Theme Reveal – Gleeful Parenting with #Blogchatter2018

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Theme Reveal with BlogchatterAtoZ

I am so excited to start a fresh challenge with The Blogchatter, and this is my very first ‘AtoZ’ series post. 2017 January when blogging became a healthy addiction, I was too new to take-up a daunting task of writing daily. This one year gave me enough preparation for time management (though I still struggle mostly) & scheduling.

Having enjoyed the momentous task of reading, commenting, sharing posts for My Friend Alexa, AtoZ was Top on my bucket list. The moment Blogchatter announced registrations are open – hopped to get my name on the list first 😉

Behind the Scenes – AtoZChallenge

AtoZChallenge is challenger’s challenge, taking the plunge of writing/publishing continuously for 26 days is not an easy job. Having said that, there is a lot of preparation that goes in for participating in such gigantic challenges.

  • Decide a universal theme for the month. (though this is not mandatory, but makes challenge easier by planning under umbrella of theme)
  • Start jotting down the pointers. Quite literally! Like in school days make a ‘to-do’ list starting from ‘About Me‘ on your Blog.
  • This whole month you will gain visitors on blog, so make it easy to access. Neat and clean menu, pages marked well, suitable theme, etc.
  • Having some posts ready in draft format is advisable. (I am still working on it, see it doesn’t take too much in preaching 😉 )
  • Always remember – its all about ‘Sharing is Caring’! Community love is crucial for blogging challenges.
  • Go with the gusto!

My Theme Reveal – BlogchatterAtoZ

If you have been regular on my blog Gleefulblogger, this would not be a surprise for you. Easy and pragmatic parenting is my first love. Being a through-out professional for over 12 years, I learnt one thing – There is nothing more important in life than family happiness.

What makes a family happy? uh huh! I am not going to dwell too much into that, this is for future to unfold. Getting my posts ready on –

Gleeful Parenting with Gleefulblogger

This is my very first BlogchatterAtoZ challenge, and your support is highly appreciated. Remember what I mentioned above – “sharing is caring”. So keep sharing love and you will be blessed for good karma 😉


I am taking the Challenge of April with Blogchatter are you? 


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37 thoughts on “Theme Reveal – Gleeful Parenting with #Blogchatter2018

  1. It would be a cool idea to unlearn and then relearn some parenting tricks from a patient, practical and new age mom like you Dipika.

  2. I started blogging to interact with parents and share my parenting experiences. It’ll be great to read about parenting experiences & tips from you Dipika.

  3. Wow this is so interesting I think I should take this challenge as I think to blog but somehow don’t this will be come back to routine ?

  4. Parenting is a topic I love to read on. It leads to lively discussions and a lot of learning. Looking forward to your ‘gleeful’ posts.

  5. There is no end for learning when it comes to parenting. Your’s I am sure will bring in more insights. Such nice theme it is. Looking forward to read your posts.

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