Equal Parenting – Much more than sharing responsibilities

Equal or shared parenting, the words which often describes the context. When parents equally distribute responsibilities and duties of parenting it becomes equally shared parenting. A relatively new concept in our society but definitely a game changer.

We always had this debate on all forums, platforms that if parenting is a full-time job for mothers? Today (in fact from a long time now) we see the paradigm shift in parenting duties. I know few who are doing this job of equal parenting wonderfully. However, this is one such area which still needs some exploration. When we talk about ‘equal parenting’ we usually consider nuclear families, what about the large family set-up? Are we taking this concept to smaller cities and societies too?

Equal Parenting – The Shift

This word – ‘equal’ has some magic in it. The minute I hear or write, a sense of sharing comes into the scenario. Parenting traditionally has been mother’s duty, from post-birth care till kid transforms into a parent him/ herself. With time these traditional parenting roles are also undergoing a transformation. If I take an example of my own household, Kavya’s daily chores and studies are as much his responsibilities as mine.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”bBVcb” via=”yes” ]Equal Parenting is not about taking credits and to claim ‘who is the boss’. It really means sharing equal responsibilities in making a better human being.[/ctt]

This Father’s Day when I recall my own childhood I witness a stark difference in now and then. I always considered myself open and up-close with my father. But, my definition of ‘being close’ might be in tight waters as per current standards. The Father and Child relations have grown manifolds over the years. Read more about Father-Child Relationship – in my Gleeful Parenting series.

equal parenting

Equal Parenting is much more than sharing duties –

I have read articles and participated in discussions on Equal Parenting in the past. One thing that I do not agree with is, restricting parenting roles. Parenting is just not about taking care of bringing up a child, it’s much wider than that. We create and provide a whole ecosystem to our children through parenting.

Equal parenting provides each parent an opportunity to think and grow out of ordinary in their parenting approach. We have heard about the role reversals, read about gender sensitization but implementing becomes a challenge at times. Through equal parenting, we can bring this change easily. Children learn on the job; or when we teach them by examples. I see a spark of containment when see daughter assisting her father in the kitchen or in any other household chore.

Time is shifting so are parenting roles and challenges. This Father’s Day I wish all wonderful Fathers out there who are on a mission to bring a difference in child’s development. Equal participation of father in daily parenting duties bring a positive and strong shift in child’s behavior.

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55 thoughts on “Equal Parenting – Much more than sharing responsibilities

  1. With double income parents working and rise in nuclear families ‘Equal Parenting’ has become the need of the hour. Nice read. And all the best for your #OpennTalk blog hop.

  2. Much needed post on what is needed to really shift paradigms. I too strongly believe in equal parenting (thankfully so does my hubby!), and that it brings out the best in both parents and children!

    #OpenNTalk #NISSAtalks

  3. That’s a great post Dipika. Equal parenting awareness is so much important. The opportunity and flexibility we are talking to provide a working new mother should be given to a new father too.
    #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

  4. Luckily, my father shared responsibility in rearing us and my husband too helped me equally in raising kids. Sharing makes the job easy n one feels lighter at heart. #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

  5. Great post. I think over the father’s day weekend, we all have relooked at relationships and fatherhood and how some things have changes and some not so much. Equal parenting is such a beautiful idea when done right 🙂

    #NISSAtalks #OpenNTalk

  6. It is good to read such enlightening posts. Yes, it is time to welcome the change now. Equal parenting brings about a balance in life when both parents work in tandem to bring up their children without restricting themselves to their gender/role plays. #NISSATalks Sudha

  7. Equal parenting makes things easier for both parents. It is important for both to take on responsibilities equally. Good to see dads also playing equal role these days.

  8. Equal Parenting is the need of the hour. When both parents are working, sharing the responsibility of bringing up children is the most welcome step. Moreover children will get love and company of both Mom and Dad:)
    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  9. Parenting these days is no longer a mother’s domain with fathers being more than happy to play an equally active role. It helps to raise well developed and well balanced kids.

