What Matters Most in Life

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It’s tough to determine what really matters the most in life? Some say it is simple living, some emphasis on self growth, while few talk about materialistic pleasures. According to me, what matters in the life is you. Yes, once you regard yourself as top priority, rest all will fall into the place.

1. Focus –

Focus, yes! What matters in life begins with having a clear focus on what you want to do in life? Focus your energies in building a better life for yourself, instead, of pointing out faults in others. Positivity is all that matters, discard negative thoughts, influence, people from the life. Stay focussed on achieving the dreams and living your life to the fullest.

2. Be your own Critique –

There is no harm in being your own devil’s advocate. Analyze the actions from different perspectives, take opinions but the final decision must be yours. Accepting criticism is the way towards improvisation. We are our own biggest critic, no one knows me more than myself. Self-analysis is the best way to progress, and have realistic goals in life.

3. Take care of yourself –

Taking care of self is as good as taking care of your loved ones. In fact, I will emphasize self-care over others first. You will be able to love others, cater to their needs, requirements, and guide them only when you are contented. Take care of your body and soul, replenish it with good thoughts and energy.

4. Thankfulness –

Gratitude! This is a magical word, brings in positivity and hope for yourself and others around you. Feeling of gratification or fulfillment, appreciation that fills your heart. Make sure you appreciate efforts made by others and you own too. Thankfulness keeps us grounded to the roots and humble at heart. Believe in simple magical words of life.

what matters most in life

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5. Believe in yourself –

Believe in yourself. Love yourself. Follow your dreams, trust in your abilities and instincts. Nurture your dreams with time, efforts, and capabilities. Again, be realistic.


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6 thoughts on “What Matters Most in Life

  1. Very thoughtful points, Deepika. Loving and believing in yourself changes life for good and I have experienced it myself. Gratitude and bring thankful is another trait which is also very important.

  2. Mere liye believe in urself priority per hai, baaki to humtime n family k sath seekh hi jaatey hain ??

  3. Hi dipika,

    Good post. It is important to evaluate yourself and see where you stand. Once you are able to do that, you can chalk out a plan to reach your destination. Self belief is also very vital.

    Thanks for posting this. Have a good day.

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