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Rise and Shine early rising benefits

“If you are going to RISE you might as well SHINE.”

– Anonymous

Positivity attracts happiness! If you have a positive attitude towards life, happiness follows the pursuit. However, staying positive all the time isn’t easy, we have already gone through this in earlier posts. So, how are we going to change this?

Well, being happy just doesn’t mean a few smiles here and there or some words of gratitude. It is a whole lifestyle, which starts by creating an array of vibes around us that bring positivity and happiness home.

How do we do it?

First thing first, stop seeking happiness outside. Peep inside, and ignite the inner light. Give yourself time to bring a change from within. Once you strike a chord with yourself, trust me rest is easy. I have tried meditation many times mother introduced me to it, back in college days. I was her worst student, couldn’t concentrate for even 5 seconds, still cannot. This goaded me to search for other ways to bring calmness to the raging migraine triggers. I chose Rise and Shine, this is one of the most amazing things, ask any early riser.

I have had both the experiences, rising early and being a lazy bummer. Trust me, I will pick the former anytime over the latter. Rising early gives you enough time to plan your day well, make some space for yourself and keep a ‘bonus’ for any last minutes debacles.

Secret of Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

There are loads of benefits of rising early, one of the happiest is – having spent some quiet, quality time with yourself. My mornings begin with a nice cup of tea (I am a huge Tea Lover), sipping it by the window looking out to birds, cuckoo, squirrels, compound cats, and my window silt plants. These 20/30 minutes give me enough energy to manage the whole day with a big smile and ‘bring it on’ attitude.

  • Rising early works well on our body, we get balanced sleep and nothing is better than following a right sleep routine.
  • You get extra time to start your day, manage nice sit-down breakfast, seeing off the kid to school, go out for a walk or hit the gym. Self-time again.
  • Early surprises, I love looking at the sky in the mornings. How it changes the colors from dark of the night to bright day. A lesson we should learn from it, after every dull moment there is a cheery new day waiting to greet you.
  • It enhances your productivity, of course when you get up early and wind up daily chores on time, the rest of the day can be planned and utilized well.

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How to be one – an early riser

For first timers, do not push your limits. Remember it’s about doing things in moderation and staying happy. So, start with baby steps like – “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Sleep early, give some time to your biological clock to understand the change.

To hit the bed early, cut off digital equipments at least an hour before sleeping. Stay in bed, if you still not able to sleep pick up a nice book (no thriller or crime series please). Relax and sleep early.

Alarm is to wake you up, and not to be snoozed repeatedly. Make an effort to get out of the bed and clear your head of any sleepy melodrama – one more minute.

Drink water first thing in the morning to alert your system and brain. An early start of the day gives you an extra leg for yourself. Accept it with open arms.


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20 thoughts on “Rise and Shine – #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. I’m not an early riser. But whenever I get up early that day will be very productive. My decision to get up early get vanished once after I sleep πŸ˜€ I should start taking my decisions seriously.

      1. First thing first, stop seeking happiness outside. Peep inside, and ignite the inner light. Give yourself time to bring a change from within.

        And I agree with this..
        Beautiful post.

    1. Oh dear! How I wish to get up early but it never happens for long. Thanks for the reminder. MY be I should give it one more try.?

      1. I am not a morning person but slowly I realised that getting up early actually makes you much more productive and you can finish many tasks early. I still love me time at night when kids sleep and I can spend some time on my blog.

  2. I have been a night owl all through my life. My Dad jokes about how I would stay up till 5 am to take a 5:45am train but could never wake up at 5 am throughout life. Tuneer started school at 8am which I need to be up by 6:15am at the max to finish the preparation for his school tiffin, dress etc. Last week was really difficult. But I’m hoping to improve with time.

  3. Jaldi utne ke bahut fayede to hain hi, hum bhi bahut subah utha karty thy, per ab jab kuch responsibility kam hui hain to aram se uth kar din ki shuruwat karty hain ?

  4. Such a lovely and positive post, this is something that I want to adopt ASAP. during study time I was an early riser but after being a mom, I often find its hard to get up early, but now I will surely try to do that. great series and loving all your posts.

  5. I am a early morning person. I love getting up early and enjoy the beautiful sunrise. It conditions you well for the rest of the day.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

  6. I am not at all a morning person which causes a lot of problem in our daily routine. I have been trying to change this habit of being a night owl and be an early riser. Hope that happens soon.

  7. I was never an early riser. In fact I was so lazy that I missed most of my morning lectures because I couldn’t get out of bed!
    All that has changed for the good now. I love waking up early and do some physical activity like walking or jogging. It feels very refreshing and my day starts on a positive note with it.

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