WOW: H2O My Journey

My origin is still a topic of dispute; many believe it is me who shaped Earth for you, however some think I was always there hanging on, waiting silently for the right spark. Whatever the claim is, I do not deny my age…. it’s around couple of billion years old!!!

Nah please, don’t think I am that aged…. I still have the same pliability and agility to mold into any form. In fact I am the only one which can be present in all the three forms…. I love the essence of life nurturer is my second name. If the Supreme Power has created you as human, I have nurtured you to take the correct shape and prosper. I have seen you grow, witnessed your evolution from the life of a nomad to a social dweller. I was always there to support you, and will be in future too; ONLY if….

WOW: H2O My Journey

My omnipresence is the focal point of your well being, as my dear Earth shares with me her 71 % of total area, even your complex body is 80% of me… so let me ask you one simple question: when you know my vitality in your life, from providing you oxygen to breath to quenching your thirst; from generating major source of energy to making your planet a habitable place… but what are you doing about my survival???

When I started my journey on this planet I was pure, unadulterated and free. Then came life; many species some simple & some smarter but when humans (you) originated, you were intimidated by my sheer force, however slowly you accepted me as an almighty natural force. Soon your race realized I could give much more and you changed my course from personal to commercial. With my abundance & giving nature I did not mind being used for benefits, but soon I witnessed this give-n-take is just the one-way process. You divided me over regions, separated me into smaller streams, filled me with your discard, tried to strangulate me. I was still calm waiting for some sense to prevail, but when humanity felt at loss in mankind; I had to show my real face!!!

Destruction, calamities I never like; as close to your Mother Earth I retrospect…. filled with new hope and love to shower I again accepted you with open arms. But your ways are still the same; hardly you have learnt from the mistakes you earlier made. My abundance is drying in pain, sweetness is going insane…. all I can give you now is salt and silt. When the damage is out of hand, today you are trying to push the blame away; still fighting over my claim. Rest assured I will always be there with you, as my presence is directly proportionate to yours.

However, my utility will be in question unless you learn and change your ways…. Oh!! I hope you know me by now…. ??? I am your very own WATER, and this is my journey.


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