Just the Way You Are

You might have noticed, my last post was written on Improvisation, which shares the idea of updating ourselves to be the best. This post’s title is – Just the way you are, so, why the contradiction? Let me explain it a little further.

Improvise, to be a better version of yourself. Scratch the surface to find the hidden jewel that you are. Improvise for your own personal growth, success, happiness, and of course, not being left behind.

‘Just the way you are’ is about retaining your own identity, to be happy in your own skin. Let me share a small story here, when I shifted to Mumbai back in 2008, the pace of this city took me by surprise. Everyone is running, literally running to pursue their own goals. Be it roads, stations, bus depots or any other public area, you will see places swarming of people in all the directions. It is overwhelming, as an outsider I could not understand this mad rush. Later, the city embraced me and gradually I learned the dynamics of the peak-hour rush. The Husband learned and got familiar with the city much easier than me (FYI., I am good with maps, just in case).

Soon, I joined an education institute as a subject matter expert interacting with millennials over their dreams, aspirations, and career. The beauty of teaching the younger generation is, that you impart and gain knowledge. During the course of these 4 years as a post-graduate instructor, I have learned a lot. When you enter an established system, expecting a change is like breaching the Citadel. Everyone doubts your intentions, motives, and in the process try to pull you down to knees.

I faced the same resilience in the course of bringing a few positive changes. Sometimes you win, at times you lose but the true spirit is in keep trying. Despite the challenge, I continued my efforts in creating a better and transparent system. Today’s tears waters tomorrow’s gardens, I truly believe in this saying. Post many roadblocks, and dead looks the hard work paid off well. Students, management, and fellow professionals started realizing the positivity these changes brought in the system. After continuously doubted for two years, I earned the reward of best ‘faculty’, love and admiration from students and certification for the institute.

just the way you are
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The point is, when situations turn hostile do not change and give in easily. Be the way you are, and keep progressing towards your goals. Changing yourself for someone else, or due to unfavorable circumstances is not the solution. Change only if it’s required, not because it’s expected out of you.


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9 thoughts on “Just the Way You Are

  1. Hello again Deepika,

    I think if the change makes us a better person, we should go ahead with it. But, as you said, we shouldn’t change ourselves just to please others or run away from difficulties or unpleasant situations.

    Being comfortable in our own skin… I think that’s what you are trying to say here, aren’t you?

    This is something I’m recently learning the hard way. ‘Coz I have been a major pushover for all my life so far. Especially when it comes to people I love and care for deeply. 🙂 Finally learning to stand my ground.

    Find my J post @ Memories Of Journeys With Indian Railways

  2. Salute you, Mumbai jaisi city ko dekh kar meri halat bhi bigad gai thi, lakinnaapne kitne acche se manage hi nahi kiya, best faculty ka award bhi mila ?? kyunki Just The Way Are … Wishing you more happiness n success in ur life ????

  3. The first thought that I had was why this contradiction. As I read, I understood the message. Kudos to you for embracing the pace of Mumbai and doing so well in your career. Change is good, only if it brings out a better version of ourselves. But retaining our individuality is extremely important

  4. Best part about this is the way you have connected “improvise” to “be the way just you are”. That’s where most of them loose it. It’s a thin line between the two. As rightly said The upgradation process has to be for self betterment & enhancement… While one can still stick to basics, the learning and adapting must never stop.??

  5. I so needed to read this post, Dipika, and I am sure you know why. Staying just as you are in hostile situations and between hostile people is a tough task. You kind of doubt yourself and your abilities sometimes.
    However, reading about how you adjusted not only to the city but at your workplace as well, gives me a surge of new hope.
    Today’s tears waters tomorrow’s gardens- I am going to remember this quote always.

  6. It took me a while to accept myself, the way I am… to be happy in my own skin, as you mentioned, But I am glad that I did that, better late than never. I believe in this thought… ‘be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” 🙂

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