I chose to be a Freelancer – Women’s Choice Matters

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Why are freelancing jobs thriving and a perfect choice for women today? Before we start judging the book by its cover, let us clarify this post has nothing to do with the comparison between Employees /Work from Home or Freelancing jobs. This article is a piece of voice to share the author’s personal experience as a freelancer.

What is Freelancing?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who works independently to offer services, often on several jobs for multiple clients at one time. Does this clarify the moot point, that freelancing jobs doesn’t only means work-from-home or work-life-balance? Freelancers are typically considered contractors or independent creative workers who are assigned on a per-project-fee basis.

A freelancer tends to work in the creative, skilled, or service sector, such as in blogging, influencing, copywriting, journalism, editing, proofreading, media, content creation, vlogging, etc.

Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Entrepreneurs

Pandemic affected women more than men, resulting in many women losing their jobs and staying at home. For example, many renters moved back to their native cities with a work-from-home shift in big corporate houses. Forcing domestic helpers to lose their livelihood. The impact was on high-paid jobs as well as the service industry.

Freelancing jobs proved a better option for many women who lost their jobs to pandemic. Though there are many benefits of being a freelancer, with certain drawbacks too. Such as, the uncertainty of work, job stability, and lower wages.

Why I Chose to do Freelancing Jobs for a Career

Firstly, as mentioned above freelancing jobs provide the freedom to be your own boss. Though there are limitations too, however, it is still better than nothing. Secondly, as a freelancer, I get the creative freedom to choose the projects I wish to work on and concentrate more on my personal growth.

Freelancing jobs help women attain financial independence while still managing family time. However, work pressure mounts in freelancing projects too, but with no time constraint, things are manageable.

Being self-employed also provides a sense of accomplishment, freelancing helps in building self-confidence and personality development, with a sense of financial responsibility.

No Strings attached – freelancing does not seek full-time commitment, and you are hired on a project-to-project or on paid per work basis. This provides flexibility and allows you to work on multiple projects at one time.

freelancing jobs for women

Challenges Faced by Women with Freelancing Jobs

Has it helped me to break down the shackles of societal pressure and prejudices? The answer would be a NO. Indian society and a typical household mindset still consider freelancing as a seasonal job. No matter how hard women work to prove their career choices, we are always subjected to social judgments.

Prejudices attached to full-time employed women versus freelancer self-employed women make it even tougher to sustain in the competitive world. Women are expected to work and also manage their family is the biggest challenge when it comes to career choices women make.

Employed women are supposed to make certain sacrifices when it comes to career growth and sustainability. Freelancers have the freedom to work on their terms, but job security and workflow are huge challenges.

No matter whichever path women choose, there will be few who judge them. But, beauty is in overcoming each prejudice with work and achieving your dreams.

Freelancing is a big game changer for many, and it is growing at a faster pace. Choose what suits you and makes you happy!

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  1. I agree, freelancing is a fulfilling career options. If we are serious about it and give our 100% sincerity like any other jobs then it gives us the satisfaction of woking what we like to do.

  2. I agree with you; freelancing is a fulfilling career option.
    Technology has enabled many people to take control of their careers by freelancing. Through freelancing, we can work on multiple projects at the same time. Every day is different.

  3. Freelancing jobs are equivalent to any other job and if a person feel satisfied and happy in the role, must go for it. There are challenges in every field and so in Freelancing jobs

  4. Work flow and consistent projects are concern in the freelancing world but with right approach and creative satisfaction this can be achieved too. Great post Dipika.

  5. I’m so glad that we agree on many points related to freelancing. You’ve raised a good point that women benefitted a lot from it since Covid took away many jobs, creating other avenues elsewhere.

  6. I absolutely agree with you on this Dipika and there can’t be a better time than this for a freelancer to fulfil her dreams on her own terms

  7. There was time in my life I was completely directionless. Others were making decisions for me. Freelancing came to rescue. I could prove to my own self that I can do something productive with my time. Freelancing gives so much more than monetary benefits. And also freelancing for few years, gave me the right direction because now I knew what I enjoy the most. So glad you chose to write about Freelancing, people many times do not even know and this awareness needs to be spread.

  8. I agree when you say choose what suits you best. Consistency is a concern but every job has their own challenges. I choose to be a freelancer as it works best for me at this stage if my life.. I am happy so how does it matter what people think. Very positive post Dipika.

  9. Absolutely, besides the freedom, freelancing helps you shape your confidence and skills which we would have never thought about if we were in a job. I can happily be a weekend freelancer for life, even if I get into a full-time job someday hahaha 🙂

  10. freelancing has its own ups and downs depending on what you feel is important. good write up. challenges are real when you want to do things on your own.

  11. Freelancing is equally one of the best career options like any other job. It requires the same amount of hard work or even more and has its own challenges like any other full-time job. I believe anything we do that makes us meet our IKIGAI; nothing else matters after that.

  12. Totally agree with you on all the points, freelancing is good choice and no less then full time job. I am happy I choose this way to work and create a balance between family time and work

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