How to Report Fake Account or News with a Touch of a Button on Helo

Helo app fake news

Helo is fast growing vernacular social media platform, which is specially liked by younger generation. Launched in June 2019, Helo allows its users to fast share memes, hot trending news, Bollywood gossip, jokes, etc.

With an equal likability across the country, Helo app is available in 14 regional languages. It is also deeply committed to cleaning up fake accounts and fake news from the platform.

Helo app fake news

Platform administrators clean up fake profiles on a regular basis to maintain the authenticity of the user base.

In case of suspicion of fake user activity, it is recommended to visit the user profile to check if in case the profile is verified or not.

In case the profile is not verified, and your suspicion is based on substantial evidence in user behavior, you may visit the suspected user’s profile and tap on the 3 dots on the right side of the app page. 2 options will appear – 1. Report and 2. Send Feedback.

Tap on Report and select the option “other reason, please specify___” write down your suspicion and block the user from your feed.

For reporting fake news, it is recommended that you report the post and select “It’s Fake Information”.

In case you observe a user has been constantly sharing fake news and spam content, you may share feedback on the profile.

Step 1.

report fake account on Helo

Step 2.

After Step 1, click on the three dots on the extreme top right of the profile.

Report fake news on helo app

Step 3.

Two options will appear in front of your screen. Click on the Report Option.

Report fake on Helo

Step 4.

Once you done selecting Report option. Scroll to the last option from the list – Other reasons, please specify.

report fake news on Helo app

Step 5

In the next screen, simply give description, ‘it is a fake information’.

report fake account on Helo app

Step 6

After typing, simply press next in the extreme top right corner to submit the report.

Helo App

Step 7

The Helo team will investigate the issue and get back to you with appropriate results.

These are the simple steps to report fake news or account on the Helo App.

You can also read details about how Helo has partnered with ALT News to curb the widespread of fake news.

Also, read How to be safe Online.


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This piece of information is a guest post to create awareness on curbing widespread reach of fake news on vernacular social platform like Helo.

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10 thoughts on “How to Report Fake Account or News with a Touch of a Button on Helo

  1. Jitne jyada helpful application aa gai hai, utne hi fake id bhi
    Log pata nahi kyu social media ko galat tarike se use karty hain (
    Thanks for this help

  2. Fake account or fake news must be reported to avoid
    Any misleading activities. Thanks for sharing the information so that anybody can use the option.

  3. Fake accounts are aplenty nowadays. Glad to know that Help gives an option to report them and also acts on them. With 14 languages it has a good reach too.

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