Pick your Battles Wisely

choose your batttels wisely

As the title suggests – ‘Pick your Battles wisely‘, as not everything is worth fighting for. Life gives us chances to grow, learn, live happily, but our choices make it a whole lot more difficult. I have had my share of mistakes in life, wrong decisions, unnecessary arguments, difficult confrontations. Today, when I look down the memory lane, it shows me back the time, efforts, energy, and breath wasted.

Choose what’s worth fighting for –

We are in no war-zone country or time, it’s life battles we are talking about. So, let us be clear about that first. No guns blazing guys. Now, coming back to the issue in hand, choose what is worth fighting. Things that directly give a feeling of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction.

You can always dwell on things of lesser importance, like ‘‘why me’, ‘what did I do wrong’, ‘why it’s always me‘, but the point is at what cost? Not an eternity of stress and unhappiness for sure.

Unless you are fighting battles on the border, the winning medals won’t make any difference. Take life at is, give it a chance to make it up to you.

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Does that mean giving up?

choose your battles wisely

Absolutely not! Choosing not to fight on everything, does not translate to a cowardice act. It only tells you about the ‘priority’, for example, a mother will fight to tooth and nail for her child’s good, but she also has to understand not every fight is hers. Some have to be faced by the kid alone.

I am a Leo as per the zodiac symbols and stars, most of the traits are that I possess are inclined towards the Sun. Which means loyalty is one of it, I sure if we are friends you know what I am referring to. In the past, I stood by my friends like a shield taking each blow directly, but when tables were turned no-one ever showed up for me. Lesson learned, not every fight is mine. Choose only very important and worthy causes to fight for. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stand by your friends. Standing for and standing by are two different positions.

Be Selective in your Battles, for sometimes peace is better than being right.


Make it count

Measure what makes you happy, there is no harm in staying away from unnecessary confrontations. Indulging in battles that drag happiness and relief out of life, are they worth fighting for?

Before you take a fight head on, always ask – Is this my fight? Sometimes, fighting for someone or on somebody’s behest lands you in a tricky situation and really sour soup. Ignore such situations for the sake of your own happiness.

What’s this fight for? We are smart enough to prioritize our needs and choices. Think what’s really important, if you feel the fight is worth it, go ahead, otherwise take a detour.

Fighting for a cause or yourself is fair, be prepared to take a plunge. No heartbreaks if the plan goes catapult. As they say one should always be ready to face the disappointments and try again with full force.


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17 thoughts on “Pick your Battles Wisely

  1. One of the best posts in your series dear, I definitely agree pick up your battles wisely and don’t shy from abandoning the rest

    1. Agreed! One wrong choice, has the power to change life significantly. Loved the topic, loved the post. As always, it’s short, sweet but meaningful:)

  2. This post is a reminder to me that not every place needs my opinion and not everyone deserves my attention and time. I have this issue of getting into unnecessary situations and wasting my energy on undeserving people. Yet I never learn. Time to get my priorities right

  3. Well said, life is not a battle-field. Knowing which battles to fight – and which to leave for another day, or even walk away from altogether – is important.

  4. That’s wise, we need to be selective in things we take up and fight for judiciously. Prioritization is a must and that’s where we need to sort our things!

  5. Hi Dipika,

    You have shared a very important post. It is very important to choose and fight for things which are vital for us. However, it is also equally vital to leave things which are not worth it.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  6. Very sane and practical advice here. There are times when we want to take sides and show our loyalty but we cannot enter a fight that doesn’t involve us. Anything cause drains our time and energy isn’t worthy needs to be ignored.

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