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Treasure Your Wedding Photographs With A Handmade Painting

Your wedding day is one of the best memories you want to take with you to your 70’s or 80’s. Well, of course, you want to take your spouse as well to the 70’s!

But the wedding memories are a happy place you go back to in the middle of say making Gulab Jamuns for your family. Remembering how your better-half fed you the Gulab Jamun on your wedding lunch. When on the other side, people including the cameraman were peeping you while you eat. 🙂

Don’t you think, at times, how our Indian way of doing things is so beautiful?

I mean seriously our way of celebrating a Marriage or Festivals brings everyone closer and gives a reason to live longer and witness life! All the people who attend the wedding give you memories. They make you feel happy about finding a soul mate and are here to celebrate the happy milestone with you.

wedding photographs handmade paintings

Imagine how our phone galleries and photo albums would be like if there were no Marriage or Festival Celebrations!

There is a very magical story behind every click during the wedding days.

Those deliberate poses, props, cameraman asking to move closer, and candid poses of course!

I know it gets tiresome to pose for every photograph with all the families who come to wish you but isn’t it the most beautiful thing about our Indian culture that we have a lot of people to celebrate our happy milestones!

Photos have a very important task for every couple to do in their life. May it be to understand how you have matured and disciplined yourselves with time or to have a reality check of how you need to go back to the loving couple you were!

Handmade Paintings Are The Solution!

handmade oil portrait

Before these life-changing memories get lost in some pages of the album, treasure them in some or the other way to keep you reminding of the love you both had on your wedding day, and it will spice up things.

One way you may consider is by getting a handmade painting from the wedding photos.

Imagine a Handmade Oil Portrait of one of the best photos of your wedding day in your living room! It would look so magnificent and stunning. And of course, you are not doing the same old photo frames which are digitally printed and have no life to them.

You may visit PortraitFlip who make handmade couple portraits from photos by clicking here, they deliver the painting anywhere in the world in mediums like Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Color Pencil, Watercolor, and Acrylic.

Watch what happens when someone receives a handmade painting as a surprise here or see more of their work here.

handmade paintings

Handmade Paintings Over Photographs.

  1. Aren’t you bored of the same old digitally printed photo frames?
  2. Decorate your walls with a portrait painting instead as it is a unique way to treasure your moments plus when an artist splashes real colors on the canvas it creates a lively experience for the viewers.
  3. And of course, you want to give a couple goals, right!

In A Nutshell.

The journey of a girl is very long; enjoy the journey from being a girl to a woman to a mother to hopefully a grandmother! The journey is long and there are going to be a lot of memories treasure them with a handmade painting and keep reliving them.


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