  10. A thought-provoking post indeed! Equal parenting is the need of the day. It not just helps share the road but is also beneficial for the overall development of the child.

    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  11. the thin line between equal and shared parenting is explained so well Dipika!
    When equal and shared parenting styles are combined they become the formidable force to bring up the children in the new age.
    Insightful read.
    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  12. I’m glad the concept of equal parenting has evolved. 🙂 This is a good step for our country for sure

    #OpenNTalk #BlogAMile

  13. A baby shares her all happiness with both mother and father, she never thought to share less with father because he stays aways for long hours. Similarly equally parenting is required not from others points of view but from a child point of view. If a child gives equal weigtage to her parents and similarly wants equal attention from them too.

    1. Hi Arvind, I am sure that wouldn’t have been the case with this particular blogger. Isis am all game with productive criticism.

  14. I truly appreciate equal parenting in today’s time. The burden is less on mother’s as most of them are mompreneurs. And Father’ have also accepted the fact and respect their parentsp in all forms. #InvincibleGang

  15. Equal parenting is surely a new concept I believe still in the primitive stages. As you mentioned when we see our relationship with our father and the current scenario there is a huge difference for me too. For me the relationship with my father was restricted was of few words and lot of things unsaid. I feel this change would surely be more positive for both the parents and the child. #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  16. Gone are the days when parenting was just a mommy’s domain. Times have come when equal parenting is the need of an hour given the fact that mothers are equally reaching newer heights in their respective career and can really do with equal help from their partners. Loved reading this much needed topic.

  17. This is such an important topic in the parenting arena. We don’t argue much, but when we do, my husband and I spend a lot of time trying to “one-up” each other with a “my ‘job’ is harder” approach. Balance is key. Great read!!

  18. What a strong post and at such a correct time. I have had a tough time making hubby accept his roles but I guess we both now appreciate so much that how vital it is for the kiddo

  19. That’s a great post Dipika! When fathers pitch in to share some responsibilities, everyone around compliments him for it. Whereas it’s perceived as natural for a mother to do them. Here’s where the concept of coparenting needs awareness and acceptance.

  20. Equal parenting is very much needed. Gone are days when dads dint even know which standards his kids are going to. Very beautifully you have described it.

  21. I am very close to my dad when compared to my elder cousins but when compared to my tiny cousins I am not at all near to close! Equal parenting is helping both the parents understand the kid better and also develop a good bond!

  22. My thought of equal parenting has become stronger, and behing said that it needs real efforts from father’s. Really blessed to have such father, father in law and a hubby to have promoted eequal parenting always

  23. equal parenting is necessary as it helps parents to learn importance of each duty in life. I totally support equal parenting. Not only women works n man earns. It should be both share responsibilities equally.

  24. I definitely support equal parenting. It is important and peopel need to realise that is very normal for the fathers to be equally involved in the kids’ lives.

      1. I agree with you dear, husband and wife role should be defined in the equal parenting process. If the husband understands his role then the overall growth of the family is commendable.

  25. Equal parenting is important and I am still in process to make my hubby to understand it.
    even I remember my father does not take part in children chore activity or help mom

  26. My aunt and uncle carry equal parenting responsibilties. It is nice to know that in such busy world many people still beleive in it rather than dumping everything on one parent. 🙂

  27. Equal parenting is need of an hour and yes completely agree that no one is boss in parenting…both take the share and joy of parenting.
    Missed OpenTalk series, please let me know if you conduct such in future; would love to join.

  28. Equal parenting is a concept that wasn’t even talked about until some years ago. Am glad you spoke about it as it is becoming an important part of our households now.

  29. Such an important topic to be talked about Dipika. Indeed equal parenting is not just about dividing responsibilities at home but more than that. You have described it very well.

  30. Sharing parenting responsibility is important for their relationship and bonding with kid.. Wish every couple can understand this simple concept.

  31. I am a big practitioner of equal parenting as me and my husband both share not only responsibilities of parenting but also a vision towards right parenting.

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