The Call of the Wind – Time Never Stops for Anyone.

For The Call of The Wind “Kites rise highest against the Wind, Not with It”.

time never stops

This is my entry for the seventh day of #BarAthon 2017, the fortnight-long blogging marathon for bloggers, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm! Today’s prompt is ‘The Call of the Wind’, featured in my fictional story.

Malti was peeling pea pods and looking out of the window, her son’s 12th floor apartment flat gives a great view of the playground and road ahead. She could clearly see the commotion of some kids down in the ground, girls boys jovially playing, teasing, talking and all…. Hina got a hot cup of tea with some fried snacks and started helping her mother in law in peeling green pearlies.

Mumbai and it’s monsoons both are amazing to experience” said Hina.

Yes and Mumbai’s people too, no sense of what to wear and how to behave” – Malti replied. Hina could not comprehend as why her mother-in-law said that and quietly went back to work in hand. Malti has come from Bhopal to stay with her son and daughter-in-law who reside in Mumbai since a decade now. Umesh (son) took Malti to many places which are famous tourist attractions in the city of dreams/aspirations. But Hina noticed something amiss in her mom-in-laws behaviour every time they go out. She asked Malti if everything is okay, if she is comfortable etc… but her questions never got a content reply.

The Time Stood Still

One evening Umesh came home with a box of sweets and announced the news of his promotion, everyone in the house got very happy and celebrations were on full swing. They decided to go out for dinner but Malti didn’t like the idea and advised to have a family dinner. Umesh explained that his friends are asking for a treat and it’s good if they go out.. “who will do so much work at home, Maa“? But on her insistence they agreed to have dinner at home, when Hina picked up the phone to order some eatables from outside, Malti intervened and told her a strict NO.

Dumbstuck with her reaction, Hina disconnected the phone and went to kitchen for preparations…. her whole day went in kitchen to make food for 15 guests and then cleaning up the home for their arrival. When the guest arrived Hina rushed to get ready, while Umesh managed the “meet and greet” with the welcome drinks… the hostess comes out in a chiffon off shoulder gown with beautiful pearls work – the same gown which Umesh had gifted her to wear on some special occasion – nothing can be more special than TODAY. She was looking amazingly beautiful and graceful, after-all it was Umesh’s choice. But for Malti this dress was outrageous and called it immodest, her disapproval was quite visible for everyone.

Malti looked little out of place the whole evening and was hardly talking to anyone, looking at her reactions even her son felt uneasy. The evening went by well otherwise thanks to the jubilant hostess and great coordination between both the partners. After everyone left, Hina and Umesh started clearing up the dishes from dinning area when Malti said – “Aurto ka kaam hai, unhe ho karne do.. tum aadmi ho bhool gaye kya“. (it’s the ladies job, let them handle it; you are a man have you forgotten that)

Umesh just looked at her and left without uttering a word, he was not able to understand how to explain his mother – that it’s time to CHANGE, Change now, or else you will be left alone. As TIME and WIND waits for no one.

Author’s Note on The Call of the WIND

Time never waits for anyone, we have to be constantly on go to match with it. Sometimes in this catch-up game we forget that our roots are concentrated deep inside the mindset we have been brought up with. There are many examples like Malti who are stuck in the transition, they can see the happiness, comfort, lifestyle and luxuries in the modern living but when it comes to adopting one – they have a ‘impregnable’ mindset. The problem arise when the course of this migration becomes the clash of egos, specially with the generation your author is from – the 1980s kid. We have seen technology evolving, we have seen lifestyle evolving but at the same time if we justify anything in front of elders it is often termed as – misbehaving.

It’s a time that we all adopt the positive change for a better future, change is the ONLY constant as they say! “Time is Like Wind, it lifts the light and leaves heavy behind” – Domenico Cieri Estrada

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  1. Zainab says:

    This is such a good work! Loved all your stories! Malti needs to change but honestly – I’ guess she can’t 😉

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thanks a lot Z….

  2. Very true. We the 80s kids have seen so much transition in lifestyle. One of my friends once said that we are the most accommodating generation. We have given in to our parents generations’ whims becasue we can’t get them to buy in what we want. And we will give in to our kids’ generation too, because we will be ones who will be able to see their logic.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      I agree… thanks a lot

  3. Ah – the generation gap! It will remain for ever and ever until the older generation learns to accept the change and move ahead with time.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Yes I so agree with this. Thank you

  4. Aah! This is a slice of life and is true for so many people. They forget to change themselves with the changing times.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You for reading

  5. Such a lovely way to end Barathon
    Thanks for sharing

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  6. You weave the tales beautifully Deepika. Congratulations on your win. Your writing deserves this. Generation gap is pinching sometimes. They consider our discussions as arguments. I wish the gap to erode with time.

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  8. very beautifully written.. will read more of your stories 🙂

  9. How well you have shown the disparity in the mindsets of both the generations, Dipika.
    This was a great read! Well done!

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