Make Digital Payments using Bharat BillPay Payment System

Digital payments by bharat billspay

Make digital payments easier with Bharat BillPay Payment System – Digital Payments were a challenge for me, as I was always skeptic about the security of my bank account. Monetary transactions with a physical copy of the receipt after the payment, I learned this while growing up. Digitally visiting so many websites, understanding the procedure of payment was overwhelming. But I always felt the risk when any news about people getting duped using online payment tools was scary. Getting a FAKE debit was a BIG concern.

On the other hand, my father was comfortable standing in the queue for more than two hours. Diligently maintained due dates and collect the hard copy of bills, he was a non-digital payment person. However, with the changing times and Digital Bharat push from the state, we also switched to make digital payments.

With Bharat BillPay, not just me, my father and adamant husband too is happy and convinced. This one-stop platform or payment ecosystem paying utility bill is just a click away. Conceptualized by Reserve Bank of India and executed by National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) is an authentic, easy to operate way of making payments online. Bharat BillsPay gives instant payment confirmation and authenticated receipts with the logo of BBPS. Hence in one shot it clears out all doubt that we had.

Category coverage

digital payments of bills by Bharat BillsPay
Image Source – NPCI.

All utility bills come under its coverage. Water, Gas, DTH, Electricity, Mobile phone, Landline phone, Internet bill and all other sort of utility bills can be paid through this platform. You also can create bill reminder or alerts or set a specific day every week when you can pay all your outstanding bills till date. It never let you miss on to any due dates or get confusion regarding whether paid or not.

Process of paying

Visit or get access through the BHIM app on mobile or iOS. Select the category of the bill; add details of the biller, consumer, and bank details or you can save such details for later use. Now just in a single click, the amount displays on the payment window and you can make the payment.

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One can also use non- bank wallet or mobile banking app for paying bills following the same procedure. Once you complete the payment it instantly sends you a receipt and authenticates it with the logo of BBPS. This also assures and ensure that you have paid your bill to the right authority. It is very user-friendly, utility bills of these 5 approved categories (Gas, DTH, Water, Electricity and Post Paid – mobile bill, landline & broadband) can be paid through Bharat BillsPay ecosystem.

There are also physical reach points of Bharat BillPay, agents and Kirana shop where you can physically go and submit your bill. There are many such over 2 million agent Stores across all cities in India to ensure easy access.

Complain resolution in 7 days

Both corporate houses and customers are safe and secured with this payment platform. All leading service provider and corporate house have chosen this platform to ensure security, ease, and confidence of customers. If any time you have any problem, log on to the BBPS website or reach any physical contact point and register your complaint. Your complaints will be resolved.

Digital Bharat! Happy Bharat!

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  1. Hi Dipika,

    This is such an informative post. Digital payment makes your life so much easier. I am glad I landed on your post and gather these information.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  2. I am always on the lookout for a simple, easy to use app to pay my bills Online. Looks like Bharat Bill Pay fits the bill. Going to check it out Dipika, after reading your informative post. Thanks so much.

  3. Indeed digital payments are the way to go. It does require some habit changing, but once you are used to it, it is difficult to go back to cash. I hope your post manages to convert done non users!

  4. I am away from India for last 5 years and India has definitely changed for better, I will bookmark this for my reference.

  5. Initially adapting to digital gateways was confusing for many people. But these are so convenient in our busy life.

  6. We’ve slowly graduated from the traditional way of making payments to now digital payments. The fear of security though is well taken care of with Bharat Billspay. Am going to use it henceforth for online bill payments.

  7. Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan

    I am away from India for last 3 years and India has definitely changed for better, I will bookmark this for my reference and share with my near and dear !

  8. Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan

    I am away from India for last 3 years and India has definitely changed for better, I will bookmark this for my reference and share with my near and dear for sure!

    1. I am so glad to read this, thanks for sharing your views.

  9. Oh this seems like a very convenient form of making payments. Will surely check it out. Im pretty much always late on payments but this is a good way to streamline.

  10. This have made life so much easier and hassle-free. I’m using bharat billspay constantly

  11. This looks really convenient and safe, best way to pay your bills online without any hassles

  12. This sounds like a wonderful solution! I hate downloading hundreds of apps or creating accounts on various sites for online payment. This offers one stop solutions.

  13. Digital paymnets/wallets are the new in thing which is really helpful for the masses. This looks easy and perfect even for the newbies.

  14. woow what an app , easy online payment with one click , no security threat. now I will pay from bharat billspay

  15. Great to know of an easy and fuss free way to pay bills using Bharat Bill pay. Secure payments and easy to use too.

  16. Bharat Bill pay has made digital payment much safer and easier. Safety is the first thing I need while making payments.

    1. You speak my mind Amrita, thank you for stopping by.

  17. This is such an informative post. i for one always prefer digital payments only as digital payment makes your life so much easier,

    1. True, and via Bharat BillsPay its 100% safe too. Thank you.

  18. That is Such a helpful post, digital payments are really easy and good for everyone.. we mostly do all of payment digital way

  19. Bharat bills pay is definitely very handy and convenient ways of bill payment.. It is easy and hassle free..

  20. wow, I had no idea about it. When we are planning for a digital india, its good if transaction happens through online only. Will definitely try this out.

    1. Thanks Sayeri, glad you liked the information shared here.

  21. This is such a convenient and perfect way to pay bills without any Hassel …you have covered this perfectly..thanks for sharing

  22. this is such a relief – all together in one platform! i like hassle free bill payments too.

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  25. This is such a convenient and perfect way to pay bills without any Hassel โ€ฆyou have covered this perfectly..thanks for sharing.Thanks for sharing this wonderful informative article

    1. Thank you for stopping by, glad you found this informative.

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