer to all dressing needs. Today we have a variety in every women’s wardrobe, hence you need a matching bra. For example, a T-shirt bra gives you a correct look over a body-hugging garment.

Bralette serves you dual purposes – a premium look and can also be topped up as a saree blouse, etc. Sports bra provide firm support and comfort while your fitness training, underwire bra gives you the desired push and support.

You must have at least one bra of each type in the wardrobe.

Why you should try Bra before making the final purchase?

What is my right BRA size?

Well, that’s what I always do and recommend everyone too. Each brand has a different set of sizes and fittings. It’s better to try before taking a final call, also you will be familiar with the look and appeal of the garment. Another reason for having a trial is, to seek the expert’s advice available at the store.

Adjusting it always right

know your bra
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Our body keeps changing its shape regularly hence we always require certain tweaking here and there. Keep adjusting the bra according to the needs and requirements. Many brands also include an extra changeable strap in packaging. The body of bra may not get faded with time, but the strap does. You can always change the strap and make it good as new.
So is with the hooks, generally, every bra has three options to fit in use as per the need.

Wash and Care of the Bra properly

I am guilty of this; machine wash is easy and organized but it dismantles the bra when it gets tangled with other garments. Especially the underwire bra, I have spoiled a lot in a machine wash. Best is hand wash and line dry, but since you do not have time for handwash get a lingerie wash bag.
This bag is made especially for your lingerie, keep all in this washable bag, and the bag goes in the washing machine. All heavy wear and tear will be handled by the bag and lingerie are safe inside it. Untangled, un-ripped, and clean.

Store them neatly by clasping the hooks so that they do not tangle with other garments and do the damage. Also, with clasping hooks together the shape of bra remains sturdy for a longer time.

These are a few things you must know about the most important garment – Bra which we usually ignore. Take care of such essential clothing items and in return, they will take care of you.

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  1. Post me likha har word sach hai ?? bra agar sahi na ho to confidence hi khatam ho jaata hai, kai baar to galat bra ki wajah se shoulder pain bhi ho jaata hai
    Thankfully meri mummy ne mujhe hamesha hi sahi guide kiya, aur ab store me experts rehte hain hi ?
    Maine bhi bahut bra washing machine me barbaad ki hai, ab to handwash k liye hi deti hu ?
    Thanks for all tips n information ??

    1. Good to know that Aunty, I was not very fortunate in that department. Learner a

  2. Hi Dipika,

    Your post is very informative. I must admit I had little knowledge about the different types of bras. I agree with you that it is important to feel comfortable in your inner-wear. That is the best indicator of what size and fit to choose.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. Yes, Sajid but unfortunately most women are not aware of these details. Hence, thought of doing some ground work. Thank you for stopping by

  3. Thank God you wrote this, Dipika! The right bra is even more important than the right outfit, and ery few women realise that! Hope reading your post educates them better.

    1. Agree on that Mayuri, right bra is very vital for correct posture and best of any outfit. Thanks for reading.

  4. Thanks for sharing this informative post. I had no idea about the different breast shapes. Will keep it in mind next time i go lingerie shopping!

  5. This is actually important to know which bra suits your size and it definitely brings confidence…great informative article

  6. I totally believe in a bra can make or break your look and posture too. More than our outer wear I think we need to invest on innerwear. Very nicely described article Deepika. Sharing it.

    1. Thank you so much for reading Jhilmil, glad you found the post informative

  7. I never knew that 80% of us wear wrong sized Bra. I’ve no apprehension in accepting that even I would have not been really careful while selection the type. But i have learnt a long way and this post has added to my learnings.

    1. These are some surprising facts, but yes i am sure like me many are guilty of this error. Thanks for reading.

  8. Thanks for sharing such an informative post i have learned a lot of things from this post. Its always important to select proper size.

    1. Glad you found it informative. Thanks for reading

  9. I agree its important to wear a proper size. I always suggested my friend who used to ignore such topics will now share this article with her. Thanks for this informative post.

    1. Your welcome. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  10. I am guilty of washing the bra in machine and seeing it get all damaged. I like the idea of lingerie bag, will try it.

    1. I have also learned my lesson after wasting many adorable pieces. Thanks for reading.

  11. That’s a very informative post on bras for all age groups females. I agree it’s important to wear correct size bra.

    1. Glad you liked it Khushboo. Thank You

  12. I so agree! Wearing a proper fit boosts your body confidence by leaps and bounds. I didn’t know some points you have mentioned so yes, going to watch for them.

    1. Thank you Shub for reading.

  13. The only thing most important about Bra is comfort, and for that selecting the right one is damn important, thank you for sharing this amazing blog on the same.

  14. Bra is the most important and essential part of any woman’s life. It is really crucial to choose right bra every time. Thanks for sharing such useful tips.

  15. I was hoping to find the right bra after getting pragnant, then during breastfeeding and now after weaning. Great post hun.

  16. The wrong size bra can cause serious issues . It is very important to go with right size and perfect fit bras. I always try bras before spending thousands on those. Taking proper care is equally important too.

  17. Very informative and in depth post about one of the most important and essential part of our wardrobe.

  18. Its true that maximum women dont even know their bra size! I mean the exact size. And we spend money to buy a dress but we should use branded innerwear too. I use branded inner wear always.

  19. This is such a great post. I never knew about all these! So insightful.

  20. Wow this was super informative. I dint know the different types of breast shapes and the most suited bra to it. I am going to keep that in mind when I go shopping next

  21. Earlier, I mean as a young girl even I was not aware of the advantages of wearing right bra but later with age realised the importance of wearing right shaped and fit bra.
    I too love the range from Zivame.

  22. Rightly said, a right size and a proper fitted bra can add to much to your confidence and looks. but unfortunately not many people are aware ofit. Great post

  23. From now onwards I will too take care of my bras… Very informative post… Glad I came across this post

  24. I have been a zivame user since 2 years now and its been a life changer. sadly many women are still not aware of this

  25. Totally agree. It isn’t surprising how we automatically pick particular bra to go with different dress, it’s all about comfort and confidence.

  26. This is really important and makes a real difference in your personality, choosing right bra according to fit and size is really important as it makes you comfortable in whatever you wear

  27. It took me more than a decade to understand my right bra size. Wearing a wrong size bra makes you uncomfortable and at times result in body ache as well. Well written bog, I am going to share it with my friends.

  28. Washing and stacking them properly is very important to keep their shape. I dont wash them in the washing machine.

  29. Thanks for the interesting read. It really is important to havr thr perfect fitting bra. For aesthetic reasons and for personal wellbeing too.

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  31. You are right, not every bra fits perfectly on every dress but most of us do not focus on branded bra.

    It is really important topic women should focus, 80 percent women do not wear right kind of bra.

  32. Pankti Hemant Parmar

    Very important and useful for all women’s to know this .

  33. I totally agree with you on this. For many years, I have always worn the wrong bra size and I can actually feel the difference once I started wearing the right size. It boosts my confidence and adds on to the comfort.

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