Extracurricular activities- Helping your child become the cool kid seamlessly

Extracurricular activities

Encouraging extracurricular activities or fun activities in kids is always a recommended move since it will lead to your little one transforming into a cool kid and a happy kid with more confidence. You will find numerous such fun activities online available at platforms like Yellow Class. At the same time, here are the key take-aways for your little ones once they start getting more involved in extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular Activities helps in doing better in academics –

Most parents usually perceive extracurricular activities as diverting focus and eating into academic performance. They usually discourage kids from participating more in such activities, fearing that they will mess up schoolwork and academics while performing poorly as a result. Yet, nothing could be farther from the truth. Studies have indicated that extracurricular activities will greatly boost the academic performance of your little one. They will enhance brain focus while participating in activities that may help build physical and mental endurance which will give them a natural edge. Children will also have more positive attitudes towards their daily routine, school, and peers.

Social benefits –

One of the biggest benefits of extracurricular activities is that children can bond with other peers and meet them. Since they share similar interests with these peers, they learn to build friendships that may last for a lifetime as well! Activities may also help children interact better with peers from other institutions and classes, widening their social circle.

Future-proofing the child –

Extracurricular activities also help children gain more benefits over other peers. Extracurricular activities help children participate in projects that they would not otherwise have been exposed to. They also learn teamwork and cooperation while understanding the importance of emphasizing long-term objectives.

Better time management –

Academic schedules are mostly hectic for children and they sometimes do not have time to pursue other interests. Yet, being part of extracurricular activities helps children learn the value and basics of time management. They will naturally find time to do something they love and are passionate about. Making time for what they love will help them learn better time management attributes and scale-up overall efficiency.

Exploring newer interests in Extracurricular Activities –

Extracurricular activities enable children to diversify and explore their own specific areas of interest. They can get exposure to several new aspects, activities and find things that they prefer and will ultimately become more passionate about.

Widen perspective –

While academic education will open up perspectives of learning and academics for children, selecting extracurricular activities may help them develop more insightful and specific perspectives of the world around them in their entirety. With children diversifying their overall interests, they get more exposure to various philosophies, opinions, and views that will greatly help them down the line.

extracurricular activities

Self-esteem boost –

When children start getting more success through non-academic activities, their self-esteem will automatically go up. For instance, succeeding in tennis or any other sport will boost the self-esteem of children and they will view it as the result of their own hard work. This approach will ultimately trickle down into the child’s academics too.


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  1. I agree. Extra-curricular activities have a big role to play in kids overall personality development. Here, a lot of stresses given on extra curricular activities along with studies. and I have experienced how the kids bloom when they are given the chances to engage in curricular activities.

  2. I agree with you completely dear. along with academics, extra curricular activities are must for overall personality development of kids and building other important skills like time management and creativity. in modern advanced era, it is great that kids have plenty of options to choose and explore various extra curricular activities, as per their interest.

    1. Extra curricular activities bring a respite from studies and at the same time instill learning

    2. I so agree to this. Extra curriculum activates help a lot for the all round development of the kids. Physically , self esteem and personal growth all come together when kids grow and learn Extra curriculum activites.

  3. Academics provide knowledge but it’s the extra-curricular activities that help develop a child’s skills and personality. Thanks to online platforms, there are so many new things to learn everyday!

  4. Well said! Though education must be given the required importance, extracurricular activities are important as well and should be given their due. Your post will help parents see that.

  5. Extra-curricular activities is best for students to learn about themselves and develop and use their skills and knowledge in different contexts.

  6. I agree with you completely. Extra curricular activities are extremely important for the child, as much as the academics. And it’s high time that we, as parents, start understanding that.

    1. Glad you like it, thank you.

  7. yellow class is our fav, I have enrolled my kiddo for the puppet classes and she is loving it a lot . Extra curricular activities are must for the kids

    1. I resonate with your thoughts, thanks

  8. I agree the extra-curricular activities really help kid’s minds to think and grow creatively. Happy that with yellow classes we have this option to enrol kids for the same.

  9. While good academic plays a key role in the development of the child its also important to let them grow holistically. And extracurricular activities play such a great role. in fact I have seen it myself when my daughter started with extracurricular activities she was more confident and started to open up more.

  10. Extra-Curricular activities are indeed a very important and integral part of a child’s growth and development. They help in moulding the child’s personality.

  11. Including education, extra -curricular activities are very important for kids growth and development. I have seen development in my kids then they take part in other activities

  12. Absolutely Extra-curricular activities plays an important role in overall development of kids in growing years. Like you mentioned it boost their confidence which is very important

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