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The Bollywood Fashion – Indo Western Dresses

These days the actresses are wearing more and more of the Indo Western dresses for all occasions. We are inspired seeing these beautiful outfits, however, it is also important to know the elements and details of these dresses. Here are just a few of the main types of outfits that the actresses are donning that mix both Indian as well as other types of fashion. All of the leading ladies know how to dress, so why shouldn’t we follow what they are wearing and do the same when it comes to mixing and matching.

Unique Saree Drape

Bollywood Navratri fashion

One of the hottest Bollywood dresses these days worn by Kareena Kapoor Khan. She has paired a gold-colored saree with a tube style top that is white and covered by a sheer gold design. This is one of the best ways that you can pair the Indian style outfit with the other types of fashion and still look amazing. This outfit paired with the bare minimum of makeup and no jewelry to allow the clothing and the beautiful shade of gold to speak for themselves. This proves that Kareena really does know how to mix and match when it comes to her wardrobe.

Sheer Long Kurta

Celebrity Fashion Bollywood Dresses

The next style of Indo Western dresses is something that Sonakshi Sinha wore and she pulled it off marvelously. A knee length long kurta styled with the sheer bottom. Not only did she use the length of the kurta to make it unique, but she also used the sheer part with white designs to make it even more unique. She paired this with some black palazzo pants to make the outfit look comfortable as well as gorgeous.

Embellished Dress

Karishma Kapor fashion actress

Another actress who managed to pull off the look of the celebrity dresses with ease is Karishma Kapoor. She donned a black dress with plenty of gold elements, but the design has more Oriental aspects than Indian. However, it resembles a longer kurta that is normally worn, but she knows how to make it her own. Paired with simple makeup and some gold shoes to give a bit more sparkle and shine to the outfit. This is the best of both Indian and Oriental design in one outfit, so we will definitely want to wear this look!

Crop Top Lengha

Bollywood style crop top lehnga

Another one of the stunning look, when it comes famous Bollywood dresses, is that of a crop top with a lehnga style skirt. This one is all black and you can see the stunning, European style of the crop top that is comfortable. Alia Bhatt had paired this crop top with a flowing black skirt that reminds us of the lehnga, but that is simple in the design. This is something that you can wear for a night out with friends or even to a wedding or other celebration.

Crop Top and Dhoti Pants – Bollywood Fashion

Crop Top and Dhoti bollywood style dresses

When it comes to this outfit that is a crop top and dhoti pants with a long, comfortable and stylish overcoat on it Parineeti Chopra killed it. The contrast between the white and simple design on the dhoti style pants and crop top works perfectly with the black top with bright accents. She definitely knows how to combine the best of both worlds and this outfit would be perfect for any occasion, no matter where you might be headed. Paired with simple gold-color strapped sandals that just topped off the ensemble.

Indian Motif Dress

Another area where you can enjoy the best of Indo Western dresses is by enjoying an Indian motif dress. Sonali Bendre pulled this off amazingly in the red top that is reminiscent of an Anarkali, but rather looks like a dress. The motifs are pure Indian in style and are gold in color and the V-shaped neckline adds a bit of spice to the outfit. If you are going to a Diwali party or any other upcoming holiday, then this is the perfect outfit that you should think about wearing.

There are so many options when it comes to inspiration from the celebrity dresses. Especially if you aim to look stylish, yet gorgeous. You can pair the Indian items with elements from Europe or other countries to make a statement. This season bold colors like red and gold are the hottest fashion among the actresses, but this doesn’t mean that simple colors like black and white have gone out of fashion. If you want to know what you should be wearing to your upcoming party, then you don’t need to look any further than these amazing ladies that set trends.


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  1. Hi Dipika,

    This post is quite a treat to our eyes. Such beautiful people all in one post. Kareena looks very elegant in whatever she wears. She carries every outfit with sublime elegance. She definitely makes everything she wears stand out.

    Thanks for sharing this post, have a great day. 🙂

    1. I agree with you Sajid and hence started the post with her. I am a huge fan of her dressing style and elegance. Thank you for reading and glad you like the feature.

  2. Lovely dresses, Dipika. I love the fusion of Indo-Western, traditional, as well as chic.

    1. Thank You M, we do get inspired seeing these lovely attires. Like I loved your dress during our lunch date.

  3. I love crop top and lehnga …you have crracrracrea great list

  4. All of these outfits are a good take on fusion wear. I especially like the last one you have listed – maxis with Indian motifs for casual dressing.

  5. such wonderful ideas for the festive season. it will be so much fun curating these looks, i will be attending a wedding soon

  6. These are some amazing styles, I so love dhoti pants, they are so comfortable and stylish

  7. Wow that’s my favorite post, I loved all the outfit, specially the Indian motif and dhoti style

  8. This I too have gone with these trends… Great collection… Loved the Indian Motifs for this festive season

  9. I quite like the crop top lehenga. Its a great stylish look. I like dhoti pants too.

  10. We are in the era where we are confident to carry Indo western dresses. And i love the way these bollywood divas carry themselves especially Kareena and Karisma.

  11. Bollywood always give some good fashion tips. Kapoor sisters duo always make a statement with their style. All the outfits looks wearable for non-celebrities too.

  12. These are some amazing style I too follow I like the one with dhoti n shrug

  13. Amazing styles. I really loved the Motif style worn by Sonali. I love keeping it simple and still being stylish. Kudos for such cute post.

  14. I loved these styles! I prefer comfort and trendy clothes and the dhoti with kurti seems to be like a great combination.

    1. I am also so hooked on that, and thinking of getting one at the earliest. Thank you for reading Neha.

  15. Cool fusion attires! I particularly loved Parineeti’s dressing style here although she isn’t hailed for one.
    These give us a lot of ideas into innovating the usual dressing statements,Deepika.

    1. I agree, her choices have been lame most of the times. However, I particularly like these dhoti pants and crop top. Thank you for reading.

  16. Very well co-ordinated list. Bollywood actresses have always inspired popular fashion trends and nowadays its quite easy to get similar clothes too.

    1. Oh Yes, we look many times to these divas for inspiration on the dressing. Thank you for reading.

  17. Love the motif dress that Sonali is wearing. So perfect for upcoming festive season!

    1. Yes, that’s my favorite too. Thank you for reading.

  18. Such unique looks. I might try one of these this wedding season

    1. Thank You Mahak.

  19. Bollywood Divas are my constant fashion inspiration. I love their styling, their way of flaunting an attire. Kareena, Dipika, Sonam are my all time favorite. Now fusion wear is the latest trend, so we can easily drape a saree with a dress or a crop top we can try with dupatta also.Its all about experiment!

  20. Indo western dresses are quite in these days ,I personally prefer the dhoti trend .

    1. Thank you Pallavi, I find this trend as comfortable.

  21. Liked the crop top and dhoti pants. Women are crazy to wear indo-western dresses today.

    These dresses give stylish and elegant look. Indo-western dresses are the great choice for those women who love to wear jewelry.

  22. Unique Saree drape & crop top lehenga are something that are on my wish list. Amazing fashion tips ?

  23. Thanks for sharing the lovely collection of indo western dresses with us.

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