Internet Safety – 10 Safety rules to keep you Safe Online.

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It’s an interconnected world, with all us linked to mighty World Wide Web. Today, sending an image or connecting to long-lost friends isn’t a task anymore. Just few clicks on any search engine and we can find solutions to toughest of the questions. Internet has become a necessity today, search engine and social connectivity is the need of hour. And so is the need to know and learn about Internet Safety.

How to be Safe Online?

Paying utility bills were never this easy before, no more long queues or waiting for the token numbers. Ordering food, booking travel tickets, shopping, finding real-estate solutions, everything is just a click away.

Companies & Brands like Google, YouTube, Instagram, Whats App has just made life easy and lot more entertained. Distance in terms of area, has nothing to do with Internet, all we need is a nice running Internet connection on Phone Handset or a WiFi connectivity. But, as every coin has two sides so is our dear Technology. If you are a news buff like me – Cyber Security is something which would be doing rounds in your head. Two superpower countries are in mid of tussle on alleged Cyber Attack on one another. This also, raise an alarm in my cautions – “How Safe Are We – ONLINE?

Internet Safety – Be Alert, Know what you are doing

Well, there is no direct justification to this statement – It’s a positive move to connect the world, globalized trade, financial deals and many more. However, at the same time everyone connected to it becomes vulnerable for malware virus programs or in layman terms Hacked. If shoplifting is a crime, so is the plagiarism – which means stealing someone else’s creative work or property, without their permissions.

There are many instances of innocent people falling prey to hacking by fraudsters; who catch them unawares or gauge loopholes in technology. Take example of – banking details; a small mistake of sharing Banking Details could result in loosing all of our hard-earned money. However, at the same time – Online banking have made life easier and hassle free.

Social Networking –

One of the biggest achievements of Technology; social media networking. It is so easy to connect with like-minded people or connect to wide world of Internet. However, the flaws of social networking is never hidden from anyone. Everyone who is connected to social networking sites, are vulnerable to cyber attacks on their identity. Cyber Bullying, Identity theft or Impersonation, are some of the most common known Online Crimes. To be safe online, you need to know every aspect of technology or platform you are using.

I am not even counting easy access to pornographic or abusive material available for free over internet.

How to be Safe Online – Internet Safety

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Listing some of the Internet safety measures to keep you Safe Online –

  • Anti Virus Protection – Install a good Anti-Virus original programme to keep you safe from unknown cyber attacks.
  • Keep STRONG Passwords & change them frequently. Never keep password which would be too easy to guess – like birth dates, family names, etc.
  • Two Factor Authentication – Have you heard of these; Yes, they are very useful when you have multiple devices to connect with. Set up Two Factor Authentication – it keeps you safe and alert of any unknown login to your profile.
  • Don’t click on random links – Be selective in clicking, many virus attacks shared using social networking as platform to spread. Use your discretion to understand if the link comes from a secured source or not.
  • Secure your Profile – Make sure you have all back-up details saved to regain access to your account at the time of hacker’s attack.
  • Think before you Share – Do you share all your day’s routine on social media? If the answer is YES; think before you do that. Social Networking sites work on open platforms, and your details are vulnerable.
  • Picture of YOU – Sharing your images with world, make sure you use ‘watermark’ or copyright the images/creatives. Any use without your knowledge & permission is liable and termed as offence. Take help of Law if you feel threatened.
  • Spend some time on reading Legal Terms & Policies available online, I know this is quite irritating to read such long documents. Advisable to read and understand those policies well.
  • Report – feel free to report a theft to social networking help center or legal department, with correct details and links.
  • Online shopping buff, make sure you use ONLY secured e-commerce sites.

Be Safe Online

BE SAFE – our safety is in our own HANDS, hence be selective, cautions and responsible. Lets make Internet a safer and clean place for all. Internet safety is possible, only if we act responsibly. Do you have any more ideas on Internet safety? If yes, please share with us in the comments below.

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  1. This post really has been helpful. Two Factor Authentication helps a lot when it comes to online safety.

  2. These tips help a lot when it comes to online safety. Watermarkโ€™ or copyrighting your images/creatives is a must for everyone especially influencers, bloggers and other content creators

  3. This is so damn important in today’s time when people have lost their good intent and just look to use others content.

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  10. If we’re vigilant about what we share online and don’t overdo things, internet can be utilised for our advantage. Boon or bane depends upon how we take it.

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