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Not So Much A Knight – Part 5

Not much of a Knight

Previously we read about the strained past of Nikkie and Joseph, there are still many unsaid things between them. With Savio’s sudden illness, the lovers-turned foe entered an unsaid siege. We will dig in their past again to know what …

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Just you and me togetehr

Just You and Me, Together! Part 4

Previously we read Nikkie’s escape from the chaos to her flat in Krakow, she was surprised when Joseph turns up there with a bad news. Dealing with the news, she realized a different side of Joseph the one she forgot …

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Into the unknown

Into the Unknown – Part 3

Previously we read the weary relationship between Nikkie and her father Savio Givani, muscle-man of Latvia. Joseph and Nikkie had a past, which left her with a bruised heart. However, the proximity with Joseph brings back the sensual tension building …

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Romance story

I Hate You More – Part 2

Welcome back! I am glad to see you here, your comments and feedback are my motivation to write more and explore different perspectives of romantic fiction writing. Disclaimer – This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and …

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Love story

Girl in the Tower – Part 1 #BlogchatterA2Z

Jovian’s Art Exhibition is one of its kind, extremely famous among art enthusiasts. The opening ball at London’s Art Gallery invited the highest dignitaries and riches of art lovers. Ladies flaunting their best gleams with gents dressed amicably to impress. …

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Only For You

Only FOR You; Love Story – Part 4

Everything happens for a reason, and that’s true! Shalini is a smart woman who has full control over her life when a wave of fresh breeze came in from the window and shakes her belief. Read part three, here. She …

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Short love stories a quick read

Embracing Feelings: Short Love Stories – Part 3

In the last story we read – Samar is nothing like what she expected him to be – a dull boring rich lad, looking for fun. He challenges her with wits and unpredictability, something she can’t ignore. Let’s see where …

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short love stories

Distant Longing; Part 2 – Short Love Stories

Recap Part 1 – Shalini is a brilliant lawyer with an immaculate winning record, she heads one of the most successful law firms. Mr. Daruwala, her predecessor, father-figure asks him to meet Samar, a famous awarded interior designer based out …

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Short Love stories

Chasing Dreams: Short Love Story – Part 1

“Yes, you can come over by 12:15; I value my time and expect you to meet in 3 hours from now,” Shalini said on the phone looking out of her 12th floor’s office window. “Thank you for your time and …

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Part 2 short love story gleefulblogger

Bits and Pieces: Short Love Story – Part 2

Picking up from where we left Reema and Abhay’s story yesterday… for Part 1, Altering Ego, click here. “I get it, the taste of my own medicine. I was rude earlier with you, sorry! But that will not change anything …

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Short Love Story quick read

Altering Ego – 26 Short Love Stories

Welcome to 26 Short Love Stories – a quick read to go on a fantasy ride of Mills & Boons kinda romance. Some stories are cooked out of imagination and some are part of real-life experiences (personal & borrowed). Hope …

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Oh! The City Of Mine…

Picture Prompt – Describe your City as if it were a person. Mumbai – A beautiful lady with pearls and all things luxury. Elegant, classy and the most exclusive. But as women have many shades, she too comes with a …

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You are what you choose to become!

Steffy looked around the place, bewildered by the magnanimity and giantness of it. She is clutching the papers tightly in her hand, that changed her destiny overnight. From a part-time band member, she is turned into an heiress of the …

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