How to Develop Your Kid’s Self-Esteem

develop kid's self-esteem

In this article, we will learn about how to boost morale and kid’s self-esteem! As parents, we can sense when our kids are feeling good about themselves and when they are not. The idea of feeling good about ourselves relates to “self-esteem.” For kids, self-esteem would mean they feel liked and accepted, confident, proud, and they believe in themselves. So, if your kids have high self-esteem, they are more motivated to accomplish everything they set out to achieve.

However, kids with low self-esteem are more critical and harder on themselves, they feel they are not as good as others. Having a healthy self-esteem is very important because kids who feel good about themselves have the resilience and persistence needed to try learn new things, even when they are challenging.

Also, confident kids can easily cope up with mistakes and failures since they know that if they keep trying, they will only get better. Unfortunately, this not the same with kids who are unsure of themselves since they often think that they are not capable of success.

This is the main reason why some kids are afraid to join in, as they feel they will not be accepted by their peers. They will also have a hard time standing up for themselves, and they quickly give up or not to try at all.

develop kid's self-esteem

The importance of self-esteem in Kids

Self-esteem develops slowly over time, so we need to be patient and show our children that we are here to support them consistently through all of the ups and downs. The first sensible thing to do is to give them the attention they need and encourage them to try something they don’t usually do, like making new friends when you’re at the park.

This will allow them to exercise their social and communication skills, as well as develop their confidence in handling themselves in an unfamiliar environment. We should also encourage our kids to learn new skills in sports, music, art, tech, or cooking. Acquiring any of these skills will surely make our kids feel good about themselves.

Raising your kid’s self-esteem

We need to understand that every child is different, and self-esteem may come easier to some kids than others. Therefore, some experiences or failures can lower our children’s self-esteem, but it can be raised with our help.

At every age, kids can learn new things on their own, so we need to encourage them to take the first step. This may include riding a bike or painting a portrait for the first time. Although, if possible, we should show them how it is done first, then let them do what they can.

They might make some mistakes, but that is normal and part of the whole learning process. The more they make mistakes, the more they will learn and become successful in the long run. This experience will raise their self-esteem and make them more confident to learn new things in the future.

Praise your child wisely

It’s good to praise your kids and show that you’re proud of them, but you shouldn’t offer praise in some situations. For example, telling your child that he played well in their game when he knows he didn’t can cause confusion or distrust. It would be better to tell them that it wasn’t their best game, but you’re still proud of them for not giving up.

Most importantly, focus on effort and process rather than on results. Self-esteem grows when your child knows that what they do matters to you or other people around them.

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  1. Having a positive Self-esteem is very important for every kid. When they are young , we encourage them but as they grow old, the need to have positivity from within. It not only helps them in believing in themselves but also they do not get scared with failures.

    1. I agree, thank you for stopping by

  2. Young or old, having a good and positive self image is very important. I second you on most of the thoughts shared in this post.

  3. Well written post. I agree self esteem of a person should be addressed at their younger age. Conditioning is something which has great impact on kids self esteem. Praise them on every small achievements to boost their self esteem.

  4. The base of a healthy sense of self esteem is laid in childhood and Amy is so right about the thoughts she shares.

  5. Self esteem can be regained with many measures and I like the pointers you mentioned in the post. Coach like Amy can surely guide person in right direction.

  6. This is great article and I love the pointers shared. Yes, it’s really important to appreciate kids as that boosts up their confidence!!

  7. Wow these are done great expert tips. I completely agree that as a parent we should try to avoid unnecessary comparison and should foucs on our kid’s individual personality. And also enjoying process is much more important than end result.

  8. A positive self-esteem is absolutely needed for a child’s overall development. In fact, sooner we work on it, the better it is. Some great tips and pointers here, especially about praising wisely and genuinely!

  9. Agreed! Praising them wisely is playing a keen role to boost their self-esteem where they feel a kind of achievement when parents encourage their chid’s work positively.

  10. I resonate with your thoughts, a positive self image in a child will make them holistic individuals who will contribute to building a healthy society. Great post!

  11. Yes we do this almost everyday but we also make sure we tell them when they have done something wrong. Continuous praise also may go to their heads which is not good when they go into the real world.

  12. Thanks for sharing such a informative article it’s really important to understand how your words make a difference in your kids personality. Praising them on their good activities also make a good impact on thier behaviour and they start doing it with more Passion

  13. Agree that self esteem play major role in developing kids overall personality. We should encourage and give them chance to try things on their own.

  14. Developing Self Esteem in kids is extremely crucial as it is one aspect that is gonna be there with him or her for entire lifetime. As rightly written by you praising kids should be done wisely.

  15. This is such a brilliant post by the Author. Self-esteem is an important trait for kids as well as adults. But some kids may take a little longer in developing this skill. These pointers are really helpful.

  16. Worthy guest post, I am glad you brought it for us Dipika. I loved the tips to boost our kids self esteem they are worth emulating

  17. Building self-esteem is essential for kids and best done when they are young. As a parent we should praise them to encourage and also know where to draw a line by not overdoing it.Beautiful article and important too.

  18. Development of self esteem is imperative for complete personality development of a child. You’ve raised some good points. Appreciation and encouragement are both positive ways to boost it.

  19. A positive self esteem is really important for adults and kids alike, but working on to bring up a self-esteemed child could be tricky, your post and this book would have answers to all question a parent could have.

  20. Appreciation always brings a positive response in kid’s mental health and kids feel motivated. The pointers by the author are helpful.

  21. Building self-esteem in kids is crucial and that too from an early age. These days a lot of schools too focus on this and introduce various activities that can help shape the same in kids.

  22. it is a parent’s responsibility to develop kids’ self-esteem and practice positive parenting. You have mentioned very good pointers here. It also needs to be practiced from the early days.

  23. Kids should be praised for every small achievement as well because it helps to build their confidence and they see that their parents are supportive.

  24. An extremely crucial topic. Self-esteem, self-awareness and self-disciple – all inter-related, but it all starts with encouraging self-esteem…

  25. I really love to read this post. Self-esteem really needed for every kind of person and especially we should develop our kid’s self-esteem. Thanks for sharing all of the useful info.

    1. Glad you like it, thank you for stopping by.

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