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It’s a Blessing in Disguise – WOW

  ‘What seems to us as Bitter trials are often Blessing in Disguise’ – Oscar Wilde October 2nd, the day celebrated all across World as ‘International Day of Non-Violence‘. And in India as – ‘Gandhi Jayanti‘ birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Father of Nation, whose vision, hard work & passion shown our path to achieve freedom. As a Nation, […]

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Slut Shaming – Stigma or Provocation

What do you think about Slut Shaming – is it a stigma or a provocation on the name of shaming a person or a gender? Shanti was just a little girl when her maternal uncle in the name of ‘secret playing’ abused her, repeatedly year after year when finally her parents realized she’s not a […]

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State of Mind: Confused!

“Mom Uncle doesn’t love me anymore; he never picks me up or let me piggy back…” As a mother of a growing girl, I am usually on the receiving end of mindless questions and many funny accusations, but this statement set me back to analyse what could be the probable cause of this sudden outburst of […]

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