#StopJudging; It’s my life!


How often this happend with you, when you were asked a question; “Are you Sit-at-Home Mom?” in a way which feels like accusing of some heinous crime??

Recently I went to this upscale fashion store with my working friend, we were deep engrossed in our catch up talks when a store salesman came and ask us, if we require membership card absolutely free with my billing. Well who doesn’t want a loyalty card when it’s coming free! I excitedly agreed, he asked me to provide some ID proofs like PAN or AADHAR card which I obliged. While filling the membership form I stumbled on the mandatory question of ‘annual salary’, the salesman was kind enough to help; but when I told him I do not earn, his first reaction was, OH!! Seeing my brow getting sharper with his funny reply, he composed himself and add further; ‘Sorry Ma’am this loyalty program is ONLY for working people, Why don’t you take it on Sir’s name’! A friendly advise….. but hell no!! Firstly It’s my card so why should I take it on my spouse’s name! Secondly, what kind of a rule is that….. I mean aren’t housewives suppose to shop? Or are they so dumb to do simple maths of nano discounts these brands give. And mind it, this was no bank-connected card, just a simple memberships card. He obviously had no response to my reactions except the plastic smiles they have been trained into. 

This is not the first time I have been accused of siting at home, good for nothing qiestions. Society aunties (who have no better work but to find innocent victims like me to kill their frustrations) often ask me, your kid is now grown up…. you are planning to resume your job yet or second one in line? I smile to their tenacious questions in quite humble nods. 

How often we see Open Letter To Working Mother v/s Open Letter To Hands On Mother. But till date I have not understood the whole reasoning behind all this commotion. I mean working or not is a personal choice, if I am not interested in working yet or forever it’s my choice!!! What has it got to do with loyalty cards or second child or any x,y,z thing for that matter.

We all have our own choices, our own priorities; if I wish to sit at home after working in corporates for more then a decade it’s my decision. If I choose to leave my kid at day care and resume my work immediately after post partum it’s my decision. You cannot #Judge me on the basis of how and what I prefer or choose. 

So stop being #Judgemental about a housewife or a working-wife. At the end of the day we all are working mindlessly for our loved ones. Both have same passion, compassion, feelings and gratitude. All you can do it just appreciate and #STOPJUDGING

Thank You.



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  1. Very True.

    I too believe the same and have written on the same topic.

    Check it out and please give your feedback ?

    1. Sure thanks for your feedback.

  2. When I worked in the Navy – my wife was a “sit-at-home” wife.
    Later – she worked as a teacher after kids got older.
    After my retirement from the Navy – roles got reversed – and my wife is the “breadwinner” – and – I am a “sit-at-home” husband (house-husband).
    Now – I have realised – how much work a “sit-at-home” wife does (since I do all the “housework” at home)
    And – just imagine – I don’t have to look after the children – which she did.
    Sacrificing your career and being a homemaker – especially for the sake of young children – is a most noble deed.

    1. Couldn’t agree anymore Sir, that’s true but also a sad reality that people judge women all the time. Hope our next generation will have more dimensions to the role they play… Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  3. Loved reading this beautiful post Dipika .I think we should stop judging definitely. Every woman should be able to choose

    1. Thank You Amrita for liking and appreciating the thought… I love reading your feedback.
      Thanks again

  4. Thanks for coming to the Blogger’s Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

    1. Your Welcome Janice, trying to connect with bloggers and working on networking. Still on learning curve… ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. You have come to the right place! Thank you for the follow!

  5. very nice article. Stop judging women really true. Its our life.

    1. Thank You for stopping by and liking the article. Much appreciated

  6. ‘Sitting at home’ as people like to call it is the toughest job! The work never ends and you are responsible for everything! My Pet peeve too is women who look down on other women, and then talk about feminism and being allowed to be free to make a choice!
    Glad you wrote this post, Dipika!

    1. Couldn’t agree more Mayuri. We (read women) are more than anyone responsible for the social judgments and plight of other women today. Thanks for reading.

